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Rejoice: The Apple Cup Cometh

Steve Sarkisian, BYU Photo

What Sark looked like the last time this game was relevant.

It will be nice to watch an Apple Cup that is actually worth a damn for the first time in quite a few years.

In this years installment of the Apple Cup, both teams come in with some momentum. In the case of the Cougs, they have become bowl eligible for the first time in what seems a very long time from the successful squads of the early 2000′s. For the Dawgs, this is a chance to get over the 7-win hump (albeit by one game) and continue to show progress for the program that Sark has built.

All too often this game has meant literally nothing for either one or both teams involved. If anything, it has become a battle for who won’t be living in the cellar at the end of the season.

The tradition from the game has been sapped a little just due to the fact the game is being played on the day after Thanksgiving, and at noon to boot. However, if it wasn’t for the TV money that is helping schools like Washington State hire Mike Leach and allowing the assistants at Washington to be some of the highest paid in the land, you have to give and take some things.

For Washington State, getting to 7 wins should assure them a bowl birth. While bowl eligble now, 6 wins doesn’t guarantee a bowl game, it just guarantees that they could be selected for one. If I was in their shoes, this is a must-win game to get to that point. Getting to 6 wins and not getting picked would be heartbreaking.

For Washington, the “Fire Sark” crowd grows with each loss in the column that piles up. Despite getting to bowl eligibiity, many Washington fans are expecting more from the program and seeing progress that goes beyond qualifiying for the Humanitarian Bowl. Unfair or not, this is an expectation that he can put to rest with a victory over the Cougars at home to get to eight wins.

I will be in enemy territory this Thanksgiving, unable to make it back from the east side of the state to be able to attend the game. I will be sitting in a probably lopsided pro-Coug bar with my Washington flag flying. It will be nice for the majority of the crowd to have a little bit more on the line than getting to anything less than six wins. It will also be nice for the Dawgs to get a victory over a team with some more momentum going for it than Oregon State.

It’s that week kids, get your colors out. Warm up the Apple Cup jokes and get ready for a game that both teams are going to be revved up to win.

I love college football.

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#19 – No Fair Weather Fans Podcast – Super Bowl, Golf, Hockey and Recuits

The subject line tells you all you need to know about what this is about. However, there are some good stories in here about golf tournaments in Arizona, hockey games and how to cut ever person in a line without getting caught. Do you like both your arms? Good advice given on how to keep them.


-Super Bowl

-Phoenix Open

-Start of the Hockey Season

-NCAA Football Signing Day

Do you have a business or know a business that needs a plug? We apparently love doing it for free.


Feel a little lost from our video references?

Here are the videos referenced in this Podcast:

Mike Leach Speech

Lax Bros

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf Music Video

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NFWF’s All-Pro Teams

All Pro Football

All Pro Youth Football – we all had one of these as a kid, dreaming to make THIS team.

RJ – All-Pro Team


QB: Peyton Manning, DEN

What a comeback this guy had this year!  Leading an offense who, last year,  relied solely on The Lord’s graces, to the 5th best passing offense in the league.  They were 31st last year.  This is also his 1st year in the Denver system.  I’m sure John Fox just told Manning to run whatever offense he felt necessary.  Regardless, his performance this year is impressive.

RB: Adrian Peterson, MIN; Ray Rice, BAL

AP is an easy choice here.  Picking a second was a bit more difficult.  In my eyes, Ray Rice deserves this because of his versatility.  He runs hard AND catches the ball very well.  Marshawn Lynch isn’t on this list for that exact reason.  He has hands like feet when it comes to catching a pass in the flats.

WR: Calvin Johnson, DET; Brandon Marshall, CHI

Megatron, like AP, was an easy choice.  He broke the single season receiving yards record this year.  Brandon Marshall is on here for two reasons.  1) He had a great year with the second-most receptions in 2012 (tied with Welker).  2) Everyone knows the Chicago offense goes through him, yet he still was able to put up these numbers.

FB: Vonta Leach, BAL

Baltimore is a run-heavy team, for the most part.  And like Chicago, the offense runs through one person mostly, Ray Rice.  Leach opens big holes while in a pretty good defensive division…and he shares a name with my favorite college Football coach.

