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#26 No Fair Weather Fans Podcast – NFL Trade Deadline, The 12′s and Fantasy Genie

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 8.57.36 PM

All these topics fuel the fire of rants. Why is there even a trade deadline in the NFL, it is clearly the most boring trade deadline in sports. Seattle fans rarely apply rational thought toward their beloved Seahawks. Why is your fantasy team bad? It’s really simple and the Fantasy Genie tells you why.

  • Jared Allen was on the Seahawks radar.
  • The Seahawks are 8-1? You wouldn’t know listening to fans.
  • Simple ways to fix your fantasy team.

The Soundmen make our intro, and your ratings and love help make this podcast available to the masses.  Give it a rating (5 stars!) and a sweet review (much love).  You can find them at TheSoundmenMusic.com or follow both of them on Twitter @scottsoundmen and @JamisonSoundMen.

We are bringing the fire, so get your click and get your download on.

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Sounders’ Fans – Be The Right Club, Today

They brought Dempsey here and will bring whoever else they want.

They brought Dempsey here and will bring whoever else they want.

Some people may doubt the fans of a team being able to influence a player’s choice on where they want to play. Well, Sounders fans pulled a little Hal Sutton action. You don’t know what that is? Well, Sutton has a very famous quote from his final hole of the 2000 Players Championship. On Saturday, June 8th, Seattle Sounders fans were the right club. They weren’t the putter that closed out the win, but they were the wedge that was knocked it stiff, 10 feet from the hole.

On that day the Sounders were playing their rival the Vancouver Whitecaps at Century Link Field. A crowd of 53,679 was in the stands that day and even more were in the bars around the stadium. During the game, as many people have heard, Clint Dempsey was walking around near the stadium. He saw the passion and atmosphere that only that only the fans of Seattle can create. Deuce saw something that he couldn’t in any other city in America. The bars were standing room only for a soccer game. A game in a football stadium that was almost filled to the brim, as well. He got to see what it was like from a fans perspective. He got to witness it from a players perspective, three days later, when United States Men’s National Team beat Panama on the same field. The attendance of that game was 40,847, which is seventh all time for a home FIFA World Cup Qualifier.

What player wouldn’t want to play in a stadium with that many fans? The Sounders are number one in MLS attendance with 40,520 per match. The second best team is the Los Angeles Galaxy at 21,764. That is a difference of 18,756, which is greater than 10 of the other 18 teams average attendance per game. You could double 15 of those 18 teams attendance and not reach what Seattle brings every game. Sure, dominating the U.S. in attendance doesn’t seem that hard, because soccer isn’t close to the top sport in this country. Well, Seattle would have ranked seventh and eighth the last two seasons in the English Premier league. More fans go to a Sounders match than go to Yankees games, in fact only three Major League Baseball teams out draw Seattle (Dodgers, Cardinals and Giants). NBA and NHL arenas would burst at the seams trying to hold Sounders’ fans.

On that day when Clint Dempsey was in town, Sounders fans you were the right club. You influenced one of the best soccer players in America to come to your city. Sure, Adrian Hanauer was the putter that dropped the putt to seal the victory, but it was you the fans that made that putt extremely easy. No one should ever doubt the power Seattle fans have with bringing players here.

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Heat Fans Got What They Deserved

A picture taken by Local10.com shows all these fair weather fans leaving.

A picture taken by Local10.com shows all the Heat fair weather fans leaving.

During the end of last night’s game between the Heat and Spurs, the thing I always wish for when fans leave early from a game happened. As fans poured out of American Airlines arena, the Miami Heat made an epic comeback to force overtime and eventually win the game. All the fans that made it outside the doors were not allowed back into the arena. This makes me want to go shake every single hand of that security team. I would have done anything to be there, just standing on the other side of the glass doors, pointing and laughing. Maybe, even take it a step further by poking them with a stick. I would be like a child in a zoo after hours, antagonizing the animals. I would actually feel bad for the animals in the zoo, but I don’t feel bad for the animals outside the glass of the arena.

I am sure those fans rationalized leaving early by saying they had long drives home and were beating traffic. To that I respond with, what the hell is another five to ten minutes when it is the last game you will see the Heat play for five months? By giving up faith in your team, you missed one of the greatest finishes in NBA Finals history. After you got halfway to your car, you realized what happened and you have the nerve to bang on the glass to get back into the arena. You should have kept walking to the car with your head hanging low and been filled with shame. Instead, you ran back to the arena only to be met with an old school hand to the face.

