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Time to Turn to the M’s and Sounders

To Quote Andrew W.K.,"When we like to party, we party hard!"

To quote Andrew W.K.,”When we like to party, we party hard!”

With two incredibly entertaining finals in the NBA and NHL (both leagues should be in Seattle soon) over and the Seahawks on chill mode before wrecking the NFL, it’s time to turn your attention to the MLB and MLS. Here in Seattle, we have two of the best venues to watch baseball and soccer. Safeco Field  is one of the most fan friendly stadiums in baseball and CenturyLink is by far the loudest and most rowdy venue in the MLS. It’s time to get out there and enjoy the teams and the stadiums you are lucky to have in Seattle. We all know it doesn’t take much to lose a team, so get out there and watch. The weather is getting nice, which means it time to get outside. What better way to do that than supporting the local squads?

Safeco has been called the diamond of baseball diamonds by hundreds of baseball writers. Ok, I made that up, but it is a really nice stadium. You don’t even have to watch every pitch. You can just head over to Club Safeco (aka the center field landing) or Edgar’s and get down on the booze and mingling. Sure, the Mariners aren’t killing it, but they are far from out of it. What better time to show up to games? All the fair weather fans will be out doing something else, which makes every food and beer line short. Want to throw some knuckleballs at the speed pitch? Do it! There is no one in line. It may seem hard to show up for a Mariners’ game, because they have out of touch executives and an owner who has never even been to a game, but let’s face it, you know you always have fun. So, stop worrying about them and start making yourself feel better with family, friends and baseball.

Now, the Sounders bring a lot more noise than the Mariners when it comes to fielding a high quality team. Eddie Johnson and the boys are a playoff team every year. This, of course, just fuels the fiery that fans bring during the match. Even if you don’t sit in The Brougham End, the rest of the crowd goes H.A.M. I feel like if you are just finding this out from me, you either hate soccer or are oblivious to the world. If it’s the first, I recommend going to a match. If you can seriously come out of watching the Sounders and didn’t have fun, you aren’t a fan of sports at all. You can be completely in the dark about the game of soccer and still have a tremendous amount of fun.

I think I am going to take my own advice and head to a couple games over the next week. Count me in for the Cubs coming to town on Friday to face the Mariners and D.C. United taking on the Sounders on Wednesday, July 3rd. I know there will be the first ever fireworks show at Safeco on Friday, might stick around for that. With the Sounders match, its a team they don’t play at home every year. It’s also the day before the 4th of July, so no work the next day. So, come on people get out there to watch and support your teams!

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What the M’s Sell at the Deadline This Year

Iwakuma Scared

Since the M’s won’t be doing any celebrating in October this year, the trade deadline becomes the last exciting thing for Mariners’ baseball as they continue on their non-playoff baseball ways.

When the Mariners are in this position, they have tended to be sellers on the market come the trade deadline, in an effort to try to get the young prospects to continue the rebuilding process. Normally, I would support this 100%. This is the first year where I want to see the Mariners stand pat.

Why you ask? I think the reason is simple – Jack is no longer managing the Mariners and their talent with the best interest of the team at heart. He is managing to try to save his neck, and with the call-up of Zunino and Franklin it just goes to show that he is willing to do anything to try to save the franchise at this point.

With that in mind, I don’t trust him to make the moves when shipping off someone like a Kendrys Morales or Hisashi Iwakuma, as I have lost faith in his ability to bring quality talent back.

These are the two guys where the Mariners should be getting some phone calls. Iwakuma is looking like one of the best pitchers in the AL this year, and he is signed for peanuts for the next couple of seasons. His contract is a bargain, and should help net higher upside prospects for a team looking to make a run. Morales on the other hand is only one a one year deal, a sort of rent-a-bat, but he hits for average and pop, which would be good for a contending team needing a stick.

Jack Z in my opinion is becoming a lame duck in office. I would rather see what a different GM might do with the pieces in place instead of dealing with one last blunder from Jack coming to this trade deadline. I don’t want to see another Fister trade. Nobody wants to see that again.