TE: Jason Witten, DAL

The only reason Gronky Punch isn’t on here is because he broke his arm during a field goal attempt.  Also, Witten is very good at both aspects of a Tight End’s job. He obviously catches the ball and isn’t afraid to take a hit, but he blocks extremely well.  Plus, in my book, there’s no better play than the “block, then release for a reception,” and Witten is just about perfected it.

T: Joe Thomas, CLE; Tyson Clabo, ATL

G: Mike Iupati, SF; Jahri Evans, NO

C: Max Unger, SEA

All these Offensive Lineman are John Clayton’s picks.  And since I respect Clayton’s beastly ponytail and his love for Seattle grunge rock, I decided to agree with him.  And it’s very hard to quantify the work these guys do.

PK: Blair Walsh, MIN

Blair Walsh is 10 for 10 from beyond 50 yards.  Enough said…

KR: Jacoby Jones, BAL

This guy averages more than 1.5 yards more per return than anyone else in the league (30.7 yds/ret).  It may not sound like a lot, but…well, maybe it’s not a lot.  My point is he’s more efficient than any other kick returner.  He also is 5th in average yards per punt return among players who returned more than 20 punts (9.2 yds/ret).  He’s also one of only two guys with 3 Return TDs.


DE: JJ Watt, HOU; Charles Johnson, CAR

QBs check their closet for JJ Watt every night.  JJ Watt will never have a heart attack because his heart isn’t nearly foolish enough to attack him.  JJ “Swatt” batted 16 balls down this year, to go along with his 20.5 sacks.  He is probably the most feared DE in the league.  Charles Johnson forced seven fumbles this year, which is the most for a D-lineman.

DT: Vince Wilfork, NE; Geno Atkins, CIN

Atkins had the most sacks and the 2nd most tackles among DTs.  I don’t think he’s very well-known, but Atkins has quietly become a force to be reckoned with, from the inside.  Wilfork lost a ton if weight from last year.  His ability to stay relevant at his age is uncanny and deserves to be recognized.  He may not have the stats, but that may be because teams don’t run up the middle against the Patriots.

OLB: Aldon Smith, SF; Von Miller, DEN

Aldon Smith and Von Miller had 19.5 and 18.5 sacks this year, respectively.  I think that says enough, as they both averaged more than a sack per game.  I wish good luck to any running back that has to try to block these guys on a blitz.

ILB: Patrick Willis, SF; James Lauranaitis, STL

Patrick Willis has been in the league for quite some time now.  He’s definitely made a name for himself.  His stats aren’t a great measure of how good he is, but he’s the type of guy to go out on the field with a broken hand and make QBs quiver, just at his presence.

CB: Richard Sherman, SEA; Charles Tillman, CHI

Sherman batted more passes down than any other DB in the league (24).  That’s a DB’s job…and he’s the best at it.  He was also 2nd in INTs (8)…also part of a DB’s job.  Sherman is a no-brainer pick.  I think Tillman is a pretty easy pick as well.  He may give up more catches than some, but it’s only to give himself the opportunity to punch the bejesus out of the football trying a force a fumble.  He forced 10 fumbles this year, which is SIX more than any other DB.

S: Morgan Burnett, GB; Earl Thomas, SEA

Among Safeties, Burnett had the most tackles.  For a DB, that may be mis-leading since the tackles might be down the field.  But he also had two sacks, which is only one below the leading DB.  Earl Thomas definitely is a presence down field.  His stats don’t point to a whole lot.  He only had three INTs, which should have been closer to TEN (there’s a reason he’s not a WR).  He didn’t have a ton of tackles, or sacks.  But if the country were to watch him on a weekly basis like we do, there would be a lot of buzz around this safety.

P: Thomas Morstead, MIA

This pick is purely statistical.  He has the 2nd highest average punt distance at 50.1 yds and the best net punt yardage in the league (43.2 yds)

Brad – All-Pro Team


QB: Matt Ryan, ATL

Matty Ice lead the Falcons to a 13-3 record, nearly tossed for 5,000 yards along with a ton of TD’s and nearly a 70% completion percentage.  He got knocked in QBR due to some picks, but hey – win some, lose some.  Plus, anyone with a nickname after my favorite beer (don’t believe what anyone tells you, the nickname is based deeply in the roots of Natural Ice), and he is an All-Pro.

