The Dance Bracket Pool

The Dance

I am sure most of you have heard of The Dance, formally The Bigger Dance, on KJR 950. If you haven’t, it is an NCAA basketball style bracket with the most relevant and beautiful women in the world. We have have started a pool.

Feel free to join the No Fair Weather Fans pool and see how you stack up against the readers of our blog. The prize for first, as always, is a pitcher of beer at any Seattle bar on us and a spot on the podcast (if you plan on winning, you better download Skype). Plus, you can win even better prizes through KJR. The tournament starts at 8:50 am on Thursday, April 18th. So fill out your brackets before then.

No Fair Weather Fans Pool

Pool #: 657

Password: nfwf

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One thought on “The Dance Bracket Pool

  1. […] of money, success & happiness shall probably reign supreme.  Other prizes, like winning our Bigger Dance contest pool, gets you a spot on our podcast and a pitcher of beer.  Tons of money, success and […]

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