I called the Longoria Shot

I called the shot, and I am not going to lie, it felt good.  I even think my avatar was a little bit prophetic.

However, as I watched Longoria round the bases, I thought of this moment.

Randy looks to the sky after coming in to close the game.

Randy Johnson was called upon in 1995 to seal the game for the Seattle Mariners in a one-game playoff against the California Angels.  I miss the days when the Mariners played in games that mattered.  This game, along with Edgar Martinez’s hit to advance to the ALCS that year are some of the greatest sports moments ever for any Seattle sports fan.

I really hope that the Mariners quit operating like a set of Subway franchises and start operating like a baseball franchise.  Winning matters.  Being in the black every year with bobble-heads and “Stitch and Pitch” nights, honestly, do not.

D-Backs’ Parra Hits a Bomb, Feels the Wrath

In a tight battle between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks on Tuesday, Arizona left fielder, Gerardo Parra, squared around to bunt in the seventh inning only to get a pitch hurled at his noggin. As many of us would react, he promptly stared down the Dodger reliever, Hong-Chih Kuo. Then he did something interesting…he grabbed at his nether-regions as if to insult Kuo.

A few pitches later, Parra unleashed a 400-foot bomb that tied the game. He stood there and admired it for a couple seconds before he began his trot. Many of the Dodgers yelled at Parra for admiring his blast as he rounded the bases, including Wednesday’s starter Clayton Kershaw.

In Wednesday’s game, Kershaw plunked Parra in the 6th inning, promptly getting ejected for the obvious reaction to Parra’s admirations from Tuesday’s homerun.

In my opinion, the fact that Kuo threw at Parra’s head for trying to bunt is a bit bush-league. He’s giving himself up for an out, and gets thrown at?! Give me a break. Then Kershaw thinks he needs to get involved, and hits Parra the next day. All the guy did was try to give himself up for an out, and he gets thrown at twice! Plus, Parra is slugging .564 against the Dodgers this year. Instead of throwing at him twice, giving up two bases, why don’t you try and get the guy out.

Parra has every right to admire that homerun. In fact, he could have continually grabbed at himself and then thrown a cart-wheel into his homerun trot and I would have been fine with it.

Any time someone throws at you and you dodge it, that’s got to feel pretty good. But to hit a homerun in the same at-bat…that’s pure bliss.

The Dodgers need to realize they’re not making the playoffs this year and get over themselves. They might end up having the NL MVP (Matt Kemp) and the NL Cy Young Award (Kershaw) winner on their team, but it obviously didn’t do much for their record, as they’re 3 games below .500 and 14 games out of the top spot in the West (as of 9/15/2011).

Hey Dodgers, if you really want to focus on hurting people who embarrass you, why don’t you throw at Frank McCourt.

2011 NFL Season Predictions

The NFL season starts tomorrow. It was really dicey there for a bit, but the season has really started. I personally don’t count the preseason. Those games are a joke to watch. Everyone has their favorite teams and hopes of a Super Bowl win. Some hopes are bigger than others. Let’s face it the Cincinnati Bengals probably won’t win it this year. No Fair Weather Fans has composed the predictions for this season for you, the fan. Some are a little outradgeous, some are a little bit of a reach and some are in the same thought process of most.

Playoff Teams


New England Patriots (East) (Ben)                               Green Bay Packers (North) (Ben)

New England Patriots (East) (Brad)                             Green Bay Packers (North)(Brad)

New York Jets (East) (Ryan)                                           Atlanta Falcons (South) (Ryan)

Baltimore Ravens (North) (Xtina)                                Green Bay Packers (North) (Xtina)


Baltimore Ravens (North) (Ben)                                   Philadelphia Eagles (East) (Ben)

Pittsburgh Steelers (North) (Brad)                              New Orleans Saints (South) (Brad)

Pittsbrugh Steelers (North)(Ryan)                              Green Bay Packers (North) (Ryan)