Jack – just stand pat. Please.

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Opening Day: Seattle at Oakland at Safeco?

Felix looks at jumbotronFelix looks at jumbotron

The headline seems a little confusing doesn’t it? Well, let me clear it up for you. Today is the first game of the 2013 Mariners baseball season. They are playing against the Athletics in Oakland at 7:05p to start the season (weird). The good news is the game will be played on the brand new giant 1080p HD video display above the center field bleachers.

The screen is 201.5 feet long and 56.7 feet tall. That is 2,182 42-inch television screens. You will be able to see pitch, hit, chew spit, cup adjustment, and blade of grass as clear as day.

There is free parking down by Safeco Field starting at 4:00p and doors open at 6:00p. Edgar’s Cantina and other concessions will be open. Oh hey! The fences were moved in! Homers galore!  It’s like a whole new Safeco and No Fair Weather Fans will be down there. Come down, have a few beers and talk some sports with us. BYOB to the conversations.

Edgars Cantina

The Contest

We will also are having a contest. Guess the number of games the Mariners will win this season. The tie-breaker is give us the total number of dongs they hit. The tie-breaker of the tie-breaker is to tell us tonight, in person at the game and you have an extra leg up. The prize will be a free pitcher of beer at your choice of any Seattle bar and you get to spit hot fire on our podcast.

Look forward to seeing you down there. Happy Felix Day!

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Being a Twitter Troll

Get Pwnd

Get Pwnd

Twitter is an amazing thing.  For the first time basically in history, you can chat with anyone who is on Twitter just by mentioning their name.  Now, they may not respond or even read it – but they do receive a notification that you, for all intensive purposes, tapped them on the shoulder.

A pretty common thing is for now “Joe Common Man” – in this case, Raphael @GrapesOfRaph here asking Arian Foster a question as to why he isn’t in the gym 24/7 when the season is over.  But of course Arian Foster would be in the gym at all moments of every day after the season is over, amirite?  I guess this is a valid question – but since the internet is intrinsically full of trolls, it’s phrased in a condescending parent tone.  As if Arian even owed this twat a response – he did respond by telling him that he takes a few months off of probably one of the most physically demanding sports in the world.

Of course this makes his day (which is sad in it’s own right) and then brags that Arian has responded to his stupid question and brags about the fact that he is up by 7:00am, like most productive humans are.  Raph, as I now will call him, is so excited about this response, he responds back to Arian.

This time, as if he knows he is paying attention – he switches to polite mode with an “understandable” and then goes on to say that he wasn’t sure when he did start and that he is a huge fan of his in Boston.  Of course, signed with #namaste.  I won’t go into the yoga hashtag at the end, but if our boy Raph here was really interested in his workout routine, he might have just asked that instead of that twat tone he used to illicit a reaction in the first place.

Then, my internet athlete hero Brandon McCarthy then steps in.  McCarthy is awesome because he regularly puts these douches on blast which unleashes the gates of internet troll hell on the moron who started it in the first place.  The best part is, it ends predictably as these usually do with the original offender backing down from internet scorn (probably not expecting anyone to reply, but when they do – all hell breaks loose).

You can read the rest of the convo, where my boy Raph here backpeadals with the “don’t they know what they get when they sign up for Twitter” (nice) and the “I remember when I took Twitter seriously”.  Raph – you did when Arian RT’d you.  You went as far as seriously bragging about it. (#leeeeggggoooooo)  To close it out, you weren’t just asking a question – you got what you wanted, and you got what you deserved.

I tweeted at Raph asking if he should be spending his time studying (according to his profile, he is a student at BC, graduation year of 2015) instead of tweeting.  He didn’t reply (I didn’t expect it).

Long story short – don’t troll for RT’s then back down.  It’s sad.

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#15 – NoFairWeatherFans Podcast (ALSO FLYNN’S NUMBER!!!11)

Robert Griffin Down

You all might have had New Years Day off – but not the guys at No Fair Weather Fans.  We “worked” by recording a Skype convo.  That would be a pretty sweet gig now, wouldn’t it?

