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The Dance Bracket Pool

The Dance

I am sure most of you have heard of The Dance, formally The Bigger Dance, on KJR 950. If you haven’t, it is an NCAA basketball style bracket with the most relevant and beautiful women in the world. We have have started a pool.

Feel free to join the No Fair Weather Fans pool and see how you stack up against the readers of our blog. The prize for first, as always, is a pitcher of beer at any Seattle bar on us and a spot on the podcast (if you plan on winning, you better download Skype). Plus, you can win even better prizes through KJR. The tournament starts at 8:50 am on Thursday, April 18th. So fill out your brackets before then.

No Fair Weather Fans Pool

Pool #: 657

Password: nfwf

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#22 No Fair Weather Fans Podcast – NCAA Tourney, Mariners and More

fgcu meme

All these upsets are making this tournament fun! Relax, everyone’s brackets are wrecked. Dunk U. (FGCU) has won everyone’s heart, not Hart. Mike Hart and the Zags are out, much to the pleasure of Ben. The Mariners made a few moves and we are torn on whether they are good or not. Watch out of all the innuendos!

Other topics touched on:

- Hansen swoops another 7% on the Kings.

- Heat streak is stopped at 27.

- USA soccer win in the snow and “win” a point in Mexico.


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Irrational Zags Fans: YOU MAD

Zag meme

I heard a lot of chatter from the irrational Gonzaga fans before the NCAA tournament that Mike Hart and the #1 ranked Bulldogs were going to have no problem running through The Big Dance. There was the non-stop “Mike Hart has so much hustle!” or the “Long hair don’t care, Kelly Olynyk can’t be stopped!” Saying a guy has a lot of hustle without mentioning any other part of his game is the same as saying an ugly person is nice (trust me I know, I am really nice). Good players don’t get mentioned with the word hustle, because it goes without saying. All of this, of course, was based on the Zags wrecking the WCC. I know, I know, the WCC is terrible but Gonzaga fans were serious with the WCC talk. I am not even going to get back into how terrible that conference was.

The wheels almost came off in the first game against Southern. As RJ stated in the previous post, that game didn’t have any affect on the next game, which is true. It was merely just a sign of what was to come. Southern exposed Gonzaga for what they were, which is a below the rim team who relied too much on jumpers. That works fine against the crappy WCC, but it doesn’t work against the best teams in the nation. Wichita State put the nails in the coffin on a familiar sight for Gonzaga, putting the Bulldogs out in the Round of 32.

Now that we have seen Gonzaga go do the same ol’, same ol’ in the tourney, all you irrational Zag fans can zip it up with all the “we deserve to be #1″ talk, forever. Gonzaga is a very successful program and what has happened in Spokane fan should be proud of. However, they are only the best of the second tier. Your blind fandom as irrational fans makes for a great atmosphere in The Kennel, but makes it impossible to tell you about the flaws of your team. No matter how many times you were told your team lacks depth, back-court size, they hadn’t played a decent team in almost three months, or the lack of athleticism, you wouldn’t listen to the rational folks of the world. Maybe, you will start to listen after another bad showing on the big boys’ stage.

Irrational Zag fan you have once again been humbled by the poor play of your team against tournament teams. I have used my “Jump to Conclusions” mat to notice that your lack of Facebook, Twitter, texts and other social media mean…


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Keep the Maui & Great Alaska Shootout, Dump the Rest

Empty Seats cheered for the Huskies Loss

An electric atmosphere at Mohegan Sun

Opening season tournaments are great ways for schedule challenged teams, like Washington, to get out on the road and face some top competition. This gives them hope to build their own personal resumes, as well as, the conference’s.

For Washington – and this is very apparent having watched Washington hoops over the past decade, is that they are a team who feeds off the crowd. They are a very, very tough home team – and the Huskies have traditionally used their crowd to start to build winning streaks and take down others in the PAC-12 who are national powers.

Give last years preseason tournament in MSG, and this year’s tournament at Mohegan Sun (seriously? A casino/WNBA arena?), these are tournaments that are harder for the Husky faithful to follow them and give them the energy that they need.

Against Ohio State earlier today, I think there might have been 15 people at the game, even counting the benches and coaches for both teams on the court. This is pathetic. At least with the tournament at MSG last year, Seattleites would want to go to NYC. NYC is cool. Rural Connecticut probably sucks. I haven’t been there, but looking at the Google Map, I can’t imagine anyone would want to go there besides gamblers. I also tried looking at a Bing Map, and I came to the same conclusion. Norwich hasn’t been a cracking place since 1789.

Going to the east coast also has never done the Huskies any favors. Any time any team from Seattle travels to the east coast, they might as well throw up the L and get back on the charter plane. At least that way, they don’t have an opportunity for that dreaded jet lag. They get more charter plane goodies, such as movies and snacks, for an entire day.

I don’t think winning these games on the east coast does anything for the vaunted “West Coast Bias” that we all know and love in our forested corner of the country. If anything, it hurts the Huskies more to just go there and lose.

These tournaments in Maui and Alaska do draw east coast teams. This is the chance to beat them. Make THEM fly! Plus, it is just easier for guys like me to jump on an Alaska Air direct flight and actually see some of these games and fill these arenas. It is just crazy how empty these arenas are for west coast teams. Unless it is UCLA or Arizona, there is no way you are getting some random from Norwalk off the craps table to go see a game. However, most west coasters would get off their ass to see a decent east coast team beat the tar out of someone like Chaminade or U of Alaska – Anchorage (note, not U of Alaska – Fairbanks, based on this hype video, I would never want to play them in any sport. It’s the BULLS THEME SONG and Kenny Loggins. Note to self, never go to the Carlson Center.)

So Woodward, if you are reading this – let’s keep the Dawgs on the west coast for now.

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