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Goodbye Letter to Canucks’ Fans

This is what makes sports fun!

This is what makes sports fun!

Dear Vancouver Fans,

As some of you may know, I am a pretty big Sharks fan. With the Sharks coming fresh off a first round sweep of the Vancouver Canucks, I am feeling pretty good. Living in the greater Seattle area, I come across a lot of Canucks fans. This has generated a good amount of friendly rivalries with people I know and a bunch I don’t know. Whether it’s watching the games between the two teams here on TV or watching them live in Vancouver, I can always find a Canucks’ fan close by. Let’s all be honest, nothing is better in sports than some good ol’ fashion trash talking between fans. Not the trash talking that escalates into someone getting in a fight, but the kind where you drink beers together despite one team getting swept out of the playoffs. I have never come across a mean Canadian (except on Xbox Live, but who isn’t a total dick on there?). So, getting together with Canucks fans is always a good time, especially when the Sharks are beating the crap out of them.

This year’s series was pretty much the opposite of the last time these teams met in the postseason. That time, I am sure most Canucks’ fans remember well, was an “everything is going Vancouver’s way” type of series. What made it even worse for us Sharks fans, was it was in the Western Conference Finals. Every bounce, call and save went Vancouver’s way. This year it was time for the karma train to pull into the San Jose station. With a late goal in game two and two overtime victories, you couldn’t feel better as a Sharks’ fan and worse as Canucks’ fan. I have to admit, that makes me smile.

I have to admit, I will miss the beers and the constant back and forth of that I have shared with Canuck’s fans this year. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed San Jose advancing, but there is a part of me that wishes it was at another teams expense. Now, you might as well root for the Sharks. I mean, it could be worse, Calgary, Edmonton, Chicago or Detroit didn’t sweep you. Needless to say, it’s been fun. Good luck next season, I know the Sharks will be waiting in the playoffs for you again.

When I sat down to write you this letter, I was going to just have it filled with nothing but trash talk. The truth is, rivalries make sports fun and I enjoyed another season hitting the bars, texting you after the Canucks lost and teaming up to make Red Wings fans feel terrible. I’m looking forward to doing it again next season. Make sure you head down to San Jose to get a look at the Stanley Cup sometime soon.


The guy who likes the better team:

Ben Kelley

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#17 – NoFairWeatherFans Podcast (This is not a Hoax)

Manti T'eo Loves You

So the band got together last night to discuss this weeks news.  We checked Twitter, called each other on Skype and everything checked out.  There was a red flag that RJ didn’t upload a Skype avatar, but in the sake of getting the podcast done on a deadline, I decided to not dig into it.

Tons of subjects last night, going from

  • The Kings coming to Seattle
  • Coaching Carousel in the NFL
  • The return of the NHL
  • T’eo

It’s all good times, so I would suggest subscribing to the podcast.  You can do so by finding us in iTunes and getting on board.  Get the deliciousness sent right to your phone.  Take a break at work, like for over an hour.  You will love it. You can find us here on iTunes.

As always, big ups to The Soundmen (@scottdsoundmen on the Twitter, facebook.com/TheSoundmen ) for playing us in, and playing us out.

As usual, click to subscribe to the podcast with that fancy logo in the top right hand corner, and as always…


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Tim Tebow Fans: YOU MAD

Tebow points to the sky

After the Broncos lost on Saturday, there was chatter that Tim Tebow won a playoff game and Peyton Manning didn’t. First of all, these people must be talking about just with the Broncos, because Manning has won one or more playoff games in one postseason five times. Last time I checked, Tebow has one career playoff victory. I know there are a lot of Tebow supporters out there. Tebow is apparently a really good guy and a great role model for kids. These are great traits to have as a person, but neither wins football games. To be honest, I would rather have a guy that has some character flaws, but puts up stats.

Tebow’s great leadership and character have amassed him a career completion percentage of 47.9, 69.2 yards per game and 1.89 TD/INT ratio. Peyton Manning’s ability to be funny in commercials has amassed a completion percentage of 65.2, 265.6 yards per game and 2.09 TD/INT ratio. Those Tebow supporters like to point out the win against the Steelers in the first round as a mark of Tebow’s talent. Let me just point out a quick fact they like to look over; they lost 45-10 to the Patriots the next week. Manning’s first round game was against the couch and he was Rahim Moore deciding to actually make a play away from being in the AFC Championship game at home.