RB: Adrian Peterson, MIN; Marshawn Lynch, SEA

AP is a no brainer.  He finishes 9 yards short of Dickerson’s record by putting Minnesota on his back to get them to the playoffs.  Then, Beast Mode.  If AP doesn’t do what he does – everyone is on Beast.  This guy is 3rd in the league in rushing (because the Hawks have been up so much, that’s why Alfred Morris has a few more carries and barely any more yards), along with a receiving TD and an attitude that carries this team.  Long live Beast.

WR: Calvin Johnson, DET; Brandon Marshall, CHI

I am with RJ on this one – these guys were heads and shoulders better than the rest.  With the exception of my dark horse, TY Hilton for offensive ROY, nobody put it on like these two guys did.

FB: Michael Robinson, SEA

A little bit of a homer pick, but he opens holes for beast, catches touchdowns and just straight up plows people.  Did you see Courtland Finnegan get dismissed in the Rams game?  Seriously, get out of MRob’s way.  Plus, the Real Rob Report is pretty funny.

TE: Rob Gronkowski, NE

I know he didn’t play all year, but if you take out the games played stat in the mix, his stats were basically better than anyone else’s.  I almost went Witten here, but not enough touchdowns for me to give him the nod.

T: Joe Thomas, CLE;  Russell Okung, SEA

I will admit, this is a little hard for me to quantify because these guys are GOOD, but I don’t have numbers to necessarily back any of it up.  So I am going to go with the ol’ reliable scouting eye, and give you this.  Joe Thomas comes from Wisconsin.  Most OL’s that come from there are pretty good.  He also made the Pro Bowl, so he is though high of.  I like him.  Okung – didn’t get injured.  Only allowed 2 sacks apparently.  That’s what makes Russell Wilson good folks, FYI.

G: Mike Iupati, SF; Logan Mankins, NE

Guards are even harder to quantify.  Using the same rationale, Iupati came from Idaho, and anyone that is drafted from Idaho and gets PT should be an All-Pro in my book.  I wanted Seattle to draft him that year  but it just wasn’t meant to be.  As for Logan Mankins, I know he is good because he is also going to the Pro Bowl, and Logan – that son of a bitch!

C: Max Unger, SEA

Unger feels like he has been playing for the Seahawks forever, but in reality, he is just in his fourth season.  One of the last classes of the previous regime, he found a way to keep his job because he is really good.  I think Carroll found something in the way he warms up.  This guy is something special.

PK: Greg Zuerlein, STL

Kickers really don’t ever impress me.  They just go out, kick a ball and that’s about it.  There are times that they are under more pressure than most players, but when you get to the NFL level, kicking FG’s under 45 yards should be like John Stockton at the free throw line.  Just money.  I went with Greg because not only can he do that, he can also kick from like 75.  He is also from Missouri Western State.  Wait, where?

KR: Jacoby Jones, BAL

I wanted to go Trindon Holliday, but he is more of a punt returner than a kick returner and has gone undefeated in every game he has played in this season.  Leon Washington would also be solid but it would be such a flagrant Seattle picking by  myself, I couldn’t do it.  So I went with Jacoby, because he leads the league in most KR stats and I think this is the only thing he can do.  He used to play WR, but now I don’t think he lines up there anymore.


DE: JJ Watt, HOU; Jared Allen, MINN

These two guys combined for 32.5 sacks.  That’s a lot of sacks, and I want that many dongers out of someone on the Mariners this year.  Hitting a half donger might be hard, but hey – their offense, I will take it.  Also, this might have been a “down year” for Jared Allen, but if this is bad for a guy doing what he does at his age, I want to be that awesome.  Wait, I kind of already am.

DT: Justin Smith, SF; Vince Wilfork, NE

Justin Smith is a huge part of that SF defense.  Too bad he got injured, because maybe that Seahawks game might have been a lot closer, like 35-10 or something like that.  I am giving Vince the nod because of his age.  You get above 30 in this league and you might as well just be dead.  However, both of these guys are past that mark and still playing at a high level.