  • 2012 In Review – the best moments, the worst moments & biggest suprises as told by us
  • Seattle Seahawks Playoff Preview – Washington Redskins.

As always, big ups to The Soundmen (@scottdsoundmen on the Twitter, ) for playing us in, and playing us out.

As usual, click to subscribe to the podcast with that fancy logo in the top right hand corner.  You can find us here on iTunes – and as always…


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2012 Year in Review – Best, Worst, Biggest Surprise

Brad -

Best Sports Moment of 2012 – I am an unabashed Mariners fan. If you go back and look at my posts, most of them are baseball related. Usually, they are in a negative tone, only because I want these guys to do something to support the biggest moment in 2012 for Seattle sports, and arguably one of the greatest individual performances by a Seattle sports athlete.

Felix Hernandez pitches a perfect game for the Seattle Mariners


It really seems to me that it was only a matter of time before Felix strung a game together where he would no-hit someone. He has come close several times, and when he is on – you just get this feeling that he could literally get every hitter to ground out to the shortstop. That would be a good strategy too, as Brendan Ryan really is only good at one thing.

Finally, Felix would get his game. To put the icing on the cake, he also didn’t walk anyone.

I caught wind of the perfect around the 6th inning. I am not one of those superstitious guys, so I didn’t put any stock that Dave Sims for the most part mentions no-no’s after the top of the first inning. I fired up the live stream and had it going on my second monitor at work.

If anything, I hope this isn’t the only time we see him #Felixing in a Seattle uniform. I want the moment in 2013 to be him pitching game 7 of the World Series, but one can only dream.

Worst Sports Moment in 2012 – For me, this isn’t any one moment during the course of the NFL season, but the absolute neutering of the game with regards to hits as a collection of just dumb, game-changing calls. Insane emphasis of inadvertent hits to QB’s heads, “defenseless players”, crackdowns on crack-back blocks are leaving defenses no choice but to either let offensive players go for additional yards, or make equally as dangerous hits on hips & knees.

Kam Chancellor lays the lumber to Vernon Davis

Helmet to helmet, launching, defenseless, whaaaa whaaa whaaaa

We all know what this is really about, and while it is an attempt to make the game safer for the brains that sit between the Seahawk and 49ers logos, it really is a CYA operation by the NFL to attempt to avert more law suits. Refs err on the side of guilt when it comes to bang-bang plays that happen in a fraction of a second. Even if you do it right, you get the flag. The only way the NFL validates that they may not have agreed with the call on the field is that they don’t send the check to the players locker on Tuesday. It’s a huge problem that needs to be addressed, but as long as Goodell is in charge, I don’t expect any change.

Biggest Surprise in 2012 – This one is easy for me, and that is how amazing the 2012 draft was for the Seahawks. Sure, Russell Wilson would be the biggest surprise in the draft in general I would think, but let’s look at the rest of these picks.

  1. Bruce Irvin at 15 – I will admit, this pick set me off in a fit of rage at the time. Only Seattle would pick a guy that nobody really had graded in the first round and then take him at 15. Of course, you hear later that other teams were going to take him late in the first, but it seemed like a reach. However, Irvin has had a fairly successful rookie campaign with 8 sacks in pretty limited use and playing time. He develops a few more moves and this guy is going to be lethal.
  2. Bobby Wagner at 47 – Lofa who? New rookie middle linebacker for Seattle should anchor this defense for years to come.
  3. Russell Wilson at 75 – This one is easy. When it is all said and done, he may be one of the most successful QB’s of this draft class which included RG3 and Andrew Luck.
  4. Robert Turbin at 106 – Legitimate backup to Beast – this guy is going to be good learning behind one of the best. He is also capable of catching the ball (kinda) and his versatility is nice.
  5. Jaye Howard 114 – Not sure what his story is. Never heard his name called.
  6. Kory Toomer at 154 – I think he got some PT in special teams. His name looks familiar, but that might be because he played for Idaho.
  7. Jeremy Lane at 172 – Lose a few CB’s from PED’s, injury, and don’t really lose a step. Contributed more than anyone could have imagined for a 6th rounder taken this year on an elite defense.
  8. JR Sweezy at 225 – Draft a DL, move him to OG, start on the line and for the most part beat out a second rounder from the year before. Only Carroll and Schneider can do this and not lose their jobs it seems like.
  9. Greg Scruggs at 232 – Got 2 sacks this year, played a little bit at DE. Not bad at all for Seattle’s Mr. Irrelevant.

