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NCAA Punishments for Violations Need Change

Chip and Pete

There have recently been reports of both Auburn University and the University of Oregon having major violations with their football teams.  This allows us to revisit the punishment of vacated wins and scholarships being lost for sports programs, due to that being the most likely disciplinary action that will be taken with these schools. Both vacated wins and loss of scholarships  are the most ridiculous punishments possible. Vacating wins doesn’t do anything, but put an asterisk next to a season in the record books. Let’s take the 2005 National Championship Game for example. USC beat the crap out of Oklahoma 55-19. Now, technically no one won that game. The problem is we all remember that game. To say no one won that game is crazy. Vacated wins does nothing except take a trophy out of a case. All the players, coaches, fans and media know who won.

As for loss of scholarship, all this does is hurt a bunch of kids who had nothing to do with any of the violations. It also creates a trickle down effect that affects a few kids at the bottom of the scholarship offers pool, not the kids that have the talent to play at a Oregon or Auburn. It affects kids who probably wouldn’t even have a chance to play at the large school receiving sanctions. Let’s take a look at that USC example again.

USC lost ten scholarships per year for three years for the violations of the 2004-2005 season. That is ten kids that could have played at the top program in the country. Now, they have to go to elsewhere. That takes ten spots from ten other schools at the same level or just a step down from USC, for example: Texas, Oklahoma, Florida State and others.

Those ten spots continue to trickle down and take roster spots for kids who would have ended up at schools like Memphis, UAB, and Central Michigan.  This effect will work its way down to the Montanas and Portland States of the world. Moving through all teams, regardless of division, that can offer a full football scholarship.

There is a finite amount of scholarships that can be offered throughout college football. There are under 7,000 scholarships to the 225 FBS and FCS schools and there are over one million high school football players trying to earn that potential financial aid for education. You take ten scholarships away you aren’t taking them from the Andrew Luck and RGIII’s of the world, players of that caliber will receive a scholarship no matter what. This type of punishment is taking a scholarship from the kid who starred at a 2A high school and was going to go to Portland State. His spot was filled by the falling talent that got bumped off the better team and fell to the next best team.

The NCAA says they are punishing the school, but realistically they are punishing future kids. Even with the bowl bans, they are just taking away opportunity for kids that had nothing to do with the violations. If a kid cheated on a test in his first period class, you wouldn’t take it out on the second period class. You need to punish the one responsible. Make players pay back scholarships. Fine coaches, even if they have already left the school. Make the school pay back money. The schools and coaches are the ones who made the millions off the success of the team, not the student-athletes.

The easiest way to deal with these situations is to fine the school large amounts. Let them play in bowls still, but don’t let them collect the bowl money. Take their cut and spread it out to other schools in their conference or across the country. This doesn’t take away kids’ educations and opportunity to have the same fortunes as other football players. The fine will also take away the pointless vacating wins thing (which by the way, they should vacate losses too). It will also be determined by how much the school benefited financially off those wins. Money is the main reason these violations happen. Attacking the deep pockets of these programs would definitely get the attention of those in charge.

Start taking away the money and change will happen.

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#19 – No Fair Weather Fans Podcast – Super Bowl, Golf, Hockey and Recuits

The subject line tells you all you need to know about what this is about. However, there are some good stories in here about golf tournaments in Arizona, hockey games and how to cut ever person in a line without getting caught. Do you like both your arms? Good advice given on how to keep them.


-Super Bowl

-Phoenix Open

-Start of the Hockey Season

-NCAA Football Signing Day

Do you have a business or know a business that needs a plug? We apparently love doing it for free.


Feel a little lost from our video references?

