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The Seattle Times Doesn’t Get It

The Seattle Times logo

“Old, Biased and Confused”

Ah, I had almost forgot how shortsighted and apparently starved for page views (disclaimer, this blog takes all page views!) the Seattle Times must be.

After a few editorials on the subject of the Sonics Arena, they were back at it again this weekend with a study funded by the opposition which, of course destroys the arena proposal with some shady numbers. These numbers of course hadn’t seen the light of day until they did some good old fashioned digging was done by some sleuths (note, not their own staff reporters, which I also think says something) that a grand total of NOBODY caught until they found them.

If you were to read this, you would think that the City Council, the King County Council and also the Mayor did absolutely no fact checking, or that a judge already threw out this case about the arena being I-91 compliant.

Of course, because Chris is an angel, he responded to these claims through his own website where he also gives a little bit of a lesson in finance.  Apparently, this has flown over the head of the Seattle Times.

So if anything, I guess the Times got the page views they wanted, but this is all I read.

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Hey Sacramento Fans, for real….

Chris Hanson with Deal with It Glasses On

In a story that I thought was going to take a turn for the dormant for the next few years, a quick blip hit the radar today as it was discovered through legal disclosure that Chris Hansen had made a contribution to a firm that represented opposition groups in Sacramento, gathering signatures to try to put their arena deal to a vote.

At first, I was a little surprised to hear that he would do that, considering Hansen has pretty much taken the high road (almost to a fault) during the entire ordeal that resulted in the NBA (read, David Stern) not allowing the move to happen in the first place.

Then, predictably, the vitriol from the people in the national media (well, mostly Deadspin) started to roll out.

Being a calm, somewhat rational being that hadn’t heard a peep from Seattle’s savior yet, I waited for his statement.  Lo and behold, he apologized.

Ever done something in the heat of the moment?  Have you ever had multi-million dollar land acquisitions planned for months along with a purchase and sale agreement with a $30 million dollar advance deposit to show your serious all of a sudden be jeopardized by the worst commissioner in professional sports?  While I know this blogs readership is pretty affluent, my guess – probably not.

So yeah, he plunked down some pennies to figure out what opposition was being mounted and the efforts that they were taking to block the arena, considering the fine folks of Sacramento, their mayor and David Stern had just done to him.  It was a small hedge to his giant bet on a system that is irrevocably broken.  He tried.  Deal with it.

Chances are, the effort in Sac to stop this is futile – and even if it did come to ballot, prove you want the team Sac-town.  Vote it in, and you get to watch years of DeMarcus Cousins instead of us.

Lastly, if anyone thinks that this is going to stop the Seattle NBA train from pulling into town and “how bad this makes Hansen look!!!!!!111″ – you are verifiably crazy.  This is a league where money talks, and the guy who somehow scared owners into being unanimous when they didn’t want to, is almost out of office.

I can’t wait for sports next best rivalry in a few years.  Seattle definitely has it out for NorCal.

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Heat Fans Got What They Deserved

A picture taken by shows all these fair weather fans leaving.

A picture taken by shows all the Heat fair weather fans leaving.

During the end of last night’s game between the Heat and Spurs, the thing I always wish for when fans leave early from a game happened. As fans poured out of American Airlines arena, the Miami Heat made an epic comeback to force overtime and eventually win the game. All the fans that made it outside the doors were not allowed back into the arena. This makes me want to go shake every single hand of that security team. I would have done anything to be there, just standing on the other side of the glass doors, pointing and laughing. Maybe, even take it a step further by poking them with a stick. I would be like a child in a zoo after hours, antagonizing the animals. I would actually feel bad for the animals in the zoo, but I don’t feel bad for the animals outside the glass of the arena.

I am sure those fans rationalized leaving early by saying they had long drives home and were beating traffic. To that I respond with, what the hell is another five to ten minutes when it is the last game you will see the Heat play for five months? By giving up faith in your team, you missed one of the greatest finishes in NBA Finals history. After you got halfway to your car, you realized what happened and you have the nerve to bang on the glass to get back into the arena. You should have kept walking to the car with your head hanging low and been filled with shame. Instead, you ran back to the arena only to be met with an old school hand to the face.