OLB: Aldon Smith, SF; Von Miller, DEN

I hear that Von Miller is one of the smartest players in the league.  He also wears some pretty sick glasses in post-game interviews, and I  think set the trends for LeBron, Dwayne and everyone else to copy his style.  Plus, let’s face it – they both get after the QB.  I don’t want to give Aldon any credit though, even though he is good.  This is the most praise I will give him.

ILB: Bobby Wagner, SEA; Luke Kuechly, CAR

A couple of dark horses here.  Bobby Wagner is up for serious consideration for defensive ROY and has been the leader of arguably one of the best defenses in the NFL.  He also has 85 tackles, which puts him above names like AJ Hawk and three behind Patrick Willis.  That’s some good company.  I went with Luke because he had even more tackles (103) and seemed to be the only player on the Carolina Panthers that gives a damn.  He is going to be good when they get that together.

CB: Richard Sherman, SEA; Tim Jennings, CHI

I don’t have to say  much about Sherm.  If this guy can keep this up, he is going to go down as one of the greats.  RJ, seriously with Peanut?  That guy is overrated.  Tim Jennings was the real talent on that Chicago team that crapped the bed.

S: Ed Reed, BAL; Earl Thomas, SEA

Ed Reed is old, probably getting by on his name, but still – one of the best to ever play the position.  Plus, he is one of the last greats from the “U” - a team that needs to be good again in college football.  Then with Earl, if he could catch better, I would have listed his name first.  But when he does pick off the ball, man, he is lethal.

P: Chris Kluwe, MINN

Punters are worse than kickers, unless you are Rick Tuten and you are the strongest pound for pound player in the NFL with a linebacker facemask.  But since I have to pick one, I am going to go with Kluwe because he is funny and is all up on people on Twitter for being stupid.  He also speaks out about gay rights and I like that.  There aren’t enough pro athletes like Kluwe, who even tell off senators.

Ben – All-Pro Team


QB: Aaron Rodgers, GB

How did this dude fly under the radar all year? He had more touchdown passes than Peyton Manning, less interceptions and led the league in quarterback rating. This all happened while missing Greg Jennings for most the year and Jordy Nelson for a good chunk. Fantasy owners of James Jones should send Rodgers a thank you card.

RB: Adrian Peterson, MIN; Marshawn Lynch, SEA

One word on Peterson, duh. Lynch would have been a runaway second place finisher in yards, if the Seahawks weren’t dropping fifty spots on teams at the end of the season and resting Lynch in the second half.

WR: Calvin Johnson, DET; Brandon Marshall, CHI

Do I really need to tell you about Megatron? I didn’t think so. Marshall was seriously the only receiver on his team and still no one could guard him. I got a number for you, 1,133. That is number of yards between Marshall and the next highest total by a Bears’ receiver. Defenses knew where the ball was going and couldn’t stop him.

FB: Jerome Felton, MIN

I got to be honest with you, never heard of this guy. I honestly thought Jim Kleinsasser was still there, but when your tailback goes for 2,000+ you get my vote.

TE: Jason Witten, DAL

I wanted to put Gronk, but that guy breaks his arm on field goals. Witten broke the single game record and season record for catches by a tight end. I have been saying this since my high school days, the tight end is always open.

T: Russell Okung, SEA; Matt Kalil, MIN

Big time running backs got big time lineman. These guys paved the way for their respective running backs. Not to mention sacks weren’t really an option if you were a defensive end on their side.

G: Mike Iupati, SF; Jahri Evans, NO

Two words, meat and potatoes.

C: Mike Pouncey, MIA

I wanted to put Max Unger here, but I felt like Pouncey did more with less. They Dolphins weren’t exactly a great team, but some how Reggie Bush put up almost 1,000 yards. He isn’t the type of back that gets 300 carries either.

PK: Blair Walsh, MIN

All I have to say is he didn’t miss an extra point all season. I am just joking, this dude was nails from deep. He was the master of the five point fantasy field goal, going 10-10.

KR: Jacoby Jones, BAL

I care about one thing with kick returns and that is touchdowns. The new rules have essentially taken away the most exciting play in football. It takes a real pair of hang-downs to even take it out anymore. Jones averaged the most yards per return and had the most TDs with two.


