About Brad

I have always wanted to dunk.

I considered getting those strength shoes, you know, the ones that look like New Balance walking shoes for the 50+ crowd with platforms in the front to get that extra 14 inches I would need to slap the backboard.

It turns out, the highest I have ever jumped was when Edgar Martinez in the 1995 ALDS ripped a double down the left field line to send Ken Griffey, Jr all the way home from first to win it all. I think I probably could have swatted Shawn Kemp coming strong to the hole that day.

Being a Seattle sports fan, I have also endured Stan Gelbaugh, Mouhamed Sene and Ervin Johnson (the center) and more failed high round draft picks than most could remember.

I never got the strength shoes, and now I take my athletic prowess & smarts to the internets with this blog with my sports knowledge equal (some would argue he has a slight edge) Ben Kelley.

So sit back, and let’s all reminisce about the 1917 Stanley Cup Champions, shall we?

Go Metropolitans.

2 thoughts on “About Brad

  1. Cris Lorenzen says:

    I didnt just read a Stan Gelbaugh reference did I??

  2. DJBreon says:

    Keep the Kings in Sacramento!!! signed, your FAVORITE of all Fair Weather Fan :-)

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