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We’re Taking Over The Locker Room

Attacking this show like these Bombay Sapphire martinis straight up, two olives.

Attacking this show like these Bombay Sapphire martinis straight up, two olives.

Brad and I will be dominating the AM radio waves with a 50,000 watt stick. We will be hosting KRKO 1380′s The Locker Room on Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Our good friend Maury Eskenazi can’t do his regular hosting duties, so he was kind enough to let us turn his show into a zoo. We will be attacking all kinds of topics and having a few guests as well.

You can tune in on the regular radio dial at 1380 AM or tune in on the fancy internet.


  • Fantasy baseball with Andy Greenberg from Arizona 620 in Phoenix and Fan Ball Weekly. You can find his podcast at ArizonaSports.com, facebook.com/FanBallWeekly, the Podcast Twitter: @FanBallWeekly, iTunes (search Fantasy Baseball Weekly) or his personal twitter: @AndyTheG
  • NFL Draft with Josh Deceuster from Draft Breakdown and @DB_JoshD on Twitter
  • Entertainment with guitarist Mischa Kianne from the band Witchburn

Other topics that are going to get ran through are Sounders, players committing to the NBA draft, Mariners, Brady Quinn, Peyton Siva, Emerald Downs and the fast food review.

Also, Dimitri Sandeman will be keepin’ real with us the whole show. You can always check out The Locker Room on Facebook.

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Confessions of a Former Field Rusher

I am going to start this off with – yeah, I have been that guy.

On the field vs USC

I celebrated on the field because my participation (in attending the game) was so pivotal I felt the need stand where the players who did the real work got to stand.

This photo was taken somewhere near mid-field after the Huskies beat USC in 2009, by a score of 16-13. USC was ranked (no Matt Barkley though) and UW was coming off the worst season in the history of history. It was Sark vs Carroll, blah, blah, blah, – long story short, UW won and I ran down on the field.

This wasn’t the first time I have done it either. I found myself on the field in Pullman twice, once my freshman year when Washington won 51-3 and went to the Rose Bowl, and the other time when Kai Ellis picked off Matty Kegel and ruined arguably one of the best seasons of Washington State football ever had been played to that point.

I also want to add that this is a slightly reactionary post to the news that is starting to trickle out now about Austin Sefarian-Jenkins getting socked in the face by a fan after the Apple Cup. I am sure news will continue to trickle out about this incident in the week ahead (please note internet trolls, if I am so lucky to pick up a few, I haven’t blamed anyone who is affiliated with Washington State University and will not insinuate so until a proper investigation, if one takes place – takes place) and will also shape this post.

The point of this rant, however, is that fans don’t belong on the field of play, regardless of how big your (the royal “your” being used liberally) win is over any opponent. Unless you ran one in for the score, hit the game winning three or play the trombone. Get off the field and go to the bar.

In my limited internet research on the topic (and really sticking to the Apple Cup for research purposes this one) is that there hasn’t been much good out of fans going on the field in any way, shape or form after a victory.

Exhibit A – 2005 Apple Cup

UW fan takes WSU player flag

You win at life dudebro – and nice call with the flops in November.

The best part about this image is that UW didn’t even win this one, but Cap’n America here feels the need to stop the evil doing that is celebrating a win. I won’t get into the merits of celebrating as a visiting player in this fashion on your rivals field, but either way – WSU won. Go home, Dawg fans.

Flag tug of war

University of Washington minutemen were called upon from the bell tower to stop the redcoats from coming.

Exhibit B – 2010 Apple Cup

In this video (I would embed it but WordPress keeps stripping out the goodness), you see various Huskies fans on the field after a victory, getting pelted with snowballs and getting arrested. If anything, I learned rushing the field as a visitor makes you a target if anything else.

Here’s a thumbnail from the video. I don’t know how this guy got all bloodied up, but methinks if he just stayed in his seat, filed out of Martin like a regular human being and went to Moscow, ID to drink – he might not have that busted nose.

A carrier of the UW victory shield

I don’t know about you, but a victory for the “royal we” isn’t as sweet until a spectator has spilled blood as well.

Exhibit C – 2012 Apple Cup

This one kinda goes without saying – when fans (regardless of affiliation, student, fan, random, terrorist) start punching players, this is only going to get worse. Now, this is a developing situation with more to come I am sure, but the .gif don’t lie – someone rocked ASJ’s world.