6 guys from this draft made real contributions this year, as well as developing the core of this team for the foreseeable future. What a crazy good draft.

Best Sports Moment – I am not a guy who follows politics at all. Hell, I haven’t voted since ‘Nam, minus school levies. The Sonics’ arena brought me out for multiple town hall meetings and brought me to the point where I would actually vote. Granted, I would have just voted for whoever voted against passing the arena. Luckily for them, I didn’t have to vote for some random person and luckily for all of us, they passed the arena. With the Sonics gone, like lot of people, I lost a lot of the interest I once had in the NBA.

For information on the arena follow @sonicsarena or go to

For information on the arena follow @sonicsarena or go to

Chris Hansen and his crew of rich dudes put up the money and backed up the plan for the arena with hella facts. Every time those a-holes down at the port came up with some cockamamie bull honky excuse why we shouldn’t bring back Seattle’s most successful franchise, Hansen dropped fact bombs all over them. These fact bombs proved to be enough to get the politicians to pass the arena plan. Now, we have real hope of being back not only the Sonics, but an NHL teams. This brings me back to the worst of 2012.

Worst Sports Moment – The NHL lockout has comeback again! I don’t get why the owners and players can’t figure out a way to both be rich. The pettiness, over what seems to be a relatively small gap in differences, is killing the sport. I have grown to be a huge hockey fan. There is no other sport’s playoffs that are more exciting. Every shift, every trip down the ice and every shot taken can be the turning point in a game. These already loaded players and owners are blowing it for all hockey fans. Thanks a lot douches, you ruined my Monday through Fridays this fall.

Rich on rich crime

Rich on rich crime

Most Surprising Moment – Matt Flynn not starting was a complete shock to me. This is a guy who has averaged 450 yards and more than four TDs a game. How can Pete Carroll not march him out and get easy wins against the Cardinals and Rams instead of taking losses over crap squads? The Seahawks gave $26 million to Flynn (who is a fan of LTD in Ballard). Everyone knows money talks, just ask Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen. They guy making bank needs to starting. Well, it turns that isn’t how you com-PETE for the Seahawks.

This dude cakes just strapping up his hat and clipboard every week.

This dude cakes just strapping up his hat and clipboard every week.

In other words, I am completely surprise how well Russell Wilson played when his number was called. He wasn’t asked to put the team on his back, but he was asked to produce and he has done so more than I would have ever expected. Considering, in the first half of the season I said he was basically Tarvaris Jackson. At that point his stats said he was. Wilson turned it on in the second half of the season. He got a defense and run heavy team, that needed a decent contributed at QB, what they needed and more.

Winner Winner - Apple Dinner...?

Winner Winner – Apple Dinner…?

Ryan’s Best Sports Moment:  Two words – APPLE CUP.  There’s nothing better than a comeback win against a rival.  The way the Cougs tore up the 4th quarter on that fateful Saturday is just a preview of next year.  Not many teams can put up 18 points in ten minutes, but that’s exactly what Mike Leach’s offense is built for.

Putting all pride aside, I’d also like to thank Keith Price for his ”head bob” that cost UW a false start, and Travis Coons for his wide-right chip shot as time expired.

Also, it’s about time Mike Leach and his team got a win in a meaningful game…which brings me to my next point…

Ryan’s Worst Sports Moment: EVERY OTHER COUG GAME.  It seems every week of last season was a different kind of heart-break, but heart-break, nonetheless.

The Cougs did a lot of chasing this year...

