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I Got You Keith

Keith Price and Brad Dobbs chill after spring game

This entire article is an excuse for me to use this photo.

I swear, I think everyone’s favorite player is the backup quarterback.

The thing about team sports, is that in the game of football, the Quarterback gets all the credit, all the good, and almost all of the bad as well.

However, I do subscribe to the NabNoPa (best NCAA ’10 coach to ever live) rule of thought, “If you aren’t good enough to play, you don’t deserve to be on the field.” Is Cyler Miles good enough to play? I would say yes, he is in the program, but he isn’t good enough to start now. Otherwise he would have won the starting job in camp. This is Keith’s team – so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

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#20 No Fair Weather Fans Podcast – PERCY HARVIN TIME

Percy Harvin

Is there really much else to talk about?  The Hawks pulled a big time trade yesterday and brought in one of the most electric offensive players in the game today.  Did they give up too much?  Is he injury prone?  Does this limit the Hawks in other ways?

In this episode, Ben and Brad from NoFairWeatherFans.com discuss, and also bring in special analyst RJ to close it out on this nearly power hour.

Other topics discussed are:

  • Sonics open season ticket sign ups on SonicsArena.com
  • NHL Expansion & Chatter
  • Pac-12 Tournament Time

So in the true spirit of a power hour, pick up your 18 pack, a shot glass – take a hit every minute and enjoy this sports broadcast.

You can find us on iTunes, and as always – you can


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#15 – NoFairWeatherFans Podcast (ALSO FLYNN’S NUMBER!!!11)

Robert Griffin Down

You all might have had New Years Day off – but not the guys at No Fair Weather Fans.  We “worked” by recording a Skype convo.  That would be a pretty sweet gig now, wouldn’t it?

  • 2012 In Review – the best moments, the worst moments & biggest suprises as told by us
  • Seattle Seahawks Playoff Preview – Washington Redskins.

As always, big ups to The Soundmen (@scottdsoundmen on the Twitter, facebook.com/TheSoundmen ) for playing us in, and playing us out.

As usual, click to subscribe to the podcast with that fancy logo in the top right hand corner.  You can find us here on iTunes – and as always…


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2012 Year in Review – Best, Worst, Biggest Surprise

Brad -

Best Sports Moment of 2012 – I am an unabashed Mariners fan. If you go back and look at my posts, most of them are baseball related. Usually, they are in a negative tone, only because I want these guys to do something to support the biggest moment in 2012 for Seattle sports, and arguably one of the greatest individual performances by a Seattle sports athlete.

Felix Hernandez pitches a perfect game for the Seattle Mariners


It really seems to me that it was only a matter of time before Felix strung a game together where he would no-hit someone. He has come close several times, and when he is on – you just get this feeling that he could literally get every hitter to ground out to the shortstop. That would be a good strategy too, as Brendan Ryan really is only good at one thing.

Finally, Felix would get his game. To put the icing on the cake, he also didn’t walk anyone.

I caught wind of the perfect around the 6th inning. I am not one of those superstitious guys, so I didn’t put any stock that Dave Sims for the most part mentions no-no’s after the top of the first inning. I fired up the live stream and had it going on my second monitor at work.

If anything, I hope this isn’t the only time we see him #Felixing in a Seattle uniform. I want the moment in 2013 to be him pitching game 7 of the World Series, but one can only dream.

Worst Sports Moment in 2012 – For me, this isn’t any one moment during the course of the NFL season, but the absolute neutering of the game with regards to hits as a collection of just dumb, game-changing calls. Insane emphasis of inadvertent hits to QB’s heads, “defenseless players”, crackdowns on crack-back blocks are leaving defenses no choice but to either let offensive players go for additional yards, or make equally as dangerous hits on hips & knees.

Kam Chancellor lays the lumber to Vernon Davis

Helmet to helmet, launching, defenseless, whaaaa whaaa whaaaa

We all know what this is really about, and while it is an attempt to make the game safer for the brains that sit between the Seahawk and 49ers logos, it really is a CYA operation by the NFL to attempt to avert more law suits. Refs err on the side of guilt when it comes to bang-bang plays that happen in a fraction of a second. Even if you do it right, you get the flag. The only way the NFL validates that they may not have agreed with the call on the field is that they don’t send the check to the players locker on Tuesday. It’s a huge problem that needs to be addressed, but as long as Goodell is in charge, I don’t expect any change.

