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Dan Frost Wins The Dance Pool

Winners keep winning!

Winners keep winning!

First off, we here at No Fair Weather Fans want to thank all of you who participated. With that being said it looks like Dan Frost is our champion of a contest run by a different media entity. Even though his name isn’t on top, because Josh Deceuster pulled a magic trick, we promise you he won. This overcoming all odds win comes with a first place prize pack of a pitcher of beer at any bar in Seattle and an appearance on our podcast.

Dan had a good amount of confidence in his bracket. He even made the following claim via his Facebook page.

Frost Facebook

Beer shower!

Referencing one of the better quotes in NFL history, “Can’t Wait!” – Bart Scott. We are really looking forward to both the drinking and sports chatter on the podcast. If you watch the entire Bart Scott interview, it pretty much sums up how Dan felt going into The Dance. No one gave him a chance, now look at him. He is on top of the world.

Both prizes should be paid up soon. We will keep you posted on when the Dan Frost episode of the podcast will be available. The beer shower info will be available soon, too. I am sure a few people will want to see Dan covering himself in beer. So, we will let you know when it happens to put more pressure on him to go through with it. Thanks again to all those who participated and thanks for the support.

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