No Fair Weather Fans #8 4-8-12

We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, and what better to come back to work on Monday (or if you are a night-owl on Sunday) your podcast fetcher finding another episode of No Fair Weather Fans.  We are up to episode #8, which is 2 podcasts away from the ever important 10 podcast milestone.  Why is that a milestone you ask?  Well, you need to set goals, and setting one that is only 2 spots away feels good to complete when it is easy!  BUCKETS!

Podcast topics this week -

  • Bountygate
  • Seahawks New Uniforms
  • Mariners off to the right start

Sit back and relax with the sounds of the Soundmen to take you in, and also take you out.

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Friday Night Wallpaper

In an effort to always bring all 70 of you the best in sports content every week, we scour the social networks and the internets for stuff that makes us laugh.

This week, courtesy of @danielkamas, we have a Photoshop practice file going viral with Seattle’s favorite leadoff hitter, Chone Figgins!

Feel your desktop burst into flames as he drops a white-hot bat with a lion’s roar and heads full steam to first base.  If there is one guy who can set the plate for Ichiro now in the 3-hole for the Seattle Mariners, it is a guy who has had his OBP go from .340 in 2010 to .241 in 2011.

Commemorate this epitome of a sunk cost with your own Chone Figgins Wallpaper for your computer!

Figgins: White Hot

Courtesy of @DanielKamas - this is Chone Figgins. White Hot.


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