Biggest Surprise in 2012 – This one is easy for me, and that is how amazing the 2012 draft was for the Seahawks. Sure, Russell Wilson would be the biggest surprise in the draft in general I would think, but let’s look at the rest of these picks.

  1. Bruce Irvin at 15 – I will admit, this pick set me off in a fit of rage at the time. Only Seattle would pick a guy that nobody really had graded in the first round and then take him at 15. Of course, you hear later that other teams were going to take him late in the first, but it seemed like a reach. However, Irvin has had a fairly successful rookie campaign with 8 sacks in pretty limited use and playing time. He develops a few more moves and this guy is going to be lethal.
  2. Bobby Wagner at 47 – Lofa who? New rookie middle linebacker for Seattle should anchor this defense for years to come.
  3. Russell Wilson at 75 – This one is easy. When it is all said and done, he may be one of the most successful QB’s of this draft class which included RG3 and Andrew Luck.
  4. Robert Turbin at 106 – Legitimate backup to Beast – this guy is going to be good learning behind one of the best. He is also capable of catching the ball (kinda) and his versatility is nice.
  5. Jaye Howard 114 – Not sure what his story is. Never heard his name called.
  6. Kory Toomer at 154 – I think he got some PT in special teams. His name looks familiar, but that might be because he played for Idaho.
  7. Jeremy Lane at 172 – Lose a few CB’s from PED’s, injury, and don’t really lose a step. Contributed more than anyone could have imagined for a 6th rounder taken this year on an elite defense.
  8. JR Sweezy at 225 – Draft a DL, move him to OG, start on the line and for the most part beat out a second rounder from the year before. Only Carroll and Schneider can do this and not lose their jobs it seems like.
  9. Greg Scruggs at 232 – Got 2 sacks this year, played a little bit at DE. Not bad at all for Seattle’s Mr. Irrelevant.

6 guys from this draft made real contributions this year, as well as developing the core of this team for the foreseeable future. What a crazy good draft.

Best Sports Moment – I am not a guy who follows politics at all. Hell, I haven’t voted since ‘Nam, minus school levies. The Sonics’ arena brought me out for multiple town hall meetings and brought me to the point where I would actually vote. Granted, I would have just voted for whoever voted against passing the arena. Luckily for them, I didn’t have to vote for some random person and luckily for all of us, they passed the arena. With the Sonics gone, like lot of people, I lost a lot of the interest I once had in the NBA.

For information on the arena follow @sonicsarena or go to sonicsarena.com

For information on the arena follow @sonicsarena or go to sonicsarena.com

Chris Hansen and his crew of rich dudes put up the money and backed up the plan for the arena with hella facts. Every time those a-holes down at the port came up with some cockamamie bull honky excuse why we shouldn’t bring back Seattle’s most successful franchise, Hansen dropped fact bombs all over them. These fact bombs proved to be enough to get the politicians to pass the arena plan. Now, we have real hope of being back not only the Sonics, but an NHL teams. This brings me back to the worst of 2012.

Worst Sports Moment – The NHL lockout has comeback again! I don’t get why the owners and players can’t figure out a way to both be rich. The pettiness, over what seems to be a relatively small gap in differences, is killing the sport. I have grown to be a huge hockey fan. There is no other sport’s playoffs that are more exciting. Every shift, every trip down the ice and every shot taken can be the turning point in a game. These already loaded players and owners are blowing it for all hockey fans. Thanks a lot douches, you ruined my Monday through Fridays this fall.

Rich on rich crime

Rich on rich crime

Most Surprising Moment – Matt Flynn not starting was a complete shock to me. This is a guy who has averaged 450 yards and more than four TDs a game. How can Pete Carroll not march him out and get easy wins against the Cardinals and Rams instead of taking losses over crap squads? The Seahawks gave $26 million to Flynn (who is a fan of LTD in Ballard). Everyone knows money talks, just ask Chris Tucker and Charlie Sheen. They guy making bank needs to starting. Well, it turns that isn’t how you com-PETE for the Seahawks.

This dude cakes just strapping up his hat and clipboard every week.