The Cougs did a lot of chasing this year…

As the season started against BYU, hopes were high.  The Cougs got handled in a no-contest type of game.  After a few garbage wins against lesser teams, the Cougs gave up a 17 point lead in the 4th quarter to the Colorado Bufs.  That heart-break was a nauseating one.  A few weeks later (after a few more losses), the Cougs were rolled 49-6 by a mediocre (at best) Utah team.  That heart-break was an embarrassing one.  In fact, if you look at photos of Brad’s wedding (which took place on the same day), you’ll see how red my face was…maybe that was the beer - I’m not positive.  Then, finally the UCLA game.  At halftime, the score was 37-7 in favor of the Bruins.  It was looking eerily similar to the Utah game.  But the Cougs came all the way back, falling just short thanks to Halliday throwing a pick in the end zone.  That heart-break invoked tears.

However, as this was going on with my Cougars, a completely different feeling filled my body on Sundays…

Ryan’s Most Surprising Sports Moment: No, I’m not talking about the spirit of GOD, mostly because I usually don’t go to church during the football season (conflicting schedules).  This other feeling was elation, as the improbable rookie, Russell Wilson, lead the Seahawks to a playoff berth and an 11-win season.  As he was picked in the 3rd round, no one in the country thought Russell Wilson would start for Seattle this year, especially as the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a big-ish contract in the off-season.  It seems as though Flynn has found himself in yet another solid backup role.  The way Russell Wilson started the year, I figured Matt Flynn would be in by week 5.  But Pete Carroll stuck by Wilson, and it looks like it paid off.

Looking at those arms, I'm glad he's our QB...

Looking at those arms, I’m glad he’s our QB…

Wilson did have his struggles against Miami and San Francisco (the 1st time around), but he led the team to five wins in a row (and 7 of the last 8) at the end of the season.  He’s certainly been a pleasant surprise as he now fights for the honors of Rookie of the Year against RGIII.  Regardless of the Rookie of the Year outcome, Russell Wilson has cemented his QB spot with the Seahawks, and a place in the hearts of The 12th Man.

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Reacting to Raul – What’s The Plan?

Raul Ibanez in a Yankee's Hoodie

You won’t be wearing a hoodie like that around here anytime soon, Raul.

I want to preface this with – I am a Mariners fan, and Raul is a great person.  I hear he has a house in the area, and given that this will be his third stint with the team, it probably isn’t a bad idea to have a home around here.

Raul is 40 years old.  In baseball terms, he is basically Methuselah.  Yeah, I just went biblical on you, only because I think that is the only way to accurately describe his career, because I am sure it started with the Mariners at the time they finished up the Old Testament.  In a limited role with the Yankees last year, he was fairly decent – hit for some power with not many plate appearances. If he were plugged into the lineup as it was last year, he would have led the team in OPS over Michael Saunders and Kyle Seager.  Note, those were the only two guys on the team that were regulars that had an OPS over .700.

The only exception to this was John Jaso, who as a backup catcher hit for an OPS of over .800 with 10 HR’s in less PA’s – but hey, let’s give Olivo some AB’s to be a thousand times worse.

I guess, this is where my frustration is starting to come from.   Apparently, there is no real plan coming to shape.  Let’s look at John Jaso, based on the above.  You would think that a plan for Jaso to continue to play in a more expanded role with M’s would be the cards.   But it is not.  The M’s wanted to try to sign a few catchers this off-season.  Nothing really panned out, and they have been on a tear of getting 1B/DH/Nightmare OF types that seemingly have no position to really play here.  Not even this sick beard is getting him any respect.

John Jaso's Beard

Get that clutch beard outta here, John.

So, we add Ibanez to the pile of the guys who can kinda hit but are statues in the field.  I can’t get upset about Raul, but I can’t get excited either.  What’s the plan for him?  It certainly can’t be the outfield.  It certainly can’t be at 1B.  It might be DH, but then are you putting Montero behind the plate for good?  The M’s haven’t committed to that at all.  Is it then putting Kendrys at 1B, getting rid of Smoak (admitting he was a failure is going to be a hard one for Jack Z to swallow) and getting Raul designated hitter AB’s? You can’t put Ibanez in the outfield, because the M’s signed someone equally as bad if not worse to patrol the outfield potentially in Jason Bay.  Does Smoak even have value?  Montero might, but would Jack trade him?  Who knows?