DE: J.J. Watt, HOU; Charles Johnson, CAR

J.J. “Swatt” led the league in sacks and continued his reputation for batting down balls. He was publicized enough that I don’t need to talk about  him more. Johnson on the other hand, no one talked about. He had a crap defense around him and still handled business with 12.5 sacks. That takes some real talent. Outside of Luke Kuechly, name another defensive player on the Panthers. Is Chris Gamble still there?

DT: Justin Smith, SF; Brandon Mebane, SEA

Justin Smith makes Aldon Smith good. Aldon gets all the glory, because of his sack total. How many sacks did he get when Justin went down? Did you guess zero? Gold star for you. Mebane has played a quieter role. A sign a defensive tackle is really good is how many tackles his middle linebacker has. Bobby Wagner finished second among rookies in tackles, seventh overall.

OLB: Von Miller, DEN; Aldon Smith, SF

I love me some Von Miller. I wanted him so bad the year he got drafted. My dreams are of his awesome glasses being Seahawks colors. If the Seahawks had a farm system, I would want them to trade the whole thing. Did you see his sexy safety dance? Here you go. Who else was I supposed to talk about? Oh yeah, Aldon Smith. He is pretty good, too.

ILB: Luke Kuechly, CAR; Vontaze Burfict, CIN

I went rookies here. I would have put Bobby Wagner, but I don’t want to be a homer. Burfict is crazy and I am thinking Kuechly is too. You have to have crazy to play inside in the NFL. Bengals and Panthers are set for a long time.

CB: Richard Sherman, SEA; Charles Tillman, CHI

I am trying to get the Sherman Sanctuary to catch on. It is very similar to Revis Island, but there is far less worry of any passes being complete. Also, balls thrown his way are caught by him and released to the offense. Peanut Tillman just creates havoc with the ball. He has both forced fumbles and interceptions covered.

S: Stevie Brown, NYG; Earl Thomas, SEA

Brown just gets interceptions. I like that in a safety, earn the name of the position. Earl prevents anything from going deep. If Earl could catch, he would be the scariest defender in the league.

P: Brandon Fields, MIA

I want my punter to kick the crap out of the ball. Especially, if my offense is going to be terrible. Fields has taken a page out of Reggie Roby’s book. He led the league with a 50.2 average. Some people would argue he out kicks his coverage. Guess what? Get better on coverage fellas.

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2012 Year in Review – Best, Worst, Biggest Surprise

Brad -

Best Sports Moment of 2012 – I am an unabashed Mariners fan. If you go back and look at my posts, most of them are baseball related. Usually, they are in a negative tone, only because I want these guys to do something to support the biggest moment in 2012 for Seattle sports, and arguably one of the greatest individual performances by a Seattle sports athlete.

Felix Hernandez pitches a perfect game for the Seattle Mariners


It really seems to me that it was only a matter of time before Felix strung a game together where he would no-hit someone. He has come close several times, and when he is on – you just get this feeling that he could literally get every hitter to ground out to the shortstop. That would be a good strategy too, as Brendan Ryan really is only good at one thing.

Finally, Felix would get his game. To put the icing on the cake, he also didn’t walk anyone.

I caught wind of the perfect around the 6th inning. I am not one of those superstitious guys, so I didn’t put any stock that Dave Sims for the most part mentions no-no’s after the top of the first inning. I fired up the live stream and had it going on my second monitor at work.

If anything, I hope this isn’t the only time we see him #Felixing in a Seattle uniform. I want the moment in 2013 to be him pitching game 7 of the World Series, but one can only dream.

Worst Sports Moment in 2012 – For me, this isn’t any one moment during the course of the NFL season, but the absolute neutering of the game with regards to hits as a collection of just dumb, game-changing calls. Insane emphasis of inadvertent hits to QB’s heads, “defenseless players”, crackdowns on crack-back blocks are leaving defenses no choice but to either let offensive players go for additional yards, or make equally as dangerous hits on hips & knees.

Kam Chancellor lays the lumber to Vernon Davis

Helmet to helmet, launching, defenseless, whaaaa whaaa whaaaa

We all know what this is really about, and while it is an attempt to make the game safer for the brains that sit between the Seahawk and 49ers logos, it really is a CYA operation by the NFL to attempt to avert more law suits. Refs err on the side of guilt when it comes to bang-bang plays that happen in a fraction of a second. Even if you do it right, you get the flag. The only way the NFL validates that they may not have agreed with the call on the field is that they don’t send the check to the players locker on Tuesday. It’s a huge problem that needs to be addressed, but as long as Goodell is in charge, I don’t expect any change.

