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We’re Taking Over The Locker Room

Attacking this show like these Bombay Sapphire martinis straight up, two olives.

Attacking this show like these Bombay Sapphire martinis straight up, two olives.

Brad and I will be dominating the AM radio waves with a 50,000 watt stick. We will be hosting KRKO 1380′s The Locker Room on Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. Our good friend Maury Eskenazi can’t do his regular hosting duties, so he was kind enough to let us turn his show into a zoo. We will be attacking all kinds of topics and having a few guests as well.

You can tune in on the regular radio dial at 1380 AM or tune in on the fancy internet.


  • Fantasy baseball with Andy Greenberg from Arizona 620 in Phoenix and Fan Ball Weekly. You can find his podcast at ArizonaSports.com, facebook.com/FanBallWeekly, the Podcast Twitter: @FanBallWeekly, iTunes (search Fantasy Baseball Weekly) or his personal twitter: @AndyTheG
  • NFL Draft with Josh Deceuster from Draft Breakdown and @DB_JoshD on Twitter
  • Entertainment with guitarist Mischa Kianne from the band Witchburn

Other topics that are going to get ran through are Sounders, players committing to the NBA draft, Mariners, Brady Quinn, Peyton Siva, Emerald Downs and the fast food review.

Also, Dimitri Sandeman will be keepin’ real with us the whole show. You can always check out The Locker Room on Facebook.

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Philadelphia Eagles Fans: YOU MAD

There is a ton of chatter about getting Andy Reid the hell out of Philly. To me, it is kind of crazy to turn on a guy so fast. Just a quick recap of Reid’s coaching career before this season: 13 years (all with the Eagles), 126-81-1 in the regular season, seven division championships, one NFC Championship and only two losing seasons. Most fans would kill for those type of seasons. Don’t believe me? Go ask a Browns, Jaguars, Bills or a Dolphins fan. That person will gladly take the Eagles’ success.

This is a case of expectations being too high for a team who has legit problems at offensive line. A lot of times people forget how important the offensive line is. The Eagles have suffered multiple injuries to their original starting o-line, not to mention injuries to a couple of the backups. Philly fans, what can you realistically expect from a bunch of backup linemen? I get the Eagles have weapons on offense; Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, but all their success is dependent on the offensive line being successful. McCoy can only break so many tackles in the backfield. Vick is under more pressure than any other quarterback in the league, yet you, Philly fans, expect him to be a top five quarterback.

Wanting to fire a coach who has produced your most successful years as a franchise, should get a little more love. Cut him some slack he is working with second tier players at the most important positions on the field. You fans are quick to turn on a man who has been very loyal to you and coached through personal tragedies. Most of you would take a lot of time off of work for the same situation.

Injuries are big part of the NFL, they can cripple a team. They have crippled your team, not the guy running your squad. At the end of the day, Andy Reid has an influence on the players, but he isn’t the one out their playing. Reid is calling the plays, you don’t get mad at him for missing the block, you get mad at the player that missed it. Bottom line is Philly fans….

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