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I Got You Keith

Keith Price and Brad Dobbs chill after spring game

This entire article is an excuse for me to use this photo.

I swear, I think everyone’s favorite player is the backup quarterback.

The thing about team sports, is that in the game of football, the Quarterback gets all the credit, all the good, and almost all of the bad as well.

However, I do subscribe to the NabNoPa (best NCAA ’10 coach to ever live) rule of thought, “If you aren’t good enough to play, you don’t deserve to be on the field.” Is Cyler Miles good enough to play? I would say yes, he is in the program, but he isn’t good enough to start now. Otherwise he would have won the starting job in camp. This is Keith’s team – so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

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Battle Tuesday: Should Hawks Trade for Dwayne Bowe?

Who has two thumbs and is a hot topic in Seattle? Thiisssss guuuuyyyy!


The Seahawks should definitely trade for Dwayne Bowe. The type of production he has produced in his career puts Sidney Rice’s numbers to shame. Let’s all take a second to remember how excited we were for Rice show up to the VMAC. This a guy that has almost put up twice as much production as Rice.

Let’s face it Golden Tate is not an outside receiver. Getting another big receiver opposite of Sidney Rice can push Tate inside which would be a better fit for him. Braylon Edwards is fine for jump balls, but he is not an every down receiver. As long as the Seahawks don’t trade anything above a third round pick, I would be happy with the trade. Considering Brandon Marshall has been traded for two second round picks and two third round picks in the last two years, a third round pick isn’t too much to ask for a receiver that has put up similar numbers. Marshall has averaged 5.5 receptions, 70.6 yards and .39 TDs per game. Bowe is at 4.8 rec, 66.1 yards and .48 TDs per game.

Bowe has thrived with a below average quarterback in Matt Cassell. Seattle has a below average quarterback in Russell Wilson, and having a receiver that can truely force the defense to respect the long ball, will only open up things for Tate, Baldwin and Rice underneath. One thing Tate and Baldwin have shown is that they aren’t easily taken down in the open field. Getting Bowe will it make it that much easier for those two to find the space needed to produce YAC.

How did Dwayne Bowe do last time he played in Seattle? Hella touchdowns, three to be exact. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

At this point it can’t hurt to add him. Ben Obomanu, Tate and Edwards aren’t who we want as an outside receiver. A guy who has played in all 16 games every season of his career except in 2009 and is good for a thousand plus yards is more than we have now, including Rice.

The trade deadline keeps getting moved back, it’s like the NFL wants the Seahawks to get Dwayne Bowe. Especially, with a growing list of injured receivers. Charly Martin makes me smile with effort, but do I want him playing every down? No.

There is nothing but positives with Bowe coming to the Hawks. Well, maybe not, according to Brad.


With the starting of Russell Wilson in Week 1 – this team has already resigned itself to some sort of “growth, continue to rebuild” mode despite the performance of the defense so far this year.

With that being said and this teams desire to try out reclamation projects or build through the draft, I would rather see the pick saved to bring in a wide receiver that is young and can grow with Russell Wilson over the next few years.

This year’s upcoming draft has quite a few intriguing prospects in the first round that I would rather see in a Hawks uniform than Dwayne Bowe.  The best part is, most of these guys already play in the Pacific Time Zone so you can see them for yourself – and that is Robert Woods and Keenan Allen.

Robert Woods, Superman

Isn’t this cute, Robert Woods is also superman. (Photo Credit, Benjamin Reed)

Either one of these guys should be available by the time the Hawks pick, which to my approximation if they keep playing like they are will be near or right at the top half of the draft.  Draft one of these guys, and save that third round pick for some of the best picks that the Schneider is known for, which is mid-round talent.  I think the value that they can find there, with the scouting they do, will end up being worth more than a Dwayne Bowe in what is becoming a lost season.  I would gladly take another Bobby Wagner or Robert Turbin.

However, this could blow up in my face when Seattle has the 16th pick next year and they draft some guy that nobody has heard of because the word is that the 49ers are scouting them.   Then I guess we settle on Marquess Wilson in the 3rd, right?  That’s not so bad either.

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