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I Got You Keith

Keith Price and Brad Dobbs chill after spring game

This entire article is an excuse for me to use this photo.

I swear, I think everyone’s favorite player is the backup quarterback.

The thing about team sports, is that in the game of football, the Quarterback gets all the credit, all the good, and almost all of the bad as well.

However, I do subscribe to the NabNoPa (best NCAA ’10 coach to ever live) rule of thought, “If you aren’t good enough to play, you don’t deserve to be on the field.” Is Cyler Miles good enough to play? I would say yes, he is in the program, but he isn’t good enough to start now. Otherwise he would have won the starting job in camp. This is Keith’s team – so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

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NFL Moneyball – Is the Tight End the Position to Exploit?

Note – this was written by Josh Deceuster, a friend of the blog, a friend of ours and all-around good guy.  You can find him on Twitter @joshmtd (give him a big follow) along with his work here on YouTube.  After I read his fanpost on The Daily Norsemen, I asked if he would want to do a version for the Hawks.

Billy Beane Meme


The biggest misconception I had about “Moneyball” was that I thought it was all about
money. I am not a baseball fan and hearing about it from friends and media always seemed like
a nice little story, but not something that would apply to football. The salary cap and spending
floor/ceiling would be enough to keep teams from trying a similar system in the NFL. Of
course, that was when I only saw Moneyball as a formula for spending money on your roster.
Moneyball is really about exploiting the market.

Everyone wanted to copy the Yankees, so the A’s exploited the player market to find
guys other teams were missing in their quest to duplicate successful franchises. The NFL also
has its fair share of copycats. Often many teams adjust their rosters trying to be like the most
recent Super Bowl winner or the hot team for the last few seasons. This creates similar market
conditions that Moneyball used to help the A’s, so now it is about finding where to exploit
said markets. Instead of thinking of the market solely as acquiring talent, let’s take a look at
exploiting how the roster to put together.

If the market is roster spots, the NFL is primed for a Moneyball-style takeover. Or at
least, prime for experimentation. Most NFL teams carry the same number of quarterbacks,
receivers, pass rushers, cornerbacks, etc. when making up their 52. The biggest shift on most
rosters depends on what your team’s defensive scheme or whether the GM likes having more
of a specific position on the roster. Receivers, however, are pretty uniform across the board.
Every team is looking for the same specific talents to play X, Z, & Y. This is where teams could
exploit the player market to their advantage.

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Cats & Dogs on the Locker Room – 9/22/12

Hey – catch up time!

We’ve been on the radio a bit, and the guys on The Locker Room are catching us up with some past episodes.

See how we can tell the future!  Maybe you should listen to it live, because you will be getting a future forecast.  With the exception of the WSU / CU prediction.  GOOD CALL BEN!

As always, you can listen to this live on KRKO or you can subscribe with the link in the top right hand corner.  Then lastly….you can always:


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Glad You Could Make It

Century Link Field - UW vs Stanford

Word is this place holds 65,000+

I am going to keep this one short and sweet.

If you weren’t at the UW vs Stanford game last Thursday, you missed out.

This was the first time in a long time that the defense played inspired football.  They held down a Stanford offense (which admittedly is NOT the same as last year) that has amassed over 1,000 yards on the ground over their last three meetings to less than 100 yards.

The defense created turnovers.  They kept the team in the game.  However, this isn’t a game recap per-se.  You can read all you want about this on ESPN, considering this was their only game that night.

What I am going to write about is the nearly 10,000 empty seats that had a great view of this victory.

Listen, I get it.  Tailgaiting isn’t the same at Century Link.  Heck, it doesn’t even exist.  The game atmosphere that you would get at Husky Stadium, with the RV’s, the BBQ’s and the games of beer pong are much  more spread out.  There isn’t a “Montlake Lot” and the closest thing to it has a condo high rise going in on it.

Getting there isn’t as easy in comparison to Husky Stadium.  You have to park far away.  Sure, there are light rail and bus options, but those aren’t that good unless you are downtown already.  That’s a mindset that is going to change though as Hansen Palace is erected where the fabled Dreamgirls now stands.

It’s a Thursday.  6:00p.  I get that too.

My point is – make an effort.  Stanford was ranked coming into Seattle with an unproven quarterback an a couple of shaky (and one solid) win under their belts.  They were ripe for picking, and guess what – they got literally picked.

The schedule is setting up favorably now, even if the Huskies take a few tumbles against Oregon & USC.

USC is the next home game.  Let’s sell it out.

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