My suggestion to you Tebow supporters is to start rooting for your boy to go the Michael Robinson route. Robinson had a similar style of play as Tebow and now leads the way for one of the top running backs in the NFL, Marshawn Lynch. Tebow is athletic and can run. If he puts a little work in on his hands, he is more than capable of having a long NFL career. That career is going to be real short if he continues to play quarterback. He can’t even start over Greg McElroy. A clear indication of what NFL talent evaluators think of his skills. There isn’t a conspiracy against him in New York, he is just terrible at playing quarterback. Tebow fans quick making excuses for a guy who just doesn’t get it done at quarterback, it just shows America…


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#16 – NoFairWeatherFans Podcast (DC Aftermath)

Roddy White gets leg looked at

Last week’s podcast photo was eerily prophetic, so I will post a photo here on the podcast post and see if this turns into the new Madden Cover curse.  Watch out!  Time to tackle the subjects:

  • The quickest BCS Title Game Recap
  • Seattle Seahawks – Redskins Down, Atlanta to go

As always, big ups to The Soundmen (@scottdsoundmen on the Twitter, facebook.com/TheSoundmen ) for playing us in, and playing us out.

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Jerry Jones: YOU MAD

Things have gotten sour in Dallas.

Things have gotten sour in Dallas.

Yesterday on KRLD-FM 105.3 The Fan, Jerry Jones said it is going to get real uncomfortable around the Dallas Cowboys organization. It seems like Jones is pointing the finger at a lot people around the organization, minus Tony Romo, for the team not making the playoffs. He said Romo is a key piece of the team and isn’t going anywhere. Before I start ripping into Jerry Jones, he might want to rethink Romo being so great. Yes, Tony finished third in yards and sixth in touchdowns, but he was first in most interceptions thrown. Throwing 19 interceptions in 16 games isn’t good (Captain Obvious dropping by to say hello). I am not saying you can go out and get anything better, but if you are going to place blame there should be a finger pointed in his direction as well.

As for you, Jerry, you might want to take a look at yourself first. You have your hand in every decision the Cowboys make, not only who the coaches are but also who the players are. You are more hands on than any other owner in the NFL. You needs to take a step back and realize the Cowboys have only been to the playoffs seven times since there 1995 Superbowl win over the Steelers. During those seven trips, they only have two wins. Something isn’t really working Jerry and the one constant has been you. Your teams hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2009 and those two playoff wins in 17 years is pretty pathetic. Even one of the worst franchises in NFL history, the Arizona Cardinals, have more playoff wins than your squad. Those wins include one over your Cowboys and a trip to the Super Bowl.

This improvement project doesn’t start with the finger pointing out, it starts with the finger pointing in. It takes a real man to admit fault and it seems you are really struggling with that. That is probably why….


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#15 – NoFairWeatherFans Podcast (ALSO FLYNN’S NUMBER!!!11)

Robert Griffin Down

You all might have had New Years Day off – but not the guys at No Fair Weather Fans.  We “worked” by recording a Skype convo.  That would be a pretty sweet gig now, wouldn’t it?

  • 2012 In Review – the best moments, the worst moments & biggest suprises as told by us
  • Seattle Seahawks Playoff Preview – Washington Redskins.

As always, big ups to The Soundmen (@scottdsoundmen on the Twitter, facebook.com/TheSoundmen ) for playing us in, and playing us out.

As usual, click to subscribe to the podcast with that fancy logo in the top right hand corner.  You can find us here on iTunes – and as always…


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Do the Seahawks want Dallas or Washington?

Looks like one of these two will be facing the #1 defense in the first round of the playoffs.

Looks like one of these two will be facing the #1 scoring defense in the first round of the playoffs.

With the Seattle Seahawks manhandling the San Francisco 49ers like Diesel (Kevin Nash) wrestling Chavo Guerrero, they basically locked themselves into the fifth seed for the playoffs. There are some scenarios which the Seahawks can improve their seed, but it would take a (insert holiday here) miracle. So for all intents and purposes, Seattle will be playing the NFC East Division Champion. The champion will be determined with the last game of the regular season on Sunday Night Football when the Dallas Cowboys go to Washington to take on the Redskins. The big question is: which of these teams presents an easier matchup for the Seahawks?