This dude cakes just strapping up his hat and clipboard every week.

In other words, I am completely surprise how well Russell Wilson played when his number was called. He wasn’t asked to put the team on his back, but he was asked to produce and he has done so more than I would have ever expected. Considering, in the first half of the season I said he was basically Tarvaris Jackson. At that point his stats said he was. Wilson turned it on in the second half of the season. He got a defense and run heavy team, that needed a decent contributed at QB, what they needed and more.

Winner Winner - Apple Dinner...?

Winner Winner – Apple Dinner…?

Ryan’s Best Sports Moment:  Two words – APPLE CUP.  There’s nothing better than a comeback win against a rival.  The way the Cougs tore up the 4th quarter on that fateful Saturday is just a preview of next year.  Not many teams can put up 18 points in ten minutes, but that’s exactly what Mike Leach’s offense is built for.

Putting all pride aside, I’d also like to thank Keith Price for his ”head bob” that cost UW a false start, and Travis Coons for his wide-right chip shot as time expired.

Also, it’s about time Mike Leach and his team got a win in a meaningful game…which brings me to my next point…

Ryan’s Worst Sports Moment: EVERY OTHER COUG GAME.  It seems every week of last season was a different kind of heart-break, but heart-break, nonetheless.

The Cougs did a lot of chasing this year...

The Cougs did a lot of chasing this year…

As the season started against BYU, hopes were high.  The Cougs got handled in a no-contest type of game.  After a few garbage wins against lesser teams, the Cougs gave up a 17 point lead in the 4th quarter to the Colorado Bufs.  That heart-break was a nauseating one.  A few weeks later (after a few more losses), the Cougs were rolled 49-6 by a mediocre (at best) Utah team.  That heart-break was an embarrassing one.  In fact, if you look at photos of Brad’s wedding (which took place on the same day), you’ll see how red my face was…maybe that was the beer - I’m not positive.  Then, finally the UCLA game.  At halftime, the score was 37-7 in favor of the Bruins.  It was looking eerily similar to the Utah game.  But the Cougs came all the way back, falling just short thanks to Halliday throwing a pick in the end zone.  That heart-break invoked tears.

However, as this was going on with my Cougars, a completely different feeling filled my body on Sundays…

Ryan’s Most Surprising Sports Moment: No, I’m not talking about the spirit of GOD, mostly because I usually don’t go to church during the football season (conflicting schedules).  This other feeling was elation, as the improbable rookie, Russell Wilson, lead the Seahawks to a playoff berth and an 11-win season.  As he was picked in the 3rd round, no one in the country thought Russell Wilson would start for Seattle this year, especially as the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to a big-ish contract in the off-season.  It seems as though Flynn has found himself in yet another solid backup role.  The way Russell Wilson started the year, I figured Matt Flynn would be in by week 5.  But Pete Carroll stuck by Wilson, and it looks like it paid off.

Looking at those arms, I'm glad he's our QB...

Looking at those arms, I’m glad he’s our QB…

Wilson did have his struggles against Miami and San Francisco (the 1st time around), but he led the team to five wins in a row (and 7 of the last 8) at the end of the season.  He’s certainly been a pleasant surprise as he now fights for the honors of Rookie of the Year against RGIII.  Regardless of the Rookie of the Year outcome, Russell Wilson has cemented his QB spot with the Seahawks, and a place in the hearts of The 12th Man.

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Confessions of a Former Field Rusher

I am going to start this off with – yeah, I have been that guy.

On the field vs USC

I celebrated on the field because my participation (in attending the game) was so pivotal I felt the need stand where the players who did the real work got to stand.

This photo was taken somewhere near mid-field after the Huskies beat USC in 2009, by a score of 16-13. USC was ranked (no Matt Barkley though) and UW was coming off the worst season in the history of history. It was Sark vs Carroll, blah, blah, blah, – long story short, UW won and I ran down on the field.

This wasn’t the first time I have done it either. I found myself on the field in Pullman twice, once my freshman year when Washington won 51-3 and went to the Rose Bowl, and the other time when Kai Ellis picked off Matty Kegel and ruined arguably one of the best seasons of Washington State football ever had been played to that point.

