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Good Morning Internet! Get ready for the Locker Room LIVE today!

Locker Room Logo

The Locker Room – on Fox Sports 1380

Good morning internet!  When you wake up, do you ever have this urge to get your fill of sports news, video game culture and just some generally good discussion (that ties back to sports and/or video games, and sometimes WWE)?

In that case, tune in to Fox Sports 1380 AM by clicking this link or firing up that AM radio.  Get ready for The Locker Room with Maury, Jordan and Dmitri, and be sure to like them on Facebook.

Today we are renaming Arlington AIR-LINGTON as we are live from the world famous Arlington Fly-In.  We will be kicking off at 11:00a and talking all things sports, video games and probably some airplanes.  If you make the voyage up north, we will be set up by the beer garden.  Live remotes!

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We’re Taking Over The Locker Room

Attacking this show like these Bombay Sapphire martinis straight up, two olives.

Attacking this show like these Bombay Sapphire martinis straight up, two olives.

Brad and I will be dominating the AM radio waves with a 50,000 watt stick. We will be hosting KRKO 1380′s The Locker Room on Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Our good friend Maury Eskenazi can’t do his regular hosting duties, so he was kind enough to let us turn his show into a zoo. We will be attacking all kinds of topics and having a few guests as well.

You can tune in on the regular radio dial at 1380 AM or tune in on the fancy internet.


  • Fantasy baseball with Andy Greenberg from Arizona 620 in Phoenix and Fan Ball Weekly. You can find his podcast at ArizonaSports.com, facebook.com/FanBallWeekly, the Podcast Twitter: @FanBallWeekly, iTunes (search Fantasy Baseball Weekly) or his personal twitter: @AndyTheG
  • NFL Draft with Josh Deceuster from Draft Breakdown and @DB_JoshD on Twitter
  • Entertainment with guitarist Mischa Kianne from the band Witchburn

Other topics that are going to get ran through are Sounders, players committing to the NBA draft, Mariners, Brady Quinn, Peyton Siva, Emerald Downs and the fast food review.

Also, Dimitri Sandeman will be keepin’ real with us the whole show. You can always check out The Locker Room on Facebook.

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Live on The Locker Room on KRKO 1380 – 11:00am

Locker Room Logo

The Locker Room – on Fox Sports 1380

The headline says it all – we will be on this AM talking with Dave Clark from Sounder At Heart – previewing the season as well as your regular slate of programming.

Click here to listen!

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No Fair Weather Fans – January 19th, 2013 – Live on Fox Sports 1380

Montero is gone

In the words of Wesley Willis, the show this past week was a demon-hellride. Power outages in just the one block of downtown Everett rendered havoc on the Windows 2000 machines inside the KRKO studios. Batteries failed, computers didn’t want to reboot and large chunks of the show were lost.

However, under the steady leadership of Maury, and several false stops and starts – we were able to get something together for the masses that huddle together to hear AM radio on Saturday mornings.

In this weeks show, we were lucky to get Dave Clark from the popular SB Nation Blog “Sounder at Heart” to give us a season preview, discuss Montero moving on and what to expect from the boys in Rave Green this summer.

Click to subscribe in the top right hand corner, find us on iTunes, or as usual – you can always

Click to Play in Yo Browser

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No Fair Weather Fans – January 5th, 2013 – Live on Fox Sports 1380

Locker Room Logo

The Locker Room – on Fox Sports 1380

In case you missed it, we were on The Locker Room on Fox Sports 1380 AM here in Seattle this past weekend passing out some NFL end of the season awards. I am sure these will be officially handed out, but I am sure this will be used as a guide. I used to cheat every now and again in college, consider this your Cliff Notes typed into a TI-83.

We also predict the future with regards to the Redskins game. It’s amazing!

Be sure that you like The Locker Room on Facebook and listen for us next week on Saturday starting at 11:00am on 1380 AM. If you can’t get to an A-M radio, you can listen live here online. Click the link!


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Cats & Dogs – Apple Cup Edition

The last Cats & Dogs of the season folks, right here – presented for your listening pleasure.

The cool thing is though is that we are BACK on KRKO with our own segment, No Fair Weather Fans.  Good times & huzzah!

In the meantime, listen to Ben enjoy his Cougar victory, and Brad already drinking the Kool-Aid for next year and the bowl season.  Boise State is down apparently.  They only lost to Michigan State on the road in a nail biter  and SDSU at home.  They are clearly trash!


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