The Washington Redskins would be 10-6 when they would be hosting the Hawks for the Wild Card Round. Looking at the Skins schedule it has been ridiculous easy. Playing only five teams who currently are in or have a shot at the playoffs. Their record was 4-3 with wins against the Ravens, Cowboys, Giants and Vikings. The losses were to Cincinnati, Giants and Atlanta. They would be on seven game winning streak coming into the game against Seattle, which is currently the longest streak in the NFC. Robert Griffin III presents a problems for pass rushers with his elusiveness and has a the second highest quarterback rating in the NFL at 104.1, behind only Aaron Rodgers. The most overlooked player on the Redskins is Alfred Morris, who is fourth in the NFL in rushing. Even with Griffin out two weeks ago, Morris ran for 87 yards and two touchdowns. Morris is a hard runner and fights for yards, very similar to Marshawn Lynch. The wide receiver that gets the most attention is Pierre Garcon who came back from injury with this current winning streak got started. Coincidence? Don’t sleep on the other receivers, though. They are all capable of making huge plays. Including Garcon, they have four receivers with a touchdown of 68 yards or longer. For some comparison Seattle’s longest touchdown pass is 67 yards.

Redskins Per Game Stats:

Offense – Points: 27.2 (4th)  Total Offense: 384.7 (5th)  Pass: 222.3 (18th)  Rush: 162.3 (1st)

Defense – Points: 24.7 (21st)  Total Defense: 383.1 (28th)  Pass: 287.7 (30th)  Rush: 95.5 (5th)

Green – Favorable for Hawks    Red – (Well, you guessed it) Not Favorable for Hawks

The Dallas Cowboys have been disappointing all season, yet, have an opportunity to win the division with at 9-7. They have played a slightly harder schedule than Washington. They have played six teams currently in or have a chance of making the playoffs. The Boys were 2-6 in those games. Their two wins were against the Giants and Bengals. Their losses came to the Bears, Giants, Ravens, Falcons, Redskins and your Seattle Seahawks. Weapons are not a problem for the Cowboys. Tony Romo is third in the league in passing yards behind Brees and Stafford and sixth in touchdown passes. Jason Witten (4th) and Dez Bryant (8th) are both in the top ten in receptions. Dez is also eighth in yards with 1.311. A little perspective, Witten and Bryant have a combined 2,294 yards on 191 catches. Seattle’s top five receivers have a combined 175 receptions for 2,238. DeMarco Murray is a really good running back, but missed six and half games due to injury this season. When Murray scores a touchdown the Cowboys are 4-0. The Cowboys defense was supposed to be stout with the additions of Brandon Carr (Chiefs) and Morris Claiborne (6th overall pick, LSU). That hasn’t been the case due to multiple injures across the defense.

Cowboys Per Game Stats:

Offense – Points: 23.9 (14th)  Total Offense: 379.9 (6th)  Pass: 302.2 (3rd)  Rush: 77.7 (31st)

Defense – Points: 24.8 (23rd)  Total Defense: 355.1 (19th)  Pass: 239.8 (21st)  Rush: 115.3 (17th)

Green – Favorable for Hawks    Red – (Well, you guessed it) Not Favorable for Hawks

Now which one of these teams presents a better matchup for the Seahawks? The running game of the Redskins can create problems for Seattle’s defense for sure. Top running teams in the league have had pretty successful days against their defense. San Francisco, Minnesota and Miami all had pretty good days. However, if the Skins less than average defense lets Seattle get up early, that could play well into Seattle’s great pass defense. Seattle has been below average in getting sacks this year, currently sitting 24th in the league with 27. Outside of Chris Clemons (11.5) and Bruce Irvin (8) the rest of the team only has 8.5. However, RG3 has been sacked 29 times which is the 13th most in the NFL. Knowing Washington has to throw takes away the read option and Seattle’s defensive line can pin their ears back and go after RG3. Lots of hits on the Skins’ quarterback could knock him out of the game, he has missed one game and parts of others. Taking away that top running game will be the key to beating the Redskins.