And in all honestly – do any of those plans above, no matter how they pan out, want you to go out and sign up for season tickets? Do they make you want to pay for a renewal that went up as payroll has continued to basically go down?

The Mariners, pun intended, just seem rudderless,  kind of drifting, signing dudes that used to have ties here or are from around here that makes them slightly marketable to a fanbase that actually cares about crap like that. They are not overpaying, kind of standing pat, just making some moves for the sake of signing some guys that will get the uneducated fans excited about guys like Raul and Bay coming back.

So welcome, I guess, Raul – the shishkaberries are still good and nothing has changed out here besides left field. The Mariners made it smaller for you to patrol, so there’s that.

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Kendrys – Welcome to Seattle. Now, Dongers.

Kendry's Gives Fistrocks

Fistrock bro – here’s to hoping they are giving them to you.

Kendrys’ last hit of significance was taking the Mariners to task with a walk-off grand slam to sink the M’s to about 100 losses in 2010.  No surprise, Brandon League served up his standard platter and quickly showed Kendrys that super sweet back of the neck tattoo underneath that horrific rat tail.  You know, now that I am typing this, if there was an award for douche hair cuts, I might have given it to League.  It probably wouldn’t factor into his FIP, but whatever.

In retrospect, the 2010 season sucked.  Kendrys wasn’t missing out (with regards to his future team), as the M’s would get Casey Kotchman in a trade, sign Chone Figgins, ect – so this really was a move several years in the making.  If it wasn’t for the insanely hard home plate at the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s stadium, we wouldn’t be here today.  That freak ankle break sunk his value for us to flip everyone’s favorite Jamie Moyer clone, Jason Vargas just a few days ago.

From a pure financial perspective (because it matters to me how others spend their money) this is a slight win for the Mariners.  This still leaves the door open for Swish-dongs or at least some strikes from Roy Oswalt this coming year.  The M’s save a few million this year.  That’s nice!   I like it when Jack is thrifty and somewhat smart!

There are a lot of people out there that are not a fan of shipping Jason Vargas off to get another hitter.  Sure, Jason Vargas, to the naked eye – was the super gritty, crafty lefty that seemed to win more than he should given his skill-set.  I would say for the most part, that is true.  It helped he was playing half of his games in Safeco, which is like having home plate at Pier 57 by the “Great” Wheel and the outfield fence on Alki Drive. Vargas’ skill-set allowed him to throw up fat cuts of meat and dudes could pound it (sounds good) and the ever-pressing cold ass air here in Seattle would beat it down to within 15 feet of the shoreline in Alki.  Well, imagine Alki got moved in 15 feet.  Not only would Seattle look bigger to the residents of West Seattle, the once outs would now fall on the wrong side of the fence.  That’s bad!  Well, maybe moving in 15 feet would improve the view.  I can’t really comment on that.

The main reason I like this move is that sometimes you have to give up talent (that is skewed to look even better because of our park) to get some sort of talent in return.  As much as I would like our GM to fleece all of MLB and nobody ever catches on, the Angels had to make a move too.  They had some strengths, which basically are the exact opposites of the Mariners (hint, they can hit).  Let’s both get better!

Kendrys (I always want to type Kendry’s, but that would mean that Kendrys would be possessing whatever I write.  I haven’t seen too many dudes with an apparently plural name) was going to get squeezed out of playing time and coming up on free agency.  With no real home, the Rally Monkey decided he wouldn’t be contributing to many more rallies, especially when they end in him shattering his leg.  Of course, the Mariners saw value in that – so here comes a guy with 30 HR power.

Notice I haven’t typed much else about him with regards to his hitting?  That’s because all I want this guy to do is go yard.  Just hit bombs.  Swing out of your ass Kendrys.  We (royal) are moving in the fences, so no matter which side you stand on (as your cut works on both the left and ride side), you can hit a home run.  If anything, we should move in centerfield as well so you can go yard when you center bat.  Straddle that plate!