ASJ got rocked

Thanks to the guys at CougCenter for putting these together from the video footage.

The precedence from this one is a little scary. Now players have to defend themselves from the horde. I think that we are all so lucky that ASJ didn’t go after that guy – who knows what that could have incited (probably a loss for ASJ) but now it is just another thing to think about for fans and players alike. I would hate to see a player act out of apparent self-defense by crushing the face of a freshman biology major on their way to the 50-yard line who had no intention of touching anyone, or an apparent tough guy like this one sucker punching Mackey Award finalists when they aren’t paying attention.

I rest my case.

Now, I can already hear the detractors with

  • Let the kids have their fun!
  • Oh, they were just drunk!
  • This guy doesn’t represent all of us.
  • When we upset a team, we deserve to celebrate in that fashion!

…and all of these are stupid. The fans don’t deserve anything more than 4 quarters on a football field and a victor declared by playing said game within the framework of the rules. The fans deserve to cheer, boo, hiss, jump up and down, and lastly have a good time. Fans don’t deserve or belong on the field. You personally didn’t win the game, so you don’t get to be down there. It makes as much sense as me rushing a Boeing board meeting because they are selling planes. I am a Boeing fan, I like to see them succeed, but I don’t belong where the people actually doing the work are. Plus, it is way more fun when you let the players do the celebrating/retaliating.

Just ask George Teague.

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Rant Week: Things From A Game

Clearly, you are too embarrased to come to the game. Might as well not show up.

I recently attended a football game and there were quite a few observations that really pissed me off. I am curious if these things also irritate you, the fan, as well. These fall on the fan, players and announcers. Let me get this started.

300 Section Fan:

It never fails, every time I sit up in the 300 level (aka nose-bleeds) there is a guy screaming at the top of his lungs at an individual player. I can personally five-star guarantee the player can not hear you. Well, unless it is the second half of a Coug game against Oklahoma State and Kendall Hunter has rushed for almost 300 yards and four touchdowns in the first half. The stadium might be empty enough in the second half to reach the ears of the athlete. When the a stadium like Century Link Field is full, no one on the field can make out what you’re saying. This act just seems like such a waste of energy and voice. Save your voice for yelling when your squad is on defense. You are literally making yourself a worse fan by wrecking your voice before the fourth quarter when the defense needs you the most. All of you pointless yellers are welcome for the advice.

Booing Referees:

I may have touched on this in the past, but it still makes my blood boil (Do people still say that?). As a fan you can’t boo a referee for calling a blatant false start or pass interference on your team. Your tight end is three yards down field! Do you really think it is a bad call? No, you can’t think that, unless you are a complete moron, which I am not ruling out. Have some integrity as a fan. Only boo when it is actually a bad call, it may actually influence a referee some day, especially if we as fans can all get on the same page. Let’s unite and influence referees make the right calls.

The Played Out Celebration:

Being original with a celebration on the field is becoming a lost art. The unzipping motion to say you are Superman is played out. The feeding yourself motion is played out. Whatever happened the classic celebrations like the taser jiggle? I know the days of Sharpies in the sock and Chad Johnson proposing to cheerleaders are gone, but there are still great ways to celebrate. Terrell Owens going to the star in Dallas and Emmitt Smith doing it too is legendary. Even something simple like Jared Allen doing the lasso is original. There are great celebrations all over the league just ask Rocky Bernard, Victor Cruz or Stevie Johnson. Step it up players! We expect more.

Game Isn’t Over:

When your team is down 10 points with four minutes left and you are heading for the exits, you have become a horrible fan. This also goes for the announcer that deems the game as over. The first thing that goes through my head is I hope there is an epic comeback. I hope you are listening on your car radio and hear the awesomeness you are missing live, even though, later you will claim you were at that game and leave out the part of leaving early. Own up to the fact you left early, like Rich Roberge admitting to leaving at halftime of the Oklahoma-Boise State thriller. As for the announcer that said the game was over before this epic comeback, you better admit to being wrong. However, the announcers rarely say they were wrong. They just go with the cliche “its never over until its over” and “anything can happen, if you let your guard down.” I know these comebacks are rare, but it always worth sitting around for 15 mins just in case. That traffic is going to be there no matter what. Hold on to hope. That’s what a real fan does.

Think about these things next time you are at a game, any game. That’s all I ask.

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