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We’re Taking Over The Locker Room

Attacking this show like these Bombay Sapphire martinis straight up, two olives.

Attacking this show like these Bombay Sapphire martinis straight up, two olives.

Brad and I will be dominating the AM radio waves with a 50,000 watt stick. We will be hosting KRKO 1380′s The Locker Room on Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Our good friend Maury Eskenazi can’t do his regular hosting duties, so he was kind enough to let us turn his show into a zoo. We will be attacking all kinds of topics and having a few guests as well.

You can tune in on the regular radio dial at 1380 AM or tune in on the fancy internet.


  • Fantasy baseball with Andy Greenberg from Arizona 620 in Phoenix and Fan Ball Weekly. You can find his podcast at ArizonaSports.com, facebook.com/FanBallWeekly, the Podcast Twitter: @FanBallWeekly, iTunes (search Fantasy Baseball Weekly) or his personal twitter: @AndyTheG
  • NFL Draft with Josh Deceuster from Draft Breakdown and @DB_JoshD on Twitter
  • Entertainment with guitarist Mischa Kianne from the band Witchburn

Other topics that are going to get ran through are Sounders, players committing to the NBA draft, Mariners, Brady Quinn, Peyton Siva, Emerald Downs and the fast food review.

Also, Dimitri Sandeman will be keepin’ real with us the whole show. You can always check out The Locker Room on Facebook.

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Pretty Sure I was Right

How about that

How about that

Not that this is some sort of conclusion that results in me being right about this, I am going to go with a lot of evidence is pointing that way.

Every post on Instagram from my original post linked above as well as the tweets they came rolling in on have been deleted by our esteemed, upstanding pornographic movie star.

In the meantime, check out my book marks – I got some good ones up there.  I highly recommend The Verge.


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Pretty Sure Siva Isn’t Hitting Up Porn Stars

This is a lesson in how to fake a celebrity texting/tweeting at you.  Warning, some of the links here are quasi #NSFW, depending on where it is you work I guess.

After the National Title game tonight, a porn star named Jenna Shea (apparently she hasn’t gotten around to launching her website) started tweeting out how Peyton Siva was hitting her up via text, saying how he wanted her & things of that nature.  You can see the twitter posts here, which are screen shots from her Android phone (gross) which she posted to Instagram (key for later)

So naturally, as most would – I clicked to links to see what he had allegedly said to her.

The first thing that threw me off on this is that Peyton (at least in his media side) is very devout and always talks about his girlfriend.  Could that be just a media persona?  Sure.  I am just speculating really based on what has been published and what is going on up here.

But a lot of this really doesn’t add up.

  • First off – the contact name and phone number.

The first thing I checked was the area code, which yes – that is a Louisville area code.  That would seem to be pretty straight forward.  However, I have had my phone since high school and I haven’t changed my area code to 206, as I stay loyal to the 253.  That aside (who knows, he could have changed it) it is ridiculously easy to just change a contact name to what you need it to be for screen shot purposes.

For example:

Apparently Peyton Siva hit me up tonight too.

Apparently Peyton Siva hit me up tonight too.

I added the hearts for effect, but you really can change anyone’s name here to what you want it to be and just have that person text you.  I did this from my wife’s phone (I changed her name back, but I thought about leaving it as Peypey <3 <3 to mess with people)

  • The pictures & the convo

Considering Peyton is a heavy user of Instagram and also a super popular athlete, I decided to give the old Google Search a try with “Peyton Siva Shirt Off”.  Here are the results if you don’t want to do it yourself.

Interesting, one of these photos looks pretty familiar

Interesting, one of these photos looks pretty familiar

Unless Siva’s camera roll on his phone just happens to be something that is near the top of Google Image searches of him, something tells me that this photo is on the internet somewhere, and lo and behold, it is in 2 places.

First off, and the one I am going to go with where she didn’t find this image (but looks like there are plenty others if she wants to continue to extort college seniors) is here on KSRcollege.com (wut) and then the most probable and obvious place she would find Peyton Siva selfies…his own Instagram.

So there's that

So there’s that

The image that took me a little longer to find was the one of him heavily filtered, hunched over showing off that six-pack.  I had to dig through the depths of his Instagram, but I found that one too.

He also is a selective cropper

He also is a selective cropper

He clearly didn’t want that pr0n star going after the wrong dude, so he made a few edits.  Also, again – pretty easy to edit around on a phone (hell, a crop tool is built into iOS, and while I haven’t used Android in a while, I am going to bet large sums of money that it either exists or you can get an app to crop) to make this what you need it to be for a little attention-grabbing spotlight.

So with all of that being said, check out what Peyton sent to me tonight!  This scoundrel!

I went Lennay on him

I went Lennay on him

I snagged another selfie that Jenna didn’t choose and decided to send that to myself.   Either way, there are some things I can’t straight away explain (the phone number, it is a Louisville area code, but with Google Voice, I could have an area code of pretty much any place I wanted, again, NOT HARD) and the times the texts were sent.

A few of them would coincide with times he would have been on the court cutting down the nets tonight, but it is just as probable that these texts weren’t sent today or tonight.  I did some quick research on the Galaxy S3′s text window if it displays back dates like iOS does when you look at older convos (it will time stamp with the date as well) but I really didn’t want to get that deep into it, because I think what I got so far makes it pretty obviously fake.

So Peyton, I don’t know if it is even worth addressing, but you might want to make your social media accounts private.

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