I also want to add that this is a slightly reactionary post to the news that is starting to trickle out now about Austin Sefarian-Jenkins getting socked in the face by a fan after the Apple Cup. I am sure news will continue to trickle out about this incident in the week ahead (please note internet trolls, if I am so lucky to pick up a few, I haven’t blamed anyone who is affiliated with Washington State University and will not insinuate so until a proper investigation, if one takes place – takes place) and will also shape this post.

The point of this rant, however, is that fans don’t belong on the field of play, regardless of how big your (the royal “your” being used liberally) win is over any opponent. Unless you ran one in for the score, hit the game winning three or play the trombone. Get off the field and go to the bar.

In my limited internet research on the topic (and really sticking to the Apple Cup for research purposes this one) is that there hasn’t been much good out of fans going on the field in any way, shape or form after a victory.

Exhibit A – 2005 Apple Cup

UW fan takes WSU player flag

You win at life dudebro – and nice call with the flops in November.

The best part about this image is that UW didn’t even win this one, but Cap’n America here feels the need to stop the evil doing that is celebrating a win. I won’t get into the merits of celebrating as a visiting player in this fashion on your rivals field, but either way – WSU won. Go home, Dawg fans.

Flag tug of war

University of Washington minutemen were called upon from the bell tower to stop the redcoats from coming.

Exhibit B – 2010 Apple Cup

In this video (I would embed it but WordPress keeps stripping out the goodness), you see various Huskies fans on the field after a victory, getting pelted with snowballs and getting arrested. If anything, I learned rushing the field as a visitor makes you a target if anything else.

Here’s a thumbnail from the video. I don’t know how this guy got all bloodied up, but methinks if he just stayed in his seat, filed out of Martin like a regular human being and went to Moscow, ID to drink – he might not have that busted nose.

A carrier of the UW victory shield

I don’t know about you, but a victory for the “royal we” isn’t as sweet until a spectator has spilled blood as well.

Exhibit C – 2012 Apple Cup

This one kinda goes without saying – when fans (regardless of affiliation, student, fan, random, terrorist) start punching players, this is only going to get worse. Now, this is a developing situation with more to come I am sure, but the .gif don’t lie – someone rocked ASJ’s world.

ASJ got rocked

Thanks to the guys at CougCenter for putting these together from the video footage.

The precedence from this one is a little scary. Now players have to defend themselves from the horde. I think that we are all so lucky that ASJ didn’t go after that guy – who knows what that could have incited (probably a loss for ASJ) but now it is just another thing to think about for fans and players alike. I would hate to see a player act out of apparent self-defense by crushing the face of a freshman biology major on their way to the 50-yard line who had no intention of touching anyone, or an apparent tough guy like this one sucker punching Mackey Award finalists when they aren’t paying attention.

I rest my case.

Now, I can already hear the detractors with

  • Let the kids have their fun!
  • Oh, they were just drunk!
  • This guy doesn’t represent all of us.
  • When we upset a team, we deserve to celebrate in that fashion!

…and all of these are stupid. The fans don’t deserve anything more than 4 quarters on a football field and a victor declared by playing said game within the framework of the rules. The fans deserve to cheer, boo, hiss, jump up and down, and lastly have a good time. Fans don’t deserve or belong on the field. You personally didn’t win the game, so you don’t get to be down there. It makes as much sense as me rushing a Boeing board meeting because they are selling planes. I am a Boeing fan, I like to see them succeed, but I don’t belong where the people actually doing the work are. Plus, it is way more fun when you let the players do the celebrating/retaliating.

Just ask George Teague.

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Catch us on the Locker Room – Fox Sports 1380

We take to the airwaves this AM to discuss the game that was – the Apple Cup.  Get ready for a spirited discussion between a former Coug that now bleeds purple, and a former Huskies season ticket holder who is now COOG’d out.

Tune in at 11:00am – CLICK THE LINK  YO

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Battle Tuesday: Apple Cup

This a big week for the folks who are big fans of the two major schools in the state of Washington. This a game of hope for both teams. Washington State can end a bad season on a good note and Washington needs this victory to not have another mediocre season. We here at No Fair Weather Fans want to give our opinions of this games. This isn’t a post on why our team will win. This is a post on why your team will lose. This is a battle and we want to take down our enemy.