All the fans that weren’t allowed back in got exactly what the deserved. Even if you stayed to see the Heat lose, you could have applauded them for another great season. Getting to see LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen every day is something you should cherish, not walk out on. I hope LeBron leaves at the end of his contract, you don’t deserve him. You are not a true fan! You’re the worst kind of fan, a fair weather fan. You are the reason this site exists. Thanks for the material, losers.

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Time To Go Nuclear


Ok – so the relocation committee is going to recommend against the Hansen/Ballmer/Nordstrom (HBN) group moving the Kings upon them purchasing the team?

It’s now time for the good guy to become the bad guy.  If he wants to play the NBA way, I am going to lay out the steps below and possible outcomes from the chain of events.

  • Immediately raise purchase price of controlling interest of the Kings another $120 million dollars.
    • There are theories floating out there that while the HBN offer was more than Sacramento’s in terms of straight up dollars for dollars (then accounting for debts held by the Maloofs that needed to be paid back to the city or something to that effect brought the two offers to basically dead even), it’s now time for Steve Ballmer to open the checkbook again and make the offer basically too good for the Maloofs to refuse.  This would immediately make the offers not even in the same territory.  Other owners will see this and basically can’t refuse someone who wants to pay that much for a franchise. (Not even 100% of a franchise, I might add)
  • Drop the relocation bid, but keep purchase in play.
    • This sounds counter-intuitive, but it is time for some dirty poker.  Keep the land use permit application going, but change it to a large outdoor mall in the footprint of the purchased land.  Draw up the sketches and put them in the press.  It is going to take time to knock down these buildings anyways to clear room, so “work” can technically start.
  • Immediately draw up plans for a $600+ million dollar publicly funded arena in the Railyards location in Sacramento.
    • This is an immediate flash-bang (COD style) right in the middle of Sacramento.  The city is debating the location of the arena in their plan (still) and there are supporters for the downtown Sac site, as well as the railyards which has come up a few times.
    • The dollar amount immediately launches this into the “can’t or won’t” get done territory.  It doesn’t matter, HBN is going through the motions anyways and can recant all of the Sonics arena talk that they have had going so far.  The leaked OKC emails didn’t stop this from happening  so a flagrant website and movement for 2+ years can be easily forgotten in the eyes on the owners.
    • 100% publicly funded – that’s what the owners like, right?
  • Appeal to the state of California for this arena funding, and try to get a state tax to pay for the Sacramento arena.
    • This is such an insane non-starter, but it takes a page out of the Bennett playbook, who went to Olympia with Stern and wonder why they got shot down.  Plus, I am sure LA voters and SF voters would love paying for a stadium for an opposing team.  But hey, they are trying, right?
  • This plays into the first, but since larger investments were made in team acquisition, no private funds from HBN can be used.
    • HBN is already tied up in several real estate deals in the Pacific Northwest, and with the large purchase price of the team, this is the only way that they can stay competitive in the market is to get a publicly funded stadium only.
  • Immediately not honor any progress made by the former competing ownership group with regards to the Sacramento Downtown Arena
    • HBN wants to enter their own agreements, and “explore” other taxable revenue streams that they think are more sustainable than a parking tax.
      • This isn’t true, but it again puts the public at odds with regards to financing and tax revenues to be used.
  • Wait

I think the above is tenable for probably a year.  The Kings will be playing a known lame-duck season in Sactown (at least in the eyes of the fans, but HBN is “trying”) in which attendance drops, team support withers which makes all of the above that much harder to get anything done.  Soon, HBN won’t be able to run their franchise the way they would like and relocation will have to be done to save the franchise.

If you haven’t noticed, this blueprint was used in Seattle in 2008.  Is it fair?  No.  Does Sacramento take it in the ass? Yeah.  Does Seattle/HBN do what they said they wouldn’t?  Yes.

Pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?

Stern, if your meddling is going to block this move, approve expansion.  Now.  Your legacy means so much to you, this is how you save it.

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LeBron is a Better Player Than Jordan

LeBron has become the best player in the last 40 years.

LeBron has become the best player in the last 40 years.

People have been debating more and more who is a better player between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. The defining differences people always bring up are the championships and the willingness to take a shot at the end of a close game. Neither of these define whether a player is better than another. Otherwise we would be saying Robert “Big Shot Bob” Horry is better than both of them. He has as many championships as both of them combined and was always willing to drain a dagger three.

Another factor people forget comes into play is the fact that the popularity of the NBA grew leaps and bounds with Jordan. He was marketed like no other by all kinds of companies, such as, Nike and Gatorade. People were told through advertising that Michael Jordan was the greatest player of all time. LeBron hasn’t gotten the same advertising. There is a really good chance the popularity of Jordan will never be passed by Lebron. Again though, this doesn’t make him a better player.

Let’s start to break down why Lebron James is a superior basketball player to Michael Jordan. A lot of people like to bash LeBron having to go to the Miami Heat to be part of a super team to win a championship. This is just the way the league is now. Free Agency is way more of a factor nowadays than it was in Jordan’s era. Jordan didn’t exactly carry his teams to championships like people think. The year before Jordan retired for the first time, the Chicago Bulls went 57-25 and won the NBA Championship over the Phoenix Suns in six games. The year he was retired the Bulls went 55-27 and were one game away from the Eastern Conference Finals. Looking at LeBron with the Cleveland Cavaliers, his final season they were 61-21 and made it to the second round of the playoffs with their second best player being Mo Williams, not, top 50 Player of All-Time, Scottie Pippen. The next year the Cavs went 19-63, 18 games out of a playoff spot and 43 games out of their division lead. This just shows how much more talent LeBron has over Jordan. LeBron clearly has a bigger impact on the court as a player.

This picture made me smile.

This picture made me smile.

In overall stats LeBron has the upper-hand over Jordan, as well. I will say Jordan is a better scorer, but that is about all he has on LeBron. Jordan averaged 2.5 more points per 36 minutes than LeBron has. When it comes to assists and rebounds, LeBrons averages more than an assist per 36 minutes more and a half rebound more a game. LeBron has also been a better three-point shooter than Jordan over his career. Even being on a “super team”, LeBron is averaging more points, assists, rebounds, steals and has a better field goal percentage than any other player on the team. He is also has a better three-point shooting percentage than anyone on the team, a team that includes the best three-point shooter in NBA history, Ray Allen. I am pretty sure, Jordan never did that.

LeBron is just now coming into the prime of his career. His stats are only going to get better. Face it folks, we are witnessing the best basketball player since Oscar Robinson (LeBron vs. Oscar is a debate for another day). You can dislike LeBron because of “The Decision” , but you can’t argue how good he is. Move aside Jordan, LeBron is a better overall player than you.

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#18 – No Fair Weather Fans Podcast – Pro Bowl Alternates, the NFWF Bhoys

Hasselbeck in the Pro BowlAt first there was 2, and then there was 3.  We had a slight scare on the podcast during this recording, as RJ was signed into Skype, but not answering the call.  He was also mysteriously ignoring his cell phone.  Turns out, his Android phone died (surprise, surprise) and he was afraid to hit the “join call” button.  Alas, he did and was immediately caught up in the fun that was the No Fair Weather Fans podcast.

The hard-hitting subjects this week were -

  • NFL Pro Bowl and the Hawks that are in it
  • The Saga that is the Sacramento Kings Sale
  • The return of the National Hockey League
  • Then RJ gets on the podcast

Hopefully after all those hard-hitting subjects you aren’t battered to sports death with all the knowledge bombs.  My guess, probably not – but hey!