Here are the videos referenced in this Podcast:

Mike Leach Speech

Lax Bros

Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf Music Video

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Tim Brown: YOU MAD

Jerry Rice and Tim Brown

As most of you have heard Tim Brown accused Bill Callahan of purposely blowing Super Bowl 38 this week. Not sure how well you can count (I took to the calculator to figure it out), but that is 10 Super Bowls/years ago. Brown claims he has brought this up multiple times over the years, however no one has heard about it until now. This time he has his boy Jerry Rice backing him. Now, if this was Tecmo Super Bowl for my NES, I would be totally respecting these dudes. In 1991 these guys were in their prime and I was 10 years old. I would have been stoked to meet Tim Brown and Jerry Rice, then. Now, I just think they are a couple of guys who are bitter old men. I’m sure I will be in their boat one day, granted they will be in Davy Jones’ locker by the time I get to their bitter level.

I like how Tim points out that Callahan “threw” the Super Bowl by changing the game plan two days before the Super Bowl. C’mon Tim Dogg! You know Al Davis was making the calls around that organization, this wasn’t your first rodeo, cowboy. You had played with the Raiders for 16 years at that point. You seriously played for the same team the entire time I was in school. You knew what was going on around those parts. I am going to let Jerry Rice slide a little, he was 41 and had played in the league for 19 years. I am sure he had mush brains by that point.

Tim, you really think Bill Callahan was going to throw away the potential of tacking on millions of extra dollars on top of what he would make as a coach in the NFL? You think the competitor in him would really throw away a chance to be on top of the sport he loves? You really think Callahan would throw away a legacy for his boy John “Chucky” Gruden? It was Callahan’s first year coaching. He wouldn’t do that.

Let’s face facts here, Timmy. This time of year is a little rough on you. I mean, you never got to hold up that Vince Lombardi Trophy. That eats at you doesn’t it. It time for to just admit…


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#18 – No Fair Weather Fans Podcast – Pro Bowl Alternates, the NFWF Bhoys

Hasselbeck in the Pro BowlAt first there was 2, and then there was 3.  We had a slight scare on the podcast during this recording, as RJ was signed into Skype, but not answering the call.  He was also mysteriously ignoring his cell phone.  Turns out, his Android phone died (surprise, surprise) and he was afraid to hit the “join call” button.  Alas, he did and was immediately caught up in the fun that was the No Fair Weather Fans podcast.

The hard-hitting subjects this week were -

  • NFL Pro Bowl and the Hawks that are in it
  • The Saga that is the Sacramento Kings Sale
  • The return of the National Hockey League
  • Then RJ gets on the podcast

Hopefully after all those hard-hitting subjects you aren’t battered to sports death with all the knowledge bombs.  My guess, probably not – but hey!

As always, big ups to The Soundmen (@scottdsoundmen on the Twitter, facebook.com/TheSoundmen ) for playing us in, and playing us out.

As usual, click to subscribe to the podcast with that fancy logo in the top right hand corner.  You can find us here on iTunes – and as always…


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A Catch or Not a Catch, That is the Question

Struggle in the end zone during the Seattle Green Bay Game

We award the rouge to Edmonton! – photo courtesy of Jon Lok, Seattle Times

It all came down to one play last night in Seattle for the Seahawks and the Packers. Golden Tate came down with the game-winning touchdown pass, that is according to the referees. Packers fans will swear that M.D. Jennings had the interception. The play has created quite a controversy across the nation. Both players had hands on the ball and replays don’t really show anything definitive or do they? The NFL rule states that simultaneous catch always goes to the receiver, but was this a simultaneous catch? That is the question and the guys here at No Fair Weather Fans weigh in with their opinions of the catch, the referees and the game.

Ben Kelley

First, let me say I am glad the Seahawks got the win. I am going to completely ignore the blatant offensive pass interference, that happens on every Hail Mary on both teams. I want to actually analyze the catch. There are a few angles that look like a simultaneous catch. There is an angle that looks like it’s from the near front pylon. You can see Golden Tate’s right arm comes off the ball. Jennings maintains two hands on the ball the entire time. You can’t ignore the fact that Tate got two hands on the ball at the same time, but he doesn’t maintain two hands on it. The other point of view I have heard is Tate, had two feet down and two hands on the ball before Jennings. If you were to ask me to make a call one way or the other and I had to pick one, I would have to say interception.