Here is a breakdown of why your favorite of the two schools will lose:


Mike Leach on the mic

“We’ve only been playing with niiiiine…” – Mike Leach

Let’s face it – the COOGS (as my phone auto corrects it) are on the ropes. The final scores have been speaking for themselves, and outside of a spirited comeback against UCLA, the COOGS have been anything but competitive since they found a way to lose to Colorado.

This game on paper should have trouble written all over it for Washington State.

Travis Long is out.

Tuel is “probably” going to start.

Marquess Wilson (while he was whiner and probably a cancer on the team, was talented) is no longer on the team. Allegations of abuse, whether true or not, loom over a program that hasn’t gotten off to the start that Mike Leach and most WSU fans would have imagined if asked at the beginning of the year.

The terrible losses have been mounting. A game on the day after Thanksgiving, in Pullman at noon doesn’t necessarily let me believe that the Cougar faithful are going to make it out after Black Friday shopping in Moscow. 75% of the students are going to be back in their eastside homes enjoying turkey dinner, far, far away from the confines of Martin Stadium.

Leach is clearly moving guys he doesn’t want out and putting in his system. As a football fan, I believe that Leach is going to get the guys in he needs, and given the time in Pullman he can make it work. He made it work in Lubbock, TX, he can make it work in Pullman, WA.

The talent cupboard wasn’t necessarily bare, as is most of the time when coaching changes happen and one staff is swapped for another. Trust me, as a Husky fan, I can speak to it first hand with the transitions from Gilby (who coincidentally, his son is backing up Tuel at WSU this week) to Tyrone and so forth. This is an attitude thing, and right now – outside of a few seniors, they clearly are empty corpses on the field.

I am actually finding it kinda hard to bash on the Cougs for this game. Not that I was setting out to bash them, but there are so many negatives going into this game, I can’t imagine any coaching staff would be able to get a team out a funk like they are in right now.

The Huskies are getting hot at the right time. It just doesn’t bode well for the Cougs this week. There is always next year.

In other news, Mike Price retired from UTEP today. Maybe give him a call for a pep-talk?


Bishop Sankey celebrates after a victory vs Stanford.

Bishop Sankey would be having more fun in Pullman.

The only way I can feel strong about a Coug win is to find holes in the Huskies’ armor. There are a couple for sure. Although, looking at the past four games they are hard to find.

An offensive line that figured to be terrible, the season, has been opening holes for Bishop Sankey, aka The Traitor. Sankey has averaged well over 100 yards per game the last four games. Shutting him down leads to one of the holes in that Husky armor.

The wide receivers are a bunch of no names that haven’t really showed a lot this season. Outside of Kasen Williams and Cody Bruns, I haven’t heard of a single receiver on the team.

I am purposely not mentioning Austin Seferian-Jenkins, it just makes me feel better when I don’t talk about him. Let’s face it, he is one of the best tight ends in the conference and the nation. The Cougs’ linebackers won’t be able to shut him down. Don’t worry though, with the lack of talent UW has at wide receiver, the Cougs can put one of their good safeties on ASJ. Deone Buchanan and Casey Locker have played well all year, this a time for them to play great. What better time than the Apple Cup?

As for attacking the Husky defense, the short passing game has been effective against them. If you look at the last four teams UW has played, none of them were good passing teams. The last team the Huskies played with a decent passing attack was Arizona and they hung 52 points on the Dawgs. This a game where Gabe Marks, the Williams boys (Dominique and Kristoff) and Brett Bartolone need to step up. Three of them are freshman, but are 60 minutes of football away from being sophomores. They have made big plays all year, they just need to find that consistency.

The last factor is you, Cougar Nation. Time to bring the passion you have always shown. Focus that Cougar pride which has flags flying every Saturday behind the dudes from College Game Day and the flags you hold in places all over the world in your Facebook pictures. This is what you wanted, the game to stay in Pullman every other year, not at The Clink. This is your moment, to make that little difference that pushes the Cougs to the win.

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Keep the Maui & Great Alaska Shootout, Dump the Rest

Empty Seats cheered for the Huskies Loss

An electric atmosphere at Mohegan Sun

Opening season tournaments are great ways for schedule challenged teams, like Washington, to get out on the road and face some top competition. This gives them hope to build their own personal resumes, as well as, the conference’s.