New England Patriots (East ) (Xtina)                          Atlanta Falcons (South) (Xtina)


San Diego Chargers (West) (Ben)                                  Atlanta Falcons (South) (Ben)

San Diego Chargers (West) (Brad)                                Philadelphia Eagles (East) (Brad)

San Diego Chargers (West) (Ryan)                               Philadelphia Eagles (East) (Ryan)

Indianapolis Colts (Wild Card) (Xtina)                       Philadelphia Eagles (East) (Xtina)


Indianapolis Colts (South) (Ben)                                  St. Louis Rams (West) (Ben)

Houston Texans (South) (Brad)                                    Seattle Seahawks (West) (Brad)

Houston Texans (South) (Ryan)                                   Seattle Seahawks (West) (Ryan)

Kansas City Chiefs (South) (Xtina)                               Seattle Seahawks (West) (Xtina)

Wild Card Teams


New York Jets (Wild Card) (Ben)                                  Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Wild Card) (Ben)

Indianapolis Colts (Wild Card) (Brad)                        Dallas Cowboys (Wild Card) (Brad)

New England Patriots (Wild Card) (Ryan)                 New Orleans Saints (Wild Card) (Ryan)

New York Jets (Wild Card) (Xtina)                               New Orleans Saints (Wild Card) (Xtina)


Pittsburgh Steelers (Wild Card)   (Ben)                       Dallas Cowboys (Wild Card) (Ben)

Baltimore Ravens (Wild Card) (Brad)                          New York Giants (Wild Card) (Brad)

Baltimore Ravens (Wild Card) (Ryan)                         Dallas Cowboys (Wild Card) (Ryan)

Pittsburgh Steelers (Wild Card) (Xtina)                      New York Giants (Wild Card) (Xtina)

Most Passing Yards

Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints (Ben)

Phillip Rivers – San Diego (Brad)

Aaron Rogers – Green Bay (Xtina)

Matt Schaub – Houston Texans (Ryan)

Most Rushing Yards

Adrian Peters0n – Minnesota Vikings (Ben)

Chris Johnson - Tennessee Titans (Brad)

Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans (Xtina)

Chris Johnson – Tennessee Titans (Ryan)

Most Receiving Yards

Andre Johnson – Houston Texans (Ben)

Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions (Brad)

Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals (Xtina)

Dez Bryant – Dallas Cowboys (Ryan)

Most Tackles

Patrick Willis – San Fransisco 49ers (Ben)

Lofa Tatupu - UFA (Brad)

Derek Johnson – Kansas City Chiefs (Xtina)

Chad Greenway – Minnesota Vikings (Ryan)

Most Interceptions

Joe Haden – Cleveland Browns (Ben)

Earl Thomas – Seattle Seahawks (Brad)

Ed Reed – Baltimore Ravens (Xtina)

DeAngelo Hall – Washington Redskins (Ryan)

Most Sacks

Von Miller – Denver Broncos (Ben)

Ndamukong Suh – Detroit Lions (Brad)

AJ Hawk – Green Bay Packers (Xtina)

Clay Matthews – Green Bay Packers (Ryan)

Super Bowl

Atlanta Falcons - 24 vs New York Jets - 16 (Ben)

San Diego Chargers 31 vs Philadelphia Eagles 7 (Brad)

Baltimore Ravens 21 vs Philadelphia Eagles 17 (Xtina)

Pittsburgh Steelers 27 vs Atlanta Falcons 23 (Ryan)

Bold Prediction

Both Terrell Owens and Randy Moss with have playoff receptions. (Ben)

Vick goes down for cockfighting ring in Philippines (Brad)

Matt Forte and Plaxico Burress both will have career years after being released from prison. (Xtina)

Pete Carroll gets suspended for 4 games by Goodell after he found evidence proving Carroll forced Mike Williams to gain 150 lbs. a few years ago, then get back in shape and become the Seahawks’ leading receiver. (Ryan)


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