Dial It Down

For real

For real

While the 12′s were having a collective freakout about the result of last night’s Seahawks road VICTORY in St. Louis, I decided to do a little digging.  I thought to myself, when was the last time the Hawks beat the crap out of the Rams in St. Louis?  The thing is, I always thought it had been a tough place to play for Seattle.  My short-term (which gets foggier with each Halloween that goes by) was that St. Louis was a place that the Hawks never really have played well.

So after some Bing searches (get those Rewards) – I was astonished.  My short-term memory wasn’t failing me.  The Seahawks as we know them have never dismantled St. Louis at home.  The biggest blowout I could find was a victory in St. Louis in 2011 where Seattle won, 24-7.

But if you click that link, the game was hardly a destruction of the Rams.  A 4-6 Seattle team beat a 2-8 Rams team, where Seattle had 100 yards in penalties to negate their 100 or so yards of advantage they had in total offense (which was under 300 yards in total mind you).

Tavaris lit up the planet with a 14-24 performance for almost 150 yards, a TD and two picks.  Seattle just won the ground game, which was enough to subdue a pretty terrible offense of the Rams at the time.

Seattle as a team is better than that 2011 team who was the first team to qualify for the playoffs with a sub .500 record.  St. Louis is better than a team that in that particular year, wouldn’t win a game the rest of the season.  So given those similar trajectories, tonight’s result shouldn’t be that crazy to believe.

The wild card here was Kellen Clemens, who by all measurable means is terrible.  His days at Oregon are behind him, and he backs up a mediocre at best Sam Bradford.  On that same coin, the Hawks offensive line is completely decimated.  Let’s call a spade a spade, Seattle’s offensive line was not up to the task.

So what do all these things make?  A close game!

Seattle won a road game everyone.  Seattle advances to 7-1.  This was best said by Ian Furness on KJR, via Twitter.

A win is a win.  Take it, move on.

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One thought on “Dial It Down

  1. Charged Hawkings says:

    Do you think we should have attempted to run the ball more than we did? Beast mode had very few opportunities last night.

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