For Washington – and this is very apparent having watched Washington hoops over the past decade, is that they are a team who feeds off the crowd. They are a very, very tough home team – and the Huskies have traditionally used their crowd to start to build winning streaks and take down others in the PAC-12 who are national powers.

Give last years preseason tournament in MSG, and this year’s tournament at Mohegan Sun (seriously? A casino/WNBA arena?), these are tournaments that are harder for the Husky faithful to follow them and give them the energy that they need.

Against Ohio State earlier today, I think there might have been 15 people at the game, even counting the benches and coaches for both teams on the court. This is pathetic. At least with the tournament at MSG last year, Seattleites would want to go to NYC. NYC is cool. Rural Connecticut probably sucks. I haven’t been there, but looking at the Google Map, I can’t imagine anyone would want to go there besides gamblers. I also tried looking at a Bing Map, and I came to the same conclusion. Norwich hasn’t been a cracking place since 1789.

Going to the east coast also has never done the Huskies any favors. Any time any team from Seattle travels to the east coast, they might as well throw up the L and get back on the charter plane. At least that way, they don’t have an opportunity for that dreaded jet lag. They get more charter plane goodies, such as movies and snacks, for an entire day.

I don’t think winning these games on the east coast does anything for the vaunted “West Coast Bias” that we all know and love in our forested corner of the country. If anything, it hurts the Huskies more to just go there and lose.

These tournaments in Maui and Alaska do draw east coast teams. This is the chance to beat them. Make THEM fly! Plus, it is just easier for guys like me to jump on an Alaska Air direct flight and actually see some of these games and fill these arenas. It is just crazy how empty these arenas are for west coast teams. Unless it is UCLA or Arizona, there is no way you are getting some random from Norwalk off the craps table to go see a game. However, most west coasters would get off their ass to see a decent east coast team beat the tar out of someone like Chaminade or U of Alaska – Anchorage (note, not U of Alaska – Fairbanks, based on this hype video, I would never want to play them in any sport. It’s the BULLS THEME SONG and Kenny Loggins. Note to self, never go to the Carlson Center.)

So Woodward, if you are reading this – let’s keep the Dawgs on the west coast for now.

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Cats & Dogs on the Locker Room – 9/22/12

Hey – catch up time!

We’ve been on the radio a bit, and the guys on The Locker Room are catching us up with some past episodes.

See how we can tell the future!  Maybe you should listen to it live, because you will be getting a future forecast.  With the exception of the WSU / CU prediction.  GOOD CALL BEN!

As always, you can listen to this live on KRKO or you can subscribe with the link in the top right hand corner.  Then lastly….you can always:


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Glad You Could Make It

Century Link Field - UW vs Stanford

Word is this place holds 65,000+

I am going to keep this one short and sweet.

If you weren’t at the UW vs Stanford game last Thursday, you missed out.

This was the first time in a long time that the defense played inspired football.  They held down a Stanford offense (which admittedly is NOT the same as last year) that has amassed over 1,000 yards on the ground over their last three meetings to less than 100 yards.

The defense created turnovers.  They kept the team in the game.  However, this isn’t a game recap per-se.  You can read all you want about this on ESPN, considering this was their only game that night.

What I am going to write about is the nearly 10,000 empty seats that had a great view of this victory.

Listen, I get it.  Tailgaiting isn’t the same at Century Link.  Heck, it doesn’t even exist.  The game atmosphere that you would get at Husky Stadium, with the RV’s, the BBQ’s and the games of beer pong are much  more spread out.  There isn’t a “Montlake Lot” and the closest thing to it has a condo high rise going in on it.

Getting there isn’t as easy in comparison to Husky Stadium.  You have to park far away.  Sure, there are light rail and bus options, but those aren’t that good unless you are downtown already.  That’s a mindset that is going to change though as Hansen Palace is erected where the fabled Dreamgirls now stands.

It’s a Thursday.  6:00p.  I get that too.

My point is – make an effort.  Stanford was ranked coming into Seattle with an unproven quarterback an a couple of shaky (and one solid) win under their belts.  They were ripe for picking, and guess what – they got literally picked.

The schedule is setting up favorably now, even if the Huskies take a few tumbles against Oregon & USC.

USC is the next home game.  Let’s sell it out.

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