Seahawks Per Game Stats:

Offense – Points: 26.1 (8th)  Total Offense: 349.9 (16th)  Pass: 188.1 (27th)  Rush: 161.7 (2nd)

Defense – Points: 15.5 (1st)  Total Defense: 304.5 (4th)  Pass: 199.9 (5th)  Rush: 104.7 (11th)

Dallas has already played the Seahawks this year and it didn’t go well for Jerry Jones’ crew up in Seattle. A 27-7 hiney whooping showed how Cowboys relying on the pass to move the ball instead running plays right into Seattle’s strength on defense. With Brandon Browner coming back and Richard Sherman beating his PED case, throwing the ball will be a real challenge for the Cowboys. Murray would really need to get it going to make Clemons and Irvin respect the run. That is easier said than done. Brandon Mebane has been a menace inside and Red Bryant is finally getting completely healthy at the right time. Seattle is better than average against the run and Dallas is terrible in producing yards with the ground game and that isn’t a good combo for the Cowboys. The rush defense for the boys from Texas is not good at all and everyone know the Seahawks want to run the ball all game. Keeping the high-powered and quick striking Dallas offense off the field will be Seattle’s goal.

Both teams have some parts that can hurt the Seahawks and both teams can play right into the trap that Seattle has set. If Seattle plays like they have the past three weeks, neither team stands a chance. Although, if they play like they did in Detroit or Miami, both Dallas and Washington will have no problem putting up a ton of points and moving on to the next round. Personally, I would much rather see Dallas. There is less travel, the Seahawks already put it on them and their defense and offense both fall right into Seattle’s strengths. I will say I have been wrong before, i.e. all my early season Russell Wilson chatter. Seattle is much improved and taking on a Cowboys team they already drubbed seems like a shoe-in for a Division Round birth.

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Shhhh. The Sounders Are Good, Again

I was laying in bed with my girlfriend last night and she said I needed to change things up. She said we were in a bit of a rut. We apparently have been doing the same thing a lot lately. Of course, I am not talking about the bedroom activities and “we” is Brad and myself. She thought we have been writing and talking about a lot of the same things lately. So, I looked around for something new. I went through all our old posts and this what I have found. There hasn’t been a lot of talk about the Sounders. We have been to and watched a lot of the games on TV, we just haven’t addressed their success very much. There have been a lot of distractions that have kind of taken away the coverage of the Sounders. We had a Felix perfect game, an arena deal going on for a few months and the beginning of the football season. The Sounders are quietly putting together another great season.

Since the Seattle Sounders made the jump from A-League to MLS it has been nothing but success. They won three consecutive U.S. Open Cups and missed out on a fourth consecutive on a controversial call in a shootout. Advancing deep in CONCACAF competitions is a standard, as well. MLS playoffs have been a bit of a problem. It’s not the making the playoffs that is the problem, it’s the winning in the playoffs. They haven’t been able to get out of the first round playoffs with losses to Houston, Los Angeles and Salt Lake. Is this the year they make the playoff push.

This year has been different. The Sounders have been an offensive threat all year boasting the leagues second best goal differential at plus 15. There is great balance between the offense and the defense. There isn’t a heavy reliance on goaltending like in years past. The Sounders know they can score with anyone. Mauro Rosales leads the MLS in assists. The addition of Eddie Johnson has paid off big time. He is fourth in the league in scoring with 13 goals in 23 games. The glue that keeps the whole team is probably Freddie Montero who is seventh in the MLS in goals and has added six assists on top of that.

The players have really started to come together as a unit after a bit of a rough patch earlier this season. The offensive explosion against Chivas USA a couple of weeks showed just how worried teams should be when facing the Sounders. The 6-2 victory featured a hat trick from Montero and goals from Brad Evans and Sammy Ochoa. There was even an own goal by Chivas defender Ante Jazic. Apparently, he even knows the Sounders are the team to play for and wanted in on the action. I fully expected him to rip his jersey and show a Seattle jersey underneath.

All things are going well for the Sounders at the right time. Everyone should expect a great playoff run from this squad. Jump on the bandwagon now, because when the playoffs come around there might not be any room left. They play their rival the Portland Timbers, Saturday at 12:30p. This will be a nationally televised game on NBC. It will be the first regular season MLS match on national television since June 29th, 2008. Even America knows this is the best team to watch. Watch the match and see what a great team the city of Seattle has.

