Acting Like You Have Done it Before

not sure if serious or trolling frye

If you didn’t notice, the trolls are out in full force pumping out article after article, comment after comment to bait Hawks fans into stupid arguments (and Hawks fans doing the same thing – this isn’t a one-way street), and the endless comparisons of Russell Wilson’s Instagram to Colin Kaepernick’s.

There is something to be said in the ideology , “walk softly and carry a big stick” that applies to this game week coming up between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seahawks.

Here’s something for you Hawks fans to consider – the Hawks have beat the 49ers before.  They have beat them rather soundly at  home the last two times, and it is time for Hawks fans to carry that same swagger the defense plays with into the arena of internet chat boards, call-in radio shows and the parking lots outside CenturyLink this coming Sunday.

Steve Largent was the king of this.  Acting like he has done it before every time he made it into the end zone.  Scoring TD’s wasn’t a new thing, it was an expected thing that was part of his job.  He caught TD’s.  He moved on.  This same attitude has to be brought into CenturyLink this Sunday.

Steve Largent catches a TD

Now this doesn’t mean not being loud.  I don’t mean that.  Every fan should scream their head-off once the game starts.  There is a measurable effect that the crowd has on games and you guys shouldn’t hold up now.  But the places to hold up?  Facebook.  Twitter.  The Seattle Times comment section.  I am sure some of you are on the San Fran Chronicle boards.  Don’t be that fan.

It also doesn’t mean to not be confident.  Silence isn’t OK either, but expect the Hawks to win.  You don’t have to let some guy in a Gore jersey know that you hope Seattle kills them.  Let the Hawks kill them softly with interceptions, touchdowns and missed field goals – and just let a tip of the beer glass or a head nod know that, the 12′s and the Hawks got the better of the 49ers.

So let’s lay off the 49whiners calls, the dumb memes on Facebook that aren’t even clever (or reacting to equally as stupid ones) and let their machismo be what it really is – and that’s fear.

The Hawks in the CLink are no joke.  Let the team on the field do the talking again.

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