All the fans that weren’t allowed back in got exactly what the deserved. Even if you stayed to see the Heat lose, you could have applauded them for another great season. Getting to see LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and Ray Allen every day is something you should cherish, not walk out on. I hope LeBron leaves at the end of his contract, you don’t deserve him. You are not a true fan! You’re the worst kind of fan, a fair weather fan. You are the reason this site exists. Thanks for the material, losers.

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Goodbye Letter to Canucks’ Fans

This is what makes sports fun!

This is what makes sports fun!

Dear Vancouver Fans,

As some of you may know, I am a pretty big Sharks fan. With the Sharks coming fresh off a first round sweep of the Vancouver Canucks, I am feeling pretty good. Living in the greater Seattle area, I come across a lot of Canucks fans. This has generated a good amount of friendly rivalries with people I know and a bunch I don’t know. Whether it’s watching the games between the two teams here on TV or watching them live in Vancouver, I can always find a Canucks’ fan close by. Let’s all be honest, nothing is better in sports than some good ol’ fashion trash talking between fans. Not the trash talking that escalates into someone getting in a fight, but the kind where you drink beers together despite one team getting swept out of the playoffs. I have never come across a mean Canadian (except on Xbox Live, but who isn’t a total dick on there?). So, getting together with Canucks fans is always a good time, especially when the Sharks are beating the crap out of them.

This year’s series was pretty much the opposite of the last time these teams met in the postseason. That time, I am sure most Canucks’ fans remember well, was an “everything is going Vancouver’s way” type of series. What made it even worse for us Sharks fans, was it was in the Western Conference Finals. Every bounce, call and save went Vancouver’s way. This year it was time for the karma train to pull into the San Jose station. With a late goal in game two and two overtime victories, you couldn’t feel better as a Sharks’ fan and worse as Canucks’ fan. I have to admit, that makes me smile.

I have to admit, I will miss the beers and the constant back and forth of that I have shared with Canuck’s fans this year. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed San Jose advancing, but there is a part of me that wishes it was at another teams expense. Now, you might as well root for the Sharks. I mean, it could be worse, Calgary, Edmonton, Chicago or Detroit didn’t sweep you. Needless to say, it’s been fun. Good luck next season, I know the Sharks will be waiting in the playoffs for you again.

When I sat down to write you this letter, I was going to just have it filled with nothing but trash talk. The truth is, rivalries make sports fun and I enjoyed another season hitting the bars, texting you after the Canucks lost and teaming up to make Red Wings fans feel terrible. I’m looking forward to doing it again next season. Make sure you head down to San Jose to get a look at the Stanley Cup sometime soon.


The guy who likes the better team:

Ben Kelley

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Irrational Zags Fans: YOU MAD

Zag meme

I heard a lot of chatter from the irrational Gonzaga fans before the NCAA tournament that Mike Hart and the #1 ranked Bulldogs were going to have no problem running through The Big Dance. There was the non-stop “Mike Hart has so much hustle!” or the “Long hair don’t care, Kelly Olynyk can’t be stopped!” Saying a guy has a lot of hustle without mentioning any other part of his game is the same as saying an ugly person is nice (trust me I know, I am really nice). Good players don’t get mentioned with the word hustle, because it goes without saying. All of this, of course, was based on the Zags wrecking the WCC. I know, I know, the WCC is terrible but Gonzaga fans were serious with the WCC talk. I am not even going to get back into how terrible that conference was.

The wheels almost came off in the first game against Southern. As RJ stated in the previous post, that game didn’t have any affect on the next game, which is true. It was merely just a sign of what was to come. Southern exposed Gonzaga for what they were, which is a below the rim team who relied too much on jumpers. That works fine against the crappy WCC, but it doesn’t work against the best teams in the nation. Wichita State put the nails in the coffin on a familiar sight for Gonzaga, putting the Bulldogs out in the Round of 32.