As always, big ups to The Soundmen (@scottdsoundmen on the Twitter, ) for playing us in, and playing us out.

As usual, click to subscribe to the podcast with that fancy logo in the top right hand corner.  You can find us here on iTunes – and as always…


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Not So Fast, Seattle. They’re Still the Sacramento Kings.

Apparetly this King's fan has had enough...

Apparently this King’s fan has had enough…

The past few weeks have been exhausting if you’re a fan of the former Seattle Supersonics.  Rumors started floating around that the Maloof family was looking to sell the team.  Then came rumors of the Hansen Group getting involved.  Now, The Maloofs and the Hansen Group have a signed sale of the Sacramento Kings, which would give Hansen the power to move the team.  Are you excited yet?

Not so fast, my friend.  At least that’s what Kevin Johnson, former NBA player and current Sacramento Mayor, is telling the city of Seattle.

Over the past few years, Sacramento has found a way to keep their only professional sports team.  In 2011, Johnson bought the city time to work out a deal with the Maloofs for a new stadium.  However, that fell through as Maloofs did not think the deal was a good financial deal for the team.

Now, with the Maloofs selling, Johnson is gathering a large group of investors in an effort to pool enough money to keep the Kings in Sacramento.  He says he has 20 people who have pledged at least $1 million each.  That includes billionaire, Mark Mastrov, founder of 24-hour Fitness.

The Hansen Group and Maloofs have submitted a purchase agreement to the NBA Board of Governors.  But until the sale is approved, the Maloofs can still receive other offers.  Johnson intends to submit just that before the relocation deadline of March 1st.

This is where things get interesting.  Johnson has proven on many occasions that he is capable of saving the Kings from certain “death” (by relocation).  If he continues gathering funds as he has, the future of the Kings may not be in Seattle.

The Maloofs only selling 65 percent of the franchise, meaning they will collect $340 million (of the $525 million that the team is worth to the Hansen Group).  That means Johnson must come up with at least that in order to put up a fight against Hansen.  Mastrov is almost capable of doing that himself.

Here’s the point.  Yes – the Maloofs have agreed to sell to the Hansen Group.  That’s a huge step in the right direction.  But, DON’T GET YOUR HOPES UP, Seattle.  There is still a lot of time before this deal is made official.

Johnson added this in an address to the city of Sacramento.  He said, “Seattle had some of the best fans in the NBA…Incredible fans. And when they lost their team a couple years ago, it was devastating to me, because those fans fought like crazy and rallied and they cheered on the home team. And I strongly believe they deserve an NBA team at some point. Just not ours.”

I applaud your efforts, KJ, I really do.  But I really hope they’re all for naught.

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2012 Year in Review – Best, Worst, Biggest Surprise

Brad -

Best Sports Moment of 2012 – I am an unabashed Mariners fan. If you go back and look at my posts, most of them are baseball related. Usually, they are in a negative tone, only because I want these guys to do something to support the biggest moment in 2012 for Seattle sports, and arguably one of the greatest individual performances by a Seattle sports athlete.

Felix Hernandez pitches a perfect game for the Seattle Mariners


It really seems to me that it was only a matter of time before Felix strung a game together where he would no-hit someone. He has come close several times, and when he is on – you just get this feeling that he could literally get every hitter to ground out to the shortstop. That would be a good strategy too, as Brendan Ryan really is only good at one thing.

Finally, Felix would get his game. To put the icing on the cake, he also didn’t walk anyone.

I caught wind of the perfect around the 6th inning. I am not one of those superstitious guys, so I didn’t put any stock that Dave Sims for the most part mentions no-no’s after the top of the first inning. I fired up the live stream and had it going on my second monitor at work.

If anything, I hope this isn’t the only time we see him #Felixing in a Seattle uniform. I want the moment in 2013 to be him pitching game 7 of the World Series, but one can only dream.

