Seahawks Quarterback Poll

We all know the Seattle Seahawks signed Matt Flynn. What if they hadn’t? What if you could hop in your ’88 DeLorean and get any quarterback for the Seahawks you wanted? Who would  Max Unger snap it to, Marshawn get the ball from and Rice catch it from?

NFWF #7 Podcast

With Brad being all the way across the country we went with a podcast that featured us on both coasts. Also, Brad had to take care of matters involving his day job so, Ben is taking on the task of battling technology and getting this podcast to the people. On top of that we had too much glory for our site to handle so, we had to expand our space. Hopefully, it works out and all of you can give it a listen.

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#7 Podcast



The Masters tournament is coming up at the good ol’ boys club at Augusta National.

First of all, these guys don’t have a real life. They live the dream, every day. “Oh, I’m sorry you’re going to what sunny place to play 72 holes of golf for the long weekend? And you get to wear loose-fitting, yet somewhat fashionable comfortable clothes? And you don’t have to be pristine physical condition, yet you’re still considered an athlete and make more money then I’ll ever see in my lifetime?  And you don’t even have to carry your own clubs around? Wow, must be rough”.

Which of one of these talented gents will be touting the coveted green jacket this year? Personally, I’m rooting for not Tiger Woods.    

Let’s face it, the guy is huge. He’s all over the place, and emotional and “other” issues aside, he is/was an AMAZING golfer. Every single time I watch a golf tournament, the announcers are always saying “Oh, that Tiger, he’s back!” Why does he get so much love? He’s constantly in consideration to be the tournament favorite, yet his injuries last year, and into this year keep coming back to haunt him. He’s got to get those injuries in check if he wants to be considered a top contender.

Brandt Snedecker, Keegan Bradley, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, they all look great. I might be rooting for one of them, or I might be secretly praying Bill Murray comes back onto the course in a Ghillie suit and bright green gardening gloves to kick a football into the crowd.

I hope you’re all looking forward to watching the Masters and all the Viagra and Cadillac commercials that come along with any golf tournament.

Another Little Something

This post is coming to you from Da Vinci’s Pizza on Aurora, with friends, watching FSU versus Cincinnati, and waiting for the pizza to cook. Here is a little response to Mark Wahlberg on Friday.


Matt Flynn – Let’s Get Real

Matt Flynn talks to reporters in a beanie.

Matt - beards and beanies go hand in hand here in Seattle. You can't wear that on South Beach!

Hey Matt -

Miami sounds nice.  The idea of it, Miami Beach, South Beach, the sun, the ladies – it all sounds very appealing.  I completely understand as to why you would want to take a trip to see what the Dolphins have to say when it comes to playing football in Florida.

Word around the campfire is that they have offered you the starting position, straight up.  Wow, that’s quite an offer.  However, what is good in life when it just handed to you like that?  Wouldn’t you rather have to earn it against a worthy foe like Tavaris Jackson and possibly Josh Portis?  Imagine how you will feel when you topple those giants to lead a team like the Seattle Seahawks.

Speaking of the Hawks, let’s take a quick glance between the two teams here. Without a question, the Fins have been a very successful franchise.  However, when putting them up against the Hawks, who is the better choice now?

  • Miami has won 2 Super Bowls, with wins in 1972 and 1973.  Seattle, well has none.  However, the Seahawks didn’t really exist until 1976.  That’s not fair!  The Hawks didn’t have a chance to even beat them then.  Advantage? – Seattle.
  • Miami last won their division in 2008.  Seattle last won their division in 2010.  Seattle did that by being even under .500 with a 7-9 record, then started an earthquake when they toppled the New Orleans Saints.  Imagine when Seattle finishes above .500!  The Olympic Peninsula could be an island.  Be a man who can literally move mountains, Matt.  Miami is going to be underwater anyways in a few years at the rate we are ripping through fossil fuels.  Advantage? - Seattle.
  • You are only as good as your team around you.  Miami just traded Brandon Marshall, a sure-handed target, away to the Bears for a few 3rd rounders.  Who’s left, Greg Camarillo and Davone Bess?  Here in Seattle, the Hawks have Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, a fat Mike Williams, Ben Obamanu and lastly, the best player you have never heard of in Ricardo Lockette.  We hear that Lockette is basically one of the fastest humans ever. We know you are accurate, but who cares?  Time to chuck it! Advantage? - Seattle.
  • You can’t throw the ball 60 times a game.  That’s not good for your arm or good for a game plan.  You have to be able to rely on the line and also the running back behind you.  Seattle just resigned Marshawn Lynch, coming off a 1,200-yard season and 12 rushing touchdowns.  He even caught a touchdown pass.  Reggie Bush on the other hand, barely got over a 1,000-yards, only scored 6 rushing touchdowns and had one receiving touchdown.  Marshawn caught as many TD’s as Reggie.  I thought Reggie was supposed to be a crazy good back for the pass. Numbers don’t lie, Matt!  Plus, Marshawn eats Skittles on the field.  He puts them on his shoes and gets fined.  Reggie gets his cleats from one of the Kardashian’s clothing stores. Advantage? - Seattle.
  • Paul Allen owns the Seahawks.  The guy basically prints money, has yachts all over the place and for the most part can buy and sell your family.  Sure, You can’t sneeze at Stephen A. Ross, but Paul has $10 billion more dollars.  Paul Allen might just buy the Dolphins if you sign with them and then fold them, essentially forcing you to be a member of the Seahawks. Advantage? - Seattle.
  • Pete Carroll is your coach in Seattle.  He is a really cool guy.  Joe Philbin?  Sure, he might have been your OC in Green Bay, but variety is the spice of life. Advantage? - Seattle.
  • The guy that drafted you in Green Bay is now in Seattle.  He is a really cool guy too.  The guy who runs football operations in Miami has the last name Ireland, sounds like a drunk.  Not responsible.  Advantage? - Seattle.