Now that we have seen Gonzaga go do the same ol’, same ol’ in the tourney, all you irrational Zag fans can zip it up with all the “we deserve to be #1″ talk, forever. Gonzaga is a very successful program and what has happened in Spokane fan should be proud of. However, they are only the best of the second tier. Your blind fandom as irrational fans makes for a great atmosphere in The Kennel, but makes it impossible to tell you about the flaws of your team. No matter how many times you were told your team lacks depth, back-court size, they hadn’t played a decent team in almost three months, or the lack of athleticism, you wouldn’t listen to the rational folks of the world. Maybe, you will start to listen after another bad showing on the big boys’ stage.

Irrational Zag fan you have once again been humbled by the poor play of your team against tournament teams. I have used my “Jump to Conclusions” mat to notice that your lack of Facebook, Twitter, texts and other social media mean…


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Brian Urlacher: YOU MAD

During the Chicago Bears blowing their chance at a NFC Norris Division title against the Packers on Sunday, Bears’ fans gave the team a piece of their mind. A storm of boos were directed at the team for the performance they put forth. Brian Urlacher objected to this behavior and called out the fans. According to Urlacher, fans are basically dumb and have no idea what happens in a football game. In a game that was pretty close the whole time, the fans seemingly got the impression the Bears were crapping the bed and booed the team multiple times. It must have been unclear to Urlacher what the fans were booing, because it seems he thinks everything is going swell in Chi-town.

Let’s be real here, Brian. Your squad was 7-1 at one point and in firm control of a playoff spot or even a first round bye. Now, look at you guys. Your team has lost five of six and has not only fallen out of a playoff spot, but all the way to third in the division. What do you expect from the fans? You may think they don’t know what they are talking about, but it doesn’t take a genius to see you guys are a dumpster fire right now. Three of those five losses were at home, giving your fans the pleasure watching your team blow it in person.

This is ‘Merica (read with a southern accent)! You really think fans are going to cheer for the Bears when they keep coming up empty week after week at home? This isn’t soccer, where fans cheer for a good effort. This is the culture of the game you play. Instead of getting on the fans for letting you know you’re blowing it, why don’t you guys go out and get some wins. Last time I checked, fans like wins. They will probably cheer for you when pick some of those up.

Fans respond to what happens on the field of play, they aren’t liars. So, if what they are telling you is that you suck, then you suck. It boils down to this Urlacher….


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Philadelphia Eagles Fans: YOU MAD

There is a ton of chatter about getting Andy Reid the hell out of Philly. To me, it is kind of crazy to turn on a guy so fast. Just a quick recap of Reid’s coaching career before this season: 13 years (all with the Eagles), 126-81-1 in the regular season, seven division championships, one NFC Championship and only two losing seasons. Most fans would kill for those type of seasons. Don’t believe me? Go ask a Browns, Jaguars, Bills or a Dolphins fan. That person will gladly take the Eagles’ success.

This is a case of expectations being too high for a team who has legit problems at offensive line. A lot of times people forget how important the offensive line is. The Eagles have suffered multiple injuries to their original starting o-line, not to mention injuries to a couple of the backups. Philly fans, what can you realistically expect from a bunch of backup linemen? I get the Eagles have weapons on offense; Michael Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, but all their success is dependent on the offensive line being successful. McCoy can only break so many tackles in the backfield. Vick is under more pressure than any other quarterback in the league, yet you, Philly fans, expect him to be a top five quarterback.

Wanting to fire a coach who has produced your most successful years as a franchise, should get a little more love. Cut him some slack he is working with second tier players at the most important positions on the field. You fans are quick to turn on a man who has been very loyal to you and coached through personal tragedies. Most of you would take a lot of time off of work for the same situation.

Injuries are big part of the NFL, they can cripple a team. They have crippled your team, not the guy running your squad. At the end of the day, Andy Reid has an influence on the players, but he isn’t the one out their playing. Reid is calling the plays, you don’t get mad at him for missing the block, you get mad at the player that missed it. Bottom line is Philly fans….

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Rant Week: Things From A Game

Clearly, you are too embarrased to come to the game. Might as well not show up.

I recently attended a football game and there were quite a few observations that really pissed me off. I am curious if these things also irritate you, the fan, as well. These fall on the fan, players and announcers. Let me get this started.

