Why Are NFL Players Seriously Always in Trouble?

Yesterday, I was visiting my little brother at Stafford Creek Correctional Center and it got me thinking about all the problems NFL players have had with run-ins with the law. Then, I read on the way home about Ray Lewis saying it is only going to get worse with the lockout. What is the deal? Hey guys, you have millions of dollars to lose! Well, at least, hundreds of thousands. Read the rest of this entry »

Podcast #2 : 5-21-2011 Edition

Straight from our sweet Logitech (sell out) headsets to your computers, mobile handsets and PMP’s, the finest in home-brew editing and recording is back for your entertainment.

Follow along on a magical adventure that includes the NBA playoffs, the NHL playoffs and some Pac-12 basketball talk.

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The Elephant in the Locker Room

Will Sheridan - Villanova Men's Basketball player. Photo - Josh Maready for ESPN.com

I am going to go with 99% of the subjects we will tackle here on NoFairWeatherFans.com will be of the humorous, somewhat light variety.  However, I came across an article that I thought was very well done and needed to be discussed.

Give this a read.  She’s a way better writer than I am….or at this time has more access.  I am going to go with writer.

To be honest, I don’t really remember Will Sheridan the player. I remember Villanova starting it’s return to prominence with players like Randy Foye shortly after I graduated from college. Villanova was always one of those programs that sprouted up every now and again for a few years out of the Big East.

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The First Podcast

After 1.5 hours of recording, about a week to edit, and another 1.5 hours of fooling around with all of the various places to upload, customize and primp and prime, the first No Fair Weather Fans podcast #1 is in the books.

I promise that with time, that these will come faster after recording, edited skillfully, and only provide the most hard-hitting sports analysis you can find on the internet.  However, at this time, it is clearly amateur hour, but we want you to grow with us.

So below is the embedded link, where you can listen with all your heart’s desire.  You will also notice our fancy new sidebar with our Twitter accounts, posts, and yes, the podcast feed.  Feel free to drop this into your favorite processing application.

I have also started the process to get us set up in iTunes as well as Zune.  Then you won’t have an excuse.  I know these iPhones & Windows Phones can browse directly on the device and you can download.  Imagine the fun!

Click here to listen right in YO BROWSER

Good Can Come From the NBA

Normally, I tend to be a bit negative when talking about subjects in sports. Today, I bring a positive note in a time of disaster. As most of you know, the Mississippi River is flowing over its banks from Memphis to New Orleans and in the city of Memphis the basketball team is overcoming the odds. The Memphis Grizzlies are making a deep playoff run. Read the rest of this entry »

Kobe’s Chopper Pilot Gets A Break

Poppin' that jersey


Nothing quite brings a smile to my face like hearing that Kobe and the Lakers have flamed out of the NBA playoffs.

No more “Zen Master”, no more Artest, no three-peat, and most importantly, no more Kobe for a few months.

We won’t have to hear about him dropping the f-bomb on NBA referees during games, and then basically joking about the fact in interviews afterwards.

Gone is the teammate that doesn’t lead, he just shoots and shoots and shoots to try to will his team to win.  He does have the talent of a Jordan, but not the leadership and poise of the greatest to ever play.  Three-peat or no, Kobe has been vaulted into that discussion.  It doesn’t matter anyway, he isn’t that big of a fan of the comparison.

Gone is the player that loves to tear apart locker rooms (even his wife likes to get in on the act) because he believes that he is more important than the whole.

You can clear a little more of Los Angeles’s airspace between Kobe’s home and the Staples Center, as he won’t be needing his chopper to commute to work for a little bit.

It will be interesting what happens to the Lakers this coming year.  Is the formula going to change a little, or a lot?  New coach at minimum, probably a new starting point guard as Fisher is past his prime.  Don’t bring in a superstar though.  Kobe will chase him out of town.

Hawks Tickets for Jameer Nelson, Bad Move.

Recently, I read a story on about the the Atlanta Hawks leaving tickets for Jameer Nelson (featured in photo above, pouting) to attend Game 1 of their second round series against the Chicago Bulls. I’m going to tell you why I didn’t like the move, despite the fact I am a huge fan of trash talking.

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@UFLCommissioner – Draft in 140 Characters or Less

Like the World Football League, World League of American Football, the USFL and the XFL before it, the UFL held it’s annual draft tonight to fill out the rosters of its five teams in an attempt to either supplement the NFL, or give it competition during this current labor crisis.

Normally, the drafts of leagues that generally have a shelf life up there with Raisin Bran are not worth spending much time on unless you like to scour the rosters of these teams for former favorite players, or guys from the PAC-12 that you remember. For example, Daunte Culpepper still has a job as a QB, which gives me just general “life hope” about my professional career.

Daunte Culpepper leads the Mountain Lions to glory

While similar colors to UCF, this isn't a shot of Daunte in his college days...

What made this draft unique compared to those technological luddite leagues before this is that the entire draft was held on Twitter.

To be fair, I am sure the World League could have figured something out with America Online to get a chat room going in the sports channel, granted if they freed up an office line for them to connect via a 56k modem.  However, for a league though that is run about as lean as it can get, I am sure keeping costs down are paramount.

With each coach firing off his selections via their Twitter accounts, players were taken off the board with various experience levels in professional football.  Some had played in the NFL in the past and are now free agents (which currently means they cannot sign with another NFL team) or college un-drafted free agents in which the league would like to have signed under contract before the NFL figures out their labor situation.

You can catch a recap of the entire draft here – but I will share my one highlight of the draft with you below.  Emphasis is my own added below.


Toledo was a fourth-round pick of the Miami Dolphins in the 2006 NFL Draft, although he has yet to appear in a regular-season NFL game. He also was on the San Francisco 49ers’ practice squad for the entire 2008 NFL season.  Toledo slipped down in this draft due to some perceived character flaws, which included stealing the team issue shorts from walk-ons at the University of Washington during his time there. He blatantly wore them around during workouts even though the number screen printed on them was not his own.


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