Worst Sports Moment in 2012 – For me, this isn’t any one moment during the course of the NFL season, but the absolute neutering of the game with regards to hits as a collection of just dumb, game-changing calls. Insane emphasis of inadvertent hits to QB’s heads, “defenseless players”, crackdowns on crack-back blocks are leaving defenses no choice but to either let offensive players go for additional yards, or make equally as dangerous hits on hips & knees.

Kam Chancellor lays the lumber to Vernon Davis

Helmet to helmet, launching, defenseless, whaaaa whaaa whaaaa

We all know what this is really about, and while it is an attempt to make the game safer for the brains that sit between the Seahawk and 49ers logos, it really is a CYA operation by the NFL to attempt to avert more law suits. Refs err on the side of guilt when it comes to bang-bang plays that happen in a fraction of a second. Even if you do it right, you get the flag. The only way the NFL validates that they may not have agreed with the call on the field is that they don’t send the check to the players locker on Tuesday. It’s a huge problem that needs to be addressed, but as long as Goodell is in charge, I don’t expect any change.

Biggest Surprise in 2012 – This one is easy for me, and that is how amazing the 2012 draft was for the Seahawks. Sure, Russell Wilson would be the biggest surprise in the draft in general I would think, but let’s look at the rest of these picks.

  1. Bruce Irvin at 15 – I will admit, this pick set me off in a fit of rage at the time. Only Seattle would pick a guy that nobody really had graded in the first round and then take him at 15. Of course, you hear later that other teams were going to take him late in the first, but it seemed like a reach. However, Irvin has had a fairly successful rookie campaign with 8 sacks in pretty limited use and playing time. He develops a few more moves and this guy is going to be lethal.
  2. Bobby Wagner at 47 – Lofa who? New rookie middle linebacker for Seattle should anchor this defense for years to come.
  3. Russell Wilson at 75 – This one is easy. When it is all said and done, he may be one of the most successful QB’s of this draft class which included RG3 and Andrew Luck.
  4. Robert Turbin at 106 – Legitimate backup to Beast – this guy is going to be good learning behind one of the best. He is also capable of catching the ball (kinda) and his versatility is nice.
  5. Jaye Howard 114 – Not sure what his story is. Never heard his name called.
  6. Kory Toomer at 154 – I think he got some PT in special teams. His name looks familiar, but that might be because he played for Idaho.
  7. Jeremy Lane at 172 – Lose a few CB’s from PED’s, injury, and don’t really lose a step. Contributed more than anyone could have imagined for a 6th rounder taken this year on an elite defense.
  8. JR Sweezy at 225 – Draft a DL, move him to OG, start on the line and for the most part beat out a second rounder from the year before. Only Carroll and Schneider can do this and not lose their jobs it seems like.
  9. Greg Scruggs at 232 – Got 2 sacks this year, played a little bit at DE. Not bad at all for Seattle’s Mr. Irrelevant.

6 guys from this draft made real contributions this year, as well as developing the core of this team for the foreseeable future. What a crazy good draft.

Best Sports Moment – I am not a guy who follows politics at all. Hell, I haven’t voted since ‘Nam, minus school levies. The Sonics’ arena brought me out for multiple town hall meetings and brought me to the point where I would actually vote. Granted, I would have just voted for whoever voted against passing the arena. Luckily for them, I didn’t have to vote for some random person and luckily for all of us, they passed the arena. With the Sonics gone, like lot of people, I lost a lot of the interest I once had in the NBA.

For information on the arena follow @sonicsarena or go to

For information on the arena follow @sonicsarena or go to

Chris Hansen and his crew of rich dudes put up the money and backed up the plan for the arena with hella facts. Every time those a-holes down at the port came up with some cockamamie bull honky excuse why we shouldn’t bring back Seattle’s most successful franchise, Hansen dropped fact bombs all over them. These fact bombs proved to be enough to get the politicians to pass the arena plan. Now, we have real hope of being back not only the Sonics, but an NHL teams. This brings me back to the worst of 2012.