300 Section Fan:

It never fails, every time I sit up in the 300 level (aka nose-bleeds) there is a guy screaming at the top of his lungs at an individual player. I can personally five-star guarantee the player can not hear you. Well, unless it is the second half of a Coug game against Oklahoma State and Kendall Hunter has rushed for almost 300 yards and four touchdowns in the first half. The stadium might be empty enough in the second half to reach the ears of the athlete. When the a stadium like Century Link Field is full, no one on the field can make out what you’re saying. This act just seems like such a waste of energy and voice. Save your voice for yelling when your squad is on defense. You are literally making yourself a worse fan by wrecking your voice before the fourth quarter when the defense needs you the most. All of you pointless yellers are welcome for the advice.

Booing Referees:

I may have touched on this in the past, but it still makes my blood boil (Do people still say that?). As a fan you can’t boo a referee for calling a blatant false start or pass interference on your team. Your tight end is three yards down field! Do you really think it is a bad call? No, you can’t think that, unless you are a complete moron, which I am not ruling out. Have some integrity as a fan. Only boo when it is actually a bad call, it may actually influence a referee some day, especially if we as fans can all get on the same page. Let’s unite and influence referees make the right calls.

The Played Out Celebration:

Being original with a celebration on the field is becoming a lost art. The unzipping motion to say you are Superman is played out. The feeding yourself motion is played out. Whatever happened the classic celebrations like the taser jiggle? I know the days of Sharpies in the sock and Chad Johnson proposing to cheerleaders are gone, but there are still great ways to celebrate. Terrell Owens going to the star in Dallas and Emmitt Smith doing it too is legendary. Even something simple like Jared Allen doing the lasso is original. There are great celebrations all over the league just ask Rocky Bernard, Victor Cruz or Stevie Johnson. Step it up players! We expect more.

Game Isn’t Over:

When your team is down 10 points with four minutes left and you are heading for the exits, you have become a horrible fan. This also goes for the announcer that deems the game as over. The first thing that goes through my head is I hope there is an epic comeback. I hope you are listening on your car radio and hear the awesomeness you are missing live, even though, later you will claim you were at that game and leave out the part of leaving early. Own up to the fact you left early, like Rich Roberge admitting to leaving at halftime of the Oklahoma-Boise State thriller. As for the announcer that said the game was over before this epic comeback, you better admit to being wrong. However, the announcers rarely say they were wrong. They just go with the cliche “its never over until its over” and “anything can happen, if you let your guard down.” I know these comebacks are rare, but it always worth sitting around for 15 mins just in case. That traffic is going to be there no matter what. Hold on to hope. That’s what a real fan does.

Think about these things next time you are at a game, any game. That’s all I ask.

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The Best Sports Jersey You Can Get

The Dobbs Jersey

Aww yeah

I have never been a fan really of most custom jerseys, especially ones with players last names on the back.  Players leave.  The days of a guy playing for the same team for an entire career are basically over.  So the moment you get that sweet Kenji Johjima t-shirt jersey, the guy is “quitting” and taking his game back to Japan.  It isn’t like you aren’t going to wear your new investment, so it is invariably worn to games where you just look like a clueless fan.

The next levels are the people who get custom jerseys, but put sayings on the back such as “Ocho Drunko” with .08 as the jersey number, or “FAN #12″ Seahawks jerseys.  Thank you for signifying that you are a fan, and I am sure the police thank you for basically calling out the fact you are probably publicly intoxicated.

Now tolerable are the jerseys that are your own personal last name.  I really don’t have that big of a problem with those, but I don’t like when that name is paired with a famous number within the organization.  I am sorry, but “Longfeller” #24 Mariners jerseys don’t work.  That’s Ken Griffey Jr’s number.  Don’t wear it.

I can also hang with the jerseys that don’t have last names on them at all, so they can never be dated.  Yankees pinstripes and Red Sox home jerseys really are the only jerseys I can think of off the top of my head in professional sports that don’t have the last name on the back.

Then there is the perfect storm – the time when your namesake plays on your favorite team.  When this perfect storm happens, you have a timeless combination.  Yes, it is your name.  Yes, it was a player.  Yes, it is an obscure number that virtually no Mariner has worn since.

So long story short, this post is about my Greg Dobbs jersey.  I haven’t pulled the trigger on a Phillies version or a Marlins version.  But hey, he is still in the league!  Now I just need a Dobbs to play again for the Mariners.

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