Biggest Surprise in 2012 – This one is easy for me, and that is how amazing the 2012 draft was for the Seahawks. Sure, Russell Wilson would be the biggest surprise in the draft in general I would think, but let’s look at the rest of these picks.

  1. Bruce Irvin at 15 – I will admit, this pick set me off in a fit of rage at the time. Only Seattle would pick a guy that nobody really had graded in the first round and then take him at 15. Of course, you hear later that other teams were going to take him late in the first, but it seemed like a reach. However, Irvin has had a fairly successful rookie campaign with 8 sacks in pretty limited use and playing time. He develops a few more moves and this guy is going to be lethal.
  2. Bobby Wagner at 47 – Lofa who? New rookie middle linebacker for Seattle should anchor this defense for years to come.
  3. Russell Wilson at 75 – This one is easy. When it is all said and done, he may be one of the most successful QB’s of this draft class which included RG3 and Andrew Luck.
  4. Robert Turbin at 106 – Legitimate backup to Beast – this guy is going to be good learning behind one of the best. He is also capable of catching the ball (kinda) and his versatility is nice.
  5. Jaye Howard 114 – Not sure what his story is. Never heard his name called.
  6. Kory Toomer at 154 – I think he got some PT in special teams. His name looks familiar, but that might be because he played for Idaho.
  7. Jeremy Lane at 172 – Lose a few CB’s from PED’s, injury, and don’t really lose a step. Contributed more than anyone could have imagined for a 6th rounder taken this year on an elite defense.
  8. JR Sweezy at 225 – Draft a DL, move him to OG, start on the line and for the most part beat out a second rounder from the year before. Only Carroll and Schneider can do this and not lose their jobs it seems like.
  9. Greg Scruggs at 232 – Got 2 sacks this year, played a little bit at DE. Not bad at all for Seattle’s Mr. Irrelevant.

6 guys from this draft made real contributions this year, as well as developing the core of this team for the foreseeable future. What a crazy good draft.

Best Sports Moment – I am not a guy who follows politics at all. Hell, I haven’t voted since ‘Nam, minus school levies. The Sonics’ arena brought me out for multiple town hall meetings and brought me to the point where I would actually vote. Granted, I would have just voted for whoever voted against passing the arena. Luckily for them, I didn’t have to vote for some random person and luckily for all of us, they passed the arena. With the Sonics gone, like lot of people, I lost a lot of the interest I once had in the NBA.

For information on the arena follow @sonicsarena or go to sonicsarena.com

For information on the arena follow @sonicsarena or go to sonicsarena.com

Chris Hansen and his crew of rich dudes put up the money and backed up the plan for the arena with hella facts. Every time those a-holes down at the port came up with some cockamamie bull honky excuse why we shouldn’t bring back Seattle’s most successful franchise, Hansen dropped fact bombs all over them. These fact bombs proved to be enough to get the politicians to pass the arena plan. Now, we have real hope of being back not only the Sonics, but an NHL teams. This brings me back to the worst of 2012.

Worst Sports Moment – The NHL lockout has comeback again! I don’t get why the owners and players can’t figure out a way to both be rich. The pettiness, over what seems to be a relatively small gap in differences, is killing the sport. I have grown to be a huge hockey fan. There is no other sport’s playoffs that are more exciting. Every shift, every trip down the ice and every shot taken can be the turning point in a game. These already loaded players and owners are blowing it for all hockey fans. Thanks a lot douches, you ruined my Monday through Fridays this fall.

Rich on rich crime

Rich on rich crime

Most Surprising Moment – Matt Flynn not starting was a complete shock to me. This is a guy who has averaged 450 yards and more than four TDs a game. How can Pete Carroll not march him out and get easy wins against the Cardinals and Rams instead of taking losses over crap squads? The Seahawks gave $26 million to Flynn (who is a fan of LTD in Ballard). Everyone knows money talks, just ask Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen. They guy making bank needs to starting. Well, it turns that isn’t how you com-PETE for the Seahawks.

This dude cakes just strapping up his hat and clipboard every week.