The game shouldn’t have even come down to a last throw. That play shouldn’t have happened. There was a pass interference call on Kam Chancellor on Green Bay’s go-ahead drive that shouldn’t have been called. The call extended a Packers drive that should have been stalled, getting Green Bay a field goal at best. Not to mention Aaron Rogers coming up short of a third down later that drive and the call being overturned to give the Packers a first down. They were sending in the field goal unit before Mike McCarthy challenged the call. Seattle could have been kicking a game winning field goal in a 9-7 game instead of throwing to the endzone in a 12-7 game.

Seattle got bailed out earlier a couple of times, as well. There was a roughing the passer call that reversed an interception thrown by Russell Wilson. The pass interference call against the Packers on a long pass to Sidney Rice on 1st and 30 was more offensive PI than defensive. There was a no call on a PI by Charles Woodson on Evan Moore on the last drive, as well. Needless to say, this was a poorly officiated game all around.

Last thing, M.D. Jennings will never try to make an interception on a Hail Mary, again. Just knock it down, dude. Go Hawks!

Brad Dobbs

After having some time to cool down on this a little bit, I don’t think this is even about a touchdown, a game “taken away” from Green Bay or Golden Tate’s inability to remember that he pushed off before he “caught” the ball.

This is the catalyst that the national media needed to elevate the discussions about the refs to a point where it just makes Goodell and team look like they don’t care about the product that they are putting on the field.  Plain and simple.

The image of one ref holding up a touchdown and the other signaling touchback is the image that will be the rally cry of coaches, players and fans to get the NFL to the table and negotiating for real.  Many times, there are symbolic events that happen that in themselves are the catalyst for larger things, like Mr. Ed Hochuli getting a pension plan for his Sunday’s work on top of being a lawyer.

In the end, I am not going to argue a judgment call made by these guys, just like I wouldn’t if these were “real” refs.

The angles I saw, I think Golden’s left arm was inside the play, between the ball and the chest of the defender.  He also came down first with two feet, and the defender landed on him.  In my opinion, M.D. Jennings won a jumping contest.  However, I can see it going the exact other way depending on which replay you saw on ESPN.

Like I said in the beginning though, this is what the national media needed to point a giant middle finger at Goodell.  Will he listen?  History says, probably not.

Ryan Johne

Frankly, I’m sad that the spotlight is on the officiating and not somewhere else.  In the first half, the Seattle defense had EIGHT sacks and only allowed 82 yards of offense against the best Quarterback on the planet.  Doesn’t that deserve more than a footnote?

The spotlight could also be on this year’s tame Green Bay offense.  The Packers average 19 points per game this year.  They averaged 35 points per game during the regular season last year, while their personnel hasn’t changed much.  Isn’t that worth discussing?

However, the entire nation is killing Roger Goodell with his fake referees, and petitioning that Green Bay be awarded the win.

Sure, it was a bad call.  We all saw two referees standing over the pile giving differing signals…but there were a myriad of bad calls – some for Seattle, some for Green Bay.  That being said, bad calls are part of the game.  Super Bowl XL had a number of terrible calls (with “real” referees), but Seattle was forced to swallow that bowling ball of a loss.

Seattle fans should not be apologizing, just as Pittsburgh fans should not apologize (as if they were going to, anyway) for Super Bowl XL.  Instead, the NFL needs to decide if they want a product that possesses integrity, or a product that emulates a circus.  Given last night’s game, as well as the entire 3rd week of this young season, they’re dangerously close to the latter.

Skip Bayless called this play “the worst robbery in Seattle since the Sonics moved to OKC.”  Although funny (and somewhat bitter), I think the Sporting Gods are finally smiling on Seattle.  This was no robbery.  Seattle put themselves in a position to win at the end with superb defense and just enough offense to make it happen.  It’s too bad it happened like that, but a win is a win.

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