So with this, I welcome you to Seattle.  Hit the Hit it Here Cafe.  Hit it hard.  DONGERS.

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Talking Myself Off the Hamilton Ledge


News Clips of Josh Hamilton

“I wasn’t intentionally trolling you Seattle” – Josh

I consider myself a rational Mariners fan. I generally subscribe to the book of USS Mariner / Lookout Landing / FanGraphs, only because it is a quantifiable way to look at baseball players and extracting value in terms of dollars. Sure, the stats are a little unusual to the common fan, but when you take the time to read them and understand some (not all, it gets complex fast) of the stats they produce, you get a good look at a player’s relative worth.

Josh Hamilton, if you read those blogs, was pushing the rules of sabermetrics to the limit. His rate of actually making contact had gone down in the past year, and so far in fact – he swung and missed more than Miggy Olivo last year. That’s pretty appalling. Hamilton has a god-given talent of when he does hit the ball, he crushes it a thousand miles. That’s good! However, Hamilton is on the wrong side of 30 and is fairly injury prone, on top of known substance abuse problems. That’s bad! Hamilton possesses qualities that couldn’t quite be measured and that was the ability to get a fan base excited again. A Mariners fan base that doesn’t quite frankly care about the wOBA of a baseball player. They wanted Hamilton hardcore. They know dongs. Mariners fans want dongs. Like home runs and power. Not like literal dongs. That would be something else though, wouldn’t it?

In spite of all this, something else is tugging at me when it comes to Hamilton. To be 100% honest, I didn’t see the Mariners being the team that would sign him. Jack Z comes slightly from the church of stats and giving this guy a bunch of years at a lot of money probably wasn’t in the bag. I get that. What does tug at me though is that a division rival was able to sign him and add him to a lineup that is so insanely potent, on paper – I wonder how they will lose.

The Angels and the Rangers are willing to open up the pocket-book to win. The Mariners, sadly – are not and probably won’t ever be in that position. When they have, they have signed guys like Chone Figgins. Blech. This is frustrating as a fan of the Seattle Mariners. There is no buy in to actually invest in the team, or invest in the right way I suppose. They don’t make the moves that inspire confidence. Heck, even when they trade now (which seems to be the only way these so-called smaller market teams can compete, which is trade for 20 year olds and pray) the Mariners fan feels auto-fleeced. Doug Fister for nobody? Check. Cliff Lee for nobody? Check. Pineda for Montero? GOTCHA! Can’t lose them all!

I feel like I am destroying a horse that died in 1995 with a Louisville Slugger, but the M’s need to make this fan base believe again. Jason Bay doesn’t and won’t ever do that. If anything, it just reinforces that they think that they can sign reclamation projects that will benefit from a change of scenery. Tell me how that trade for Milton Bradley did. If you suck, playing 82 games in another part of the country isn’t going to make you magical again. It means you just suck in a colder part of the country.

Is going out and getting Swisher and getting Bourne going to change this offseason? The numbers guys might say yes – a little bit but this isn’t a big free agent market. Maybe swing a trade? Who knows. As my ability to be rational passes, it is time for the Mariners to just get emotional. I want another Richie Sexson / Adrian Beltre off-season. No, not those literal dudes, but that magnitude of at least trying.

Lead me to believe that going to Safeco is going to matter…not just this year, but in the future.

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Lucky Number 13 – NoFairWeatherFans Podcast

No radio show this week, so we brag about it *humblebrag but get back to our podcasting roots.  We have a few subjects to hit you with.  

  • UFC in Seattle – Nate Diaz vs. Henderson
  • Seattle Mariners Winter Meetings (or lack thereof)
  • Seattle Seahawks hammer the Arizona Cardinals

We also welcome NoFairWeatherFans contributor Ryan “RJ” Johne to the podcast for a regular appearance.

As always, big ups to The Soundmen (@scottdsoundmen on the Twitter, ) for playing us in, and playing us out.

As usual, click to subscribe to the podcast with that fancy logo in the top right hand corner, find us on iTunes – and as always…


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