This dude cakes just strapping up his hat and clipboard every week.

In other words, I am completely surprise how well Russell Wilson played when his number was called. He wasn’t asked to put the team on his back, but he was asked to produce and he has done so more than I would have ever expected. Considering, in the first half of the season I said he was basically Tarvaris Jackson. At that point his stats said he was. Wilson turned it on in the second half of the season. He got a defense and run heavy team, that needed a decent contributed at QB, what they needed and more.

Winner Winner - Apple Dinner...?

Winner Winner – Apple Dinner…?

Ryan’s Best Sports Moment:  Two words – APPLE CUP.  There’s nothing better than a comeback win against a rival.  The way the Cougs tore up the 4th quarter on that fateful Saturday is just a preview of next year.  Not many teams can put up 18 points in ten minutes, but that’s exactly what Mike Leach’s offense is built for.

Putting all pride aside, I’d also like to thank Keith Price for his ”head bob” that cost UW a false start, and Travis Coons for his wide-right chip shot as time expired.

Also, it’s about time Mike Leach and his team got a win in a meaningful game…which brings me to my next point…

Ryan’s Worst Sports Moment: EVERY OTHER COUG GAME.  It seems every week of last season was a different kind of heart-break, but heart-break, nonetheless.

The Cougs did a lot of chasing this year...

The Cougs did a lot of chasing this year…

As the season started against BYU, hopes were high.  The Cougs got handled in a no-contest type of game.  After a few garbage wins against lesser teams, the Cougs gave up a 17 point lead in the 4th quarter to the Colorado Bufs.  That heart-break was a nauseating one.  A few weeks later (after a few more losses), the Cougs were rolled 49-6 by a mediocre (at best) Utah team.  That heart-break was an embarrassing one.  In fact, if you look at photos of Brad’s wedding (which took place on the same day), you’ll see how red my face was…maybe that was the beer - I’m not positive.  Then, finally the UCLA game.  At halftime, the score was 37-7 in favor of the Bruins.  It was looking eerily similar to the Utah game.  But the Cougs came all the way back, falling just short thanks to Halliday throwing a pick in the end zone.  That heart-break invoked tears.

However, as this was going on with my Cougars, a completely different feeling filled my body on Sundays…

Ryan’s Most Surprising Sports Moment: No, I’m not talking about the spirit of GOD, mostly because I usually don’t go to church during the football season (conflicting schedules).  This other feeling was elation, as the improbable rookie, Russell Wilson, lead the Seahawks to a playoff berth and an 11-win season.  As he was picked in the 3rd round, no one in the country thought Russell Wilson would start for Seattle this year, especially as the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a big-ish contract in the off-season.  It seems as though Flynn has found himself in yet another solid backup role.  The way Russell Wilson started the year, I figured Matt Flynn would be in by week 5.  But Pete Carroll stuck by Wilson, and it looks like it paid off.

Looking at those arms, I'm glad he's our QB...

Looking at those arms, I’m glad he’s our QB…

Wilson did have his struggles against Miami and San Francisco (the 1st time around), but he led the team to five wins in a row (and 7 of the last 8) at the end of the season.  He’s certainly been a pleasant surprise as he now fights for the honors of Rookie of the Year against RGIII.  Regardless of the Rookie of the Year outcome, Russell Wilson has cemented his QB spot with the Seahawks, and a place in the hearts of The 12th Man.

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This Number has No Significance #14 – NoFairWeatherFans Podcast

Mike Leach or Don Vito


Two podcast within basically 8 days?  Is this some kind of crazy work ethic that nobody saw coming?  Can you answer these questions?  Here’s what we come at you with this week:

  • The NCAA bowl games to watch for this year (half joke, half serious)
  • Mike Leach and the trial – it’s over, thank GOSH
  • Seattle Seahawks vs 49ers this week, looking back at Sunday Night Football

As always, big ups to The Soundmen (@scottdsoundmen on the Twitter, facebook.com/TheSoundmen ) for playing us in, and playing us out.