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Sitting Strausburg, Bad Idea

There has been a lot of talk around Stephen Strasburg and protecting his golden arm. The Washington Nationals are limiting the innings of Strasburg, because of the Tommy John surgery that kept him out last season. Strasburg is their ace of the future and is expected to be there dominating for the next decade. So, protecting him is the smart move for the future. What the Nationals are thinking makes sense. Keep him healthy and win for the forseeable future. However, winning isn’t guaranteed.

This is a franchise that knows more than almost any other franchise that winning isn’t guaranteed. The Nationals were once the Montreal Expos, who never went to the World Series there, either. The franchise in one of two franchises left in Major League Baseball that haven’t been to the World Series, the other being my Seattle Mariners. The Texas Rangers came off the list with back-to-back trips the last two years. Taking your pitching ace off the mound in the playoffs is completely boneheaded.

Limiting his innings in the regular season and saving his arm for the playoffs makes sense, but completely shutting him down at a certain number of innings is crazy. It doesn’t take a lot of wins to get to the World Series, only seven or eight (Wild Card teams win an extra game to get to division series). One could argue that Strasburg could get two to three of those wins, depending on days between games. Taking away your best pitcher definitely reduces your chances of getting through the playoffs. Now, your opponent’s number one goes against your number two and so on.

National fans have to be losing their minds. A fan base that hasn’t had a winning season since the team moved to Washington in 2005, has to be pretty mad at the fact their upper management is limiting their shot at a title. Not giving it your best shot is a failure to the fan base. When the marketing and advertising came out for the club, it didn’t say come watch the Nationals best players until the playoffs. Fans have every right to be upset at the fact they aren’t getting the teams best effort to win a title.

Strasburg wants to play in the playoffs. What competitor wouldn’t? Most athletes would tell you they want to fight with and for their teammates for the goals they set. Winning is the goal for every competitor. Sitting Strasburg isn’t fighting for winning. This is slap in the face to the team and fans.

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Cundiff Should Kick a 32-yarder into Strahan’s Goalposts

How many plays in Michael Strahan’s career did he have a direct influence on the final score of a game?

Michael Strahan smiles after winning the Super Bowl

"Ask me how many points I scored in this victory!!!" - Strahan

In looking over his career stats, courtesy of our friends at Pro-Football-Reference.com (not really our friends, I don’t know the guys who run this but it seems like the chappy way to introduce their hard work into the blog here), Strahan has scored a total of 20 points in his whole career.  Three touchdowns and one safety.  Now these were not just regular TD’s scored by Strahan. Two of them gave the Giants the lead. One was against my beloved Seahawks.  I already forgot about it though, considering it was Christmas Eve-Eve and face it – 2001 really was a long time ago.

One of these scores even won a game for New York, in OT.

So after a few minutes of looking at Cundiff’s stats, I was rather impressed at his body of work in terms of directly influcing the outcome of a game in comparison to Strahan.

Cundiff has scored 596 total points with 132 field goals successfully kicked, and 200 extra points converted.  Through 2010, 38 of these field goals gave his team the lead, and 8 of them tied the game up.

So when I read on Deadspin that after his extremely unfortunate shank to tie the game up against New England this past weekend, Strahan called for his job.  ”I’d say, ‘If you’re back here next year, we got a problem,’ “ Strahan said.

76% of the time Cundiff steps up to the plate, he scores for his team.  If I could find the statistical analysis of played downs by Strahan and how many points he scored, or to make it fair, every time he sacked a QB or dropped a runner for a loss (NOT plays that DIRECTLY influence the score of the game), something tells me that Mr. Subway isn’t hitting at a 76% success rate.  Hell, I would even throw just any tackle into that mix, and he isn’t anywhere near 76%.

So Strahan – you were a really good defensive lineman. Some would argue that you were one of best.  But man, you must have been a crappy teammate.   I hope others had a problem with you in the locker room by letting you know that the 76% sack rate on plays from scrimmage wasn’t being met, and you were a failure.

Congrats on the game Billy, apparently it was just you that lost the game.  Not Lee Evans, or anyone else.  Just you bud.

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