About Ben

I grew up in the Greater Seattle-Tacoma area. I have seen great teams fail with consistency. It makes it hard to be a fan here, but I have stayed true to my Mariners, Seahawks, Sounders, Sonics, Cougars and even a little bit to the Huskies. Even my favorite NHL team the Sharks win Presidents’ Trophies and can’t make it to the finals.

I watched Super Bowl XL with XXL anger. Jeremy Stevens can you catch a ball? Was that the worst refereed game ever? Still makes me mad.

I watched the Mariners rack up 116 wins and not make it to the World Series. The Marlins have two World Championships, the Diamondbacks won one, the Rockies and Rays have both been. Those teams were all expansion teams in the 90′s!

I watched the ’94 Sonics win NBA best 63 games with no Michael Jordan in the league and get put out by the 8th seed Nuggets in the first round! Dikembe Mutombo lying on the court holding up the ball still haunts my dreams!

I don’t even want to get started on the Cougars. There is a term around these parts called Couging it. Pretty much sums up all of the area’s sports. Get to a position for greatness and fail!

All of this has made me a little bitter toward the ones who do win. I hate the Yankees, Red Sox, Spurs, Lakers, Celtics, Red Wings, and other teams that consistently get it done. What makes me even more mad is the fans of those teams that you didn’t see until right after their championship. Hey, guy from Medford, Oregon! Yes, you! Are you from Boston? Is your family from there? No? Then, take that Red Sox hat off because you didn’t even like them until 2004! Then, bragged you were a huge fan in 2007.

It’s easy to jump on a team that is winning. It’s way harder to stay true to your team when they aren’t. If any fan of a Seattle team can stay true for this long. You should too! Don’t root for that trendy team that is on top right now. Be a real fan! That’s why I will always bag fair weather fan!

Now, I take this bitterness and put into words on this website. I am teaming up with the brains behind this operation Brad “#2 in high school football (literal jersey number) but #1 in our hearts” Dobbs to bring you a view point that you might not see out there.

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