Matt – I think I could go on for a few more paragraphs, but this seems pretty solid to me.  Seattle.  It snowed today and now it is sunny.  It’s like Green Bay and Miami at the same time!

Go Hawks.

Friday Fun Day

Giving you guys a little something to pick you up for the weekend. Hopefully, it makes you laugh. This would have been up earlier but the Husky game needed to be gone too. So, here a little something.

No Fair Weather Fans – Tournament Bracket

Unfortunately as a UW (as in Washington, not Wisconsin) grad, I couldn’t find a NIT tournament challenge so this will have to do, the so-called “Big Dance” opposed to the “Not Invited Tournament.”

So get into the spring season by adding your bracket to the first inaugural bracket challenge.

The prize is to be determined, but I am sure it will be nothing compared to the ego boost you will feel if you somehow find a way to beat the brain trust of this very site that you are reading for all your favorite sports editorial and opinions.

Information is below – I encourage you all to sign up.  I want the pile to be very tall so I can look over all of you with a very, very smug look on my face.

Get in the action now:

Group: NoFairWeatherFans
Password: nofair

Easy enough, right?  Leave comments here on the post for a suggested prize.  Within reason.  No unicorns.

Individual Award Based on Team Success, DUMB!

There has been far too much influence by team success on the individual awards. The latest was Jorge Guitierrez getting Pac-12 Player of the Year. Guiterrez wasn’t even the best player on his team, Allen Crabbe was. It is getting out of control. The Heisman, POY in conferences, MVP of leagues and so on, are all influenced to much by the results of their team. The team results shouldn’t have that much weight on the decision of an individual.

Everyone constantly rips the athlete that is selfish and self-promotes. People can’t stand Terrell Owens or knock Jay Cutler because he looked like he was pouting when he got hurt in the playoffs. They blame the individual for that. Yet, when it comes to picking an individual for their success over the season, they look at what the team has done then pick a player off that team. Looking at statistics, don’t you think it would be harder to be good with less talent around you, I do. Assists would go down, you would draw more double teams, making it hard to score and rebound when you are the best player on a bad team.

There is always the hypothetical trophy that is constantly debated amongst sports fans: The Best of All-Time. Is it Michael Jordan, LeBron James or Larry Bird? Is it Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas or Tom Brady? The championships that their team won is always what makes one the best. Who is a better quarterback, Trent Dilfer or Dan Marino? Well, Dilfer has a Super Bowl and Marino has none. I guess Trent is the better of the two. No! Marino might be the best quarterback of all time but doesn’t get the credit because he didn’t play on a stacked team.

Robert Horry must be in the top 10 players of all time because he has seven rings. He is better than Jordan for sure because Jordan only has six. These guys are better than Jordan too: Sam Jones, K.C. Jones (not the hockey player from Ninja Turtles), Satch Sanders, Jim Loscutoff and Frank Ramsey. They all played on the same team too. Crown them best of all time behind Bill Russel.

Team success can be influenced by the play of one individual and often is but team success should not be the reason a player wins an individual award. Stop looking at teams with a ton of talent and start looking at players with a ton of talent. Start looking at the guys that have a lot more pressure on them because they are carrying a team. Look at the guys like Brock Motum and Jared Cunningham. Take a peek at guys like Kevin Love and Monta Ellis. These are the guys that are being overlooked constantly.

Friday Night Wallpaper

In an effort to always bring all 70 of you the best in sports content every week, we scour the social networks and the internets for stuff that makes us laugh.

This week, courtesy of @danielkamas, we have a Photoshop practice file going viral with Seattle’s favorite leadoff hitter, Chone Figgins!

Feel your desktop burst into flames as he drops a white-hot bat with a lion’s roar and heads full steam to first base.  If there is one guy who can set the plate for Ichiro now in the 3-hole for the Seattle Mariners, it is a guy who has had his OBP go from .340 in 2010 to .241 in 2011.

Commemorate this epitome of a sunk cost with your own Chone Figgins Wallpaper for your computer!

Figgins: White Hot

Courtesy of @DanielKamas - this is Chone Figgins. White Hot.

#6 NFWF Podcast

I wish we had more to say for ourselves, but we don’t.  But hey!  It’s back!  After ringing up about $28 in unused LibSyn hosting (free money you guys, don’t go spending it all in one place) we figured after a hiatus, it’s back.  Consistently?  Who knows!  Life is unpredictable!  Live it to the fullest!

So sit back, fire up your favorite podcast catcher (with the Feedburner link in the top right), iTunes or Zune (I think!) and get our takes on:

  • UW Basketball Tournament Chances
  • Seahawks Free Agency Moves
  • WSU Post Leach Era, So Far.




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