As usual, click to subscribe to the podcast with that fancy logo in the top right hand corner, find us on iTunes – and as always…


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Mike Leach Isn’t Changing For Anyone

The newest coach at Washington State University has come under some scrutiny as of late. This isn’t the first time Mike Leach has been criticized for his comments in press conferences or for his speeches to his team. I say get used to it, because the way he is has made him successful every where he has been. To be honest everything he says just makes me laugh. He is one of very few coaches that actually tells you how he is feeling. The media is always begging for this type of person who tells the actual truth to cover and now when they get it they want him to reel it back? That makes no sense. I say appreciate the honesty  you are getting, because the same old cliché comments from other players and coaches, who have been coached up by public relations specialist, are just lame, boring and bring no entertainment to the table. If you want to see true entertainment, watch all these Mike Leach videos.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/uZaOFTp5_C8&#8243; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/v4veYug5pFo&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/DxBsXzvENpo&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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Cats & Dogs + The Six Pack – 10-27-12

First, get yourself a rundown of the latest Cats and Dogs in the CFL!  I think we are really onto something here.

Hear us on the Locker Room on Fox Sports 1380, where this was mostly about Luke Michener & the SPSL, in which Maury thinks about starting a Luke Michener segment.

If we aren’t starting segments or talking about Spanaway, it really wouldn’t be Cats & Dogs.

Then Brad gets depressed about Arizona, Ben stays optimistic no matter what (a true NoFairWeatherFan) and looking forward to Oregon State.  We love posting these after the fact, because you can see if we are any good at this.  Brad sure isn’t!

The guys on the Locker Room also let us on another segment, called the Six Pack before Cats & Dogs.  You should theoretically already know we were on that segment too because you listen all the time, but if you don’t – here’s that!  General sports!



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Cats & Dogs – 10-20-12

“Welcome to Paradise” on Cats & Dogs on the Locker Room on Fox Sports 1380.

CFL?  Tecate’s (pronounce it!)

Brad makes some excuses for red zone mistakes against USC, but then goes back to the well for a Dawg win in the desert.  Yeah – how did that go again?  Someone needs to bring him back to reality.

The Cougs are on the bye, so lets tell Alex Brink stories – who doesn’t love CFL’s Alex Brink?


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Cats & Dogs – 10-13-12

Leach calls out the radio show, or at least his own team as corpses on Cats & Dogs on the Locker Room on Fox Sports 1380.

In this show, Ben lets the realist Coug come out and prays for 6 wins, while an over-confident Brad feels a USC upset in the wings at CenturyLink.  How did that go?  Someone gets Brad’s number!

We will be back this coming Saturday, be sure to be listening live – but if you didn’t, you can subscribe at the top right or…


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Why WSU Fans Should be Rooting for UW


This weekend, some of the team here at No Fair Weather Fans will be traveling down to New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana for Brad’s bachelor party. Well most things we will be doing can be left to the imagination, one event that is very important is the University of Washington Huskies taking on the Louisiana State University Tigers. As a Cougar fan, it would be easy to root against the Huskies. They are our rival and no one roots for their rival. Well, I will be rooting for the Huskies on Saturday and so should you.

The reasons are really quite simple. A UW win only benefits the Cougs. If it helps you get past the fact you are rooting for UW, just think of it as your conference versus the best conference in America. Strength of schedule is a major factor in the BCS rankings. Not saying that WSU is going to be a factor in the BCS this year, but it will be in the near future. (C’mon Mike Leach!) You should want all PAC-12 schools to win every out of conference game. This benefits the whole conference which includes us, that’s right us, the royal us, the Cougar nation.

Big wins by PAC-12 schools against quality opponents brings more attention to the conference, which brings better recruits to the conference. Let’s face it, Mike Leach is hot in the recruiting game. We have all seen the interviews with Leach, he is hilarious and knows how to pad offensive stats. The PAC-12 being the best conference in college football will bring in the best players and WSU will be getting them for sure. It all starts with wins over SEC schools.

If the PAC-12 becomes a better conference, that means more bowl eligible teams. More bowls means more money. The PAC-12 splits bowl money amongst all the schools in the conference no matter which team goes. On top of all that, I am sure you’re just as sick of the ESPN east coast bias as I am. A win here can get more attention on the conference and let’s face it, the attention is way overdue.

It all starts with the game, Saturday. Look close on television and you will see a Cougar rooting for UW. Which looking at it all, I will actually be rooting for WSU.

Put your hate aside. It’s for your own good. Go Cougs!

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