About Kristina

I’m just the third wheel.

Since I was a little girl I’ve loved and played sports constantly. I was the playground flag football champ in ‘93 (I might be exaggerating). I made the Mukilteo Softball All Star team in ‘95 and ‘96. In or around 2000 I had the coolest Chad Muska skate shoes and yes, I can still ollie.

I remember back in 1995 I could name all the Mariners first and last names, their jersey numbers, positions and batting averages. Sure, that might be completely worthless information, but it was my pride and joy. I love baseball; more specifically, I love the Mariners. I will still go to games and yell at you if you’re wearing the opposing team’s jersey in my stadium, even if my team has the worst record in baseball.

I embarrassingly just recently became a football fan. I’ve always rooted for the Seahawks, but never really watched. I am proud to say this last year I was a part of creating an earthquake at Qwest Field during Marshawn Lynch’s 67 yard run against the New Orleans Saints.

While my posts might not be factually as in depth as Ben’s, Brad’s or Ryan’s (though I try), I know sports, and most importantly, I’ve stuck with Seattle through the very worst of times. Never once have I picked up a Celtics jersey, a Galaxy shirt, a Yankees, Giants, Rangers, or Red Sox hat and wear it just because they were winning at the “it” team to root for. I’m a die hard Seattle fan, and don’t you dare cross me!!

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