Worst Sports Moment – The NHL lockout has comeback again! I don’t get why the owners and players can’t figure out a way to both be rich. The pettiness, over what seems to be a relatively small gap in differences, is killing the sport. I have grown to be a huge hockey fan. There is no other sport’s playoffs that are more exciting. Every shift, every trip down the ice and every shot taken can be the turning point in a game. These already loaded players and owners are blowing it for all hockey fans. Thanks a lot douches, you ruined my Monday through Fridays this fall.

Rich on rich crime

Rich on rich crime

Most Surprising Moment – Matt Flynn not starting was a complete shock to me. This is a guy who has averaged 450 yards and more than four TDs a game. How can Pete Carroll not march him out and get easy wins against the Cardinals and Rams instead of taking losses over crap squads? The Seahawks gave $26 million to Flynn (who is a fan of LTD in Ballard). Everyone knows money talks, just ask Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen. They guy making bank needs to starting. Well, it turns that isn’t how you com-PETE for the Seahawks.

This dude cakes just strapping up his hat and clipboard every week.

This dude cakes just strapping up his hat and clipboard every week.

In other words, I am completely surprise how well Russell Wilson played when his number was called. He wasn’t asked to put the team on his back, but he was asked to produce and he has done so more than I would have ever expected. Considering, in the first half of the season I said he was basically Tarvaris Jackson. At that point his stats said he was. Wilson turned it on in the second half of the season. He got a defense and run heavy team, that needed a decent contributed at QB, what they needed and more.

Winner Winner - Apple Dinner...?

Winner Winner – Apple Dinner…?

Ryan’s Best Sports Moment:  Two words – APPLE CUP.  There’s nothing better than a comeback win against a rival.  The way the Cougs tore up the 4th quarter on that fateful Saturday is just a preview of next year.  Not many teams can put up 18 points in ten minutes, but that’s exactly what Mike Leach’s offense is built for.

Putting all pride aside, I’d also like to thank Keith Price for his ”head bob” that cost UW a false start, and Travis Coons for his wide-right chip shot as time expired.

Also, it’s about time Mike Leach and his team got a win in a meaningful game…which brings me to my next point…

Ryan’s Worst Sports Moment: EVERY OTHER COUG GAME.  It seems every week of last season was a different kind of heart-break, but heart-break, nonetheless.

The Cougs did a lot of chasing this year...

The Cougs did a lot of chasing this year…

As the season started against BYU, hopes were high.  The Cougs got handled in a no-contest type of game.  After a few garbage wins against lesser teams, the Cougs gave up a 17 point lead in the 4th quarter to the Colorado Bufs.  That heart-break was a nauseating one.  A few weeks later (after a few more losses), the Cougs were rolled 49-6 by a mediocre (at best) Utah team.  That heart-break was an embarrassing one.  In fact, if you look at photos of Brad’s wedding (which took place on the same day), you’ll see how red my face was…maybe that was the beer - I’m not positive.  Then, finally the UCLA game.  At halftime, the score was 37-7 in favor of the Bruins.  It was looking eerily similar to the Utah game.  But the Cougs came all the way back, falling just short thanks to Halliday throwing a pick in the end zone.  That heart-break invoked tears.

However, as this was going on with my Cougars, a completely different feeling filled my body on Sundays…

Ryan’s Most Surprising Sports Moment: No, I’m not talking about the spirit of GOD, mostly because I usually don’t go to church during the football season (conflicting schedules).  This other feeling was elation, as the improbable rookie, Russell Wilson, lead the Seahawks to a playoff berth and an 11-win season.  As he was picked in the 3rd round, no one in the country thought Russell Wilson would start for Seattle this year, especially as the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a big-ish contract in the off-season.  It seems as though Flynn has found himself in yet another solid backup role.  The way Russell Wilson started the year, I figured Matt Flynn would be in by week 5.  But Pete Carroll stuck by Wilson, and it looks like it paid off.

Looking at those arms, I'm glad he's our QB...

