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#26 No Fair Weather Fans Podcast – NFL Trade Deadline, The 12′s and Fantasy Genie

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All these topics fuel the fire of rants. Why is there even a trade deadline in the NFL, it is clearly the most boring trade deadline in sports. Seattle fans rarely apply rational thought toward their beloved Seahawks. Why is your fantasy team bad? It’s really simple and the Fantasy Genie tells you why.

  • Jared Allen was on the Seahawks radar.
  • The Seahawks are 8-1? You wouldn’t know listening to fans.
  • Simple ways to fix your fantasy team.

The Soundmen make our intro, and your ratings and love help make this podcast available to the masses.  Give it a rating (5 stars!) and a sweet review (much love).  You can find them at TheSoundmenMusic.com or follow both of them on Twitter @scottsoundmen and @JamisonSoundMen.

We are bringing the fire, so get your click and get your download on.

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Fantasy Football – Fantasy Genie Gets His Grades & More Picks

Fantasy Week 2

Last week, I became a fantasy expert. This self-appointed title has inspired me to start granting the Twitter Universe their wishes of fantasy help. Many people throw out a “Who should I start?” question to the corporate fantasy experts and I am there to give them the advice they are seeking, because we all know those corporate dudes don’t have the time to respond. Well, guess what? I do. If you have some questions yourself, you can tweet at me @BenKelleyNFWF with the #FantasyGenie.

Now, with any genie you run the risk of genie granting your wish with a negative consequence. We have all seen Bedazzled (granted Elizabeth Hurley didn’t come out of a lamp, but she still granted wishes). I am more along the lines of Kazaam, coming out of a boombox to save your fantasy week. Don’t get me wrong we can end up down the Aladdin path with a few adventures along the way, but in the end it will be you free from missing the playoffs.

My positive and negative players from Week 1 need to be evaluated. I can’t just talk about the good picks and ignore the misses. Here are the grades:

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Fantasy Football – My Gut Tells Me

Fantasy Week 1.jpg

Recently, I became a fantasy football expert. How, you ask? Quite simply, just self appointed myself an expert. I generally feel this is the route most fantasy experts go to get the title of expert. Now that we have a fantasy expert here at No Fair Weather Fans, everyone should come here to get their fantasy info.

The important thing to remember is that you should always go with your own gut instincts when it comes to picking your starters or sitting your scrubs. We all have those moments when our gut doesn’t know what to do. Don’t you worry, I have plenty of gut. This means I have plenty of gut feelings. If you can’t make a decision on who to start or sit, you can come to my belly for EXPERT advice.

Here are some of my gut feelings for Week 1:


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