Looking at those arms, I’m glad he’s our QB…

Wilson did have his struggles against Miami and San Francisco (the 1st time around), but he led the team to five wins in a row (and 7 of the last 8) at the end of the season.  He’s certainly been a pleasant surprise as he now fights for the honors of Rookie of the Year against RGIII.  Regardless of the Rookie of the Year outcome, Russell Wilson has cemented his QB spot with the Seahawks, and a place in the hearts of The 12th Man.

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New Orleans is going from the Hornets to the Pelicans?

This is true mascot of New Orleans!

This is true mascot of New Orleans!

I know there are some weird named teams in the NBA. Lakers in Los Angeles, Jazz in Utah and the Kings of Sacramento. You don’t think the Kings is weird? Have you been to the capital of California? No one would want to be king of that place. If you’ve been there, you know what I am talking about. The latest name/mascot for an NBA team is throwing me for a loop. According to many reports, the New Orleans Hornets are changing their name to the Pelicans. Unlike the previous named teams, at least they are getting their own identity, instead of keeping a name clearly linked to the city the team used to play in. The Pelicans is a terrible name choice, too.

I have never seen a pelican in NOLA, although I was a hot mess when I was visiting and there was plenty of other interesting things to look at. Doesn’t a pelican seems very lame for a mascot? I guess technically, it’s a bird of prey, but how much fear does a pelican conjure? Just Google on Bing “cartoon pelican” and tell me what you see (here, I did it for you). Every one of the pelicans looks pretty dopey and clueless.

Walking around the streets (more often just one street, Bourbon), I saw one particular creature floating around. This majestic creature was a Jester, which is also the mascot I believe New Orleans should give their basketball team. Everyone loved them and they always were in the middle of a good time. When you think of a jester, you think of entertainment. Unlike the pelican, which is kind of a creepy bird that provides very little entertainment. When we were in NOLA everyone who spent anytime with a jester lost most of their inhibitions, were at a loss of a words and constantly had the urge to dance. Who wouldn’t want their basketball team associated with this much fun?

So, let’s cut all the crap. The city of New Orleans isn’t thought of for having giant fish-eating birds, it is thought of a place to kick off your shoes and take off your shirt. Don’t try to church it up, Joe Dirt style, just stick to what you are good at. America loves you for you, embrace it. Make your team colors neon green and purple and throw “Jesters” on the front of them. Hell, you can even call them “Skinny Jesters”, at least it has fewer calories and would be a good way to raise public awareness toward health.

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Gregg Popovich: YOU MAD

We can all pretty much agree that the between quarter or halftime interviews of any sporting event are the most pointless and least informational interviews in sports. Gregg Popovich takes these interviews to another level. He constantly tries to make the interviewer feel like they are, as Alan Garner would put it, a ratard. I will be the first to say this makes me laugh every time, even though it is straight up rude. Stan Van Gundy was a notorious offender of doing the same thing and is one of the reasons I want him to be the Future Sonics head coach. Popovich goes out of his way to come across as a jerk. Van Gundy, on the other hand, was just angry at David Stern and was rebelling against the fact Stern made him do the interviews.

My guess is that Pop has noticed that no matter how dominant his team has been for the last the last 16 plus years have gone unnoticed for the most part. People tend to forget about the unflashy and fundamental team from the great (sarcasm) city of San Antonio. This, I believe, has started to eat at the great (no sarcasm) coach. Pop and his team haven’t been noticed for the great achievements they have had.

Just look at the winning the Spurs have done under his reign as coach, it’s crazy good. They have a .681 regular season win percentage and a .605 winning percentage in the playoffs. Oh! There is also those four championships. All this isn’t really talked about nationwide and general sports fans tend to just overlook these accomplishments. This, I have concluded, has made Pop take it out on the media. I mean, they are the ones that are supposed to be feeding us the info.

Check out this video and see how “happy” Gregg Popovich is during the Spurs game from this past Thursday. Pop Interview

I think we have all come to the same conclusion, people are on that Lakers and Heat jumpoff and now……

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