5 Reasons Why Your Team’s Draft Will Be Disappointing

The NFL Draft is upon us. Millions of people are going to sit down in front of a TV or stare at their phones and computers waiting to watch the next pick come up.  This year’s draft is going to be a little different with all the Collective Bargaining Agreement disagreeing going on. Don’t get me wrong there will still be Rick Mirers and Tom Bradys but, this year’s draft is very unique. So, let’s take a look at the reasons for disappointment. Read the rest of this entry »

Social Media Superstars – Ben & Brad

As we continue to add new content to the site, we are expanding our outreach on the interwebs with the places that 99.8% of you go for social media updates and news.  With that, I unveil our Twitter accounts…




along with a fancy Facebook page*, we got you covered wherever you like to read things.

We considered a Friendster page, and maybe some Orkut love, but for the .2% of you that are still hanging out there, consider this our way of bringing you kicking and screaming into where the “cool” kids are.  Well, at least until Facebook allows for automatic playing of songs when you get to a person’s profile, or animated .gifs for backgrounds.  Then it is back to MySpace!

*Big thanks to all of our friends that pushed us over 25 users so we could get the custom URL.  Ben and I will have to think of something cool for all of you.

Ohio State Tattoos! O-H…Oh No? Not Really!

There seems to be a problem out at THE Ohio State University involving some players selling of their own belongings to get for some free ink. Head Coach Jim Tressel has an NCAA investigation started into his handling of the manner. Apparently, he knew of the incident involving the players and tattoo artist had occurred but failed to report it. Let’s be honest would you report the wrong doing of some of your best players if, there was millions of dollars, new recruits and your reputation on the line? You probably wouldn’t. It’s not like the players murdered anyone. They signed some autographs and sold some items for cash to get tattoos. The fact that this is even a huge ordeal is kind of ridiculous. Read the rest of this entry »

In case of NFL, NBA Lockout – Break Open This Post

On national and local sports talk radio waves, I have heard a growing concern. It is a small, dull roar, but it goes something like this – what is going to happen if the NBA and NFL have work stoppages in the next year?

If this unspeakable of unspeakables is to happen, please read through this post.  There are more than just a few sports here in the USA, and who knows, you might find something that you might end up loving.  Whatever you find here, either way you will probably like more than the NBA regular season.  Because for the most part, work stoppage or not, that will continue to be a waste of time.

Read the rest of this entry »

ESPN’s NBA Playoffs Are Only Four Teams Deep

Apparently, there is only four teams in the playoffs. At least, that is what I see from the coverage that gets put in my face by ESPN. The Lakers have a free pass to the Finals because there is no one else in the Western Conference that can even hang with them. Then, there is the big three of the Eastern Conference, the Bulls, Heat and Celtics. Those teams have to battle it out amongst each other to see who is the best. Read the rest of this entry »

Clay Bennett’s Quest

Award Ceremony

Next, a proper knighting

Clay, you have been selected for an amazing crusade, by your King David Stern.

If you can complete this quest, you will granted the title of Sir Clayton Bennett, duke of Removing Teams from their Cities.  You sir, pay no mind to the fact that two moves that you will be responsible for will have removed one team from a top 15 market to #45 (effectively removing 1 million television viewers from the league), and then placing three teams in the same DMA in which they only truly care about one (Lakers).

In the eyes of your king, this will be deemed a successful business move and make you a member of his high court .  He currently views his league in superb fashion, even though 22 of his finest are going to lose more bouillon than they will bring in this fiscal year.

This task should not be as taxing for you as your last, as the team you are about to advise on re-locating has a fine arena already constructed for them. With roughly 1,000 more seats when configured for basketball, the Honda Center will remain empty after the first game is played by the “Los Angeles Royals of Anaheim”.  It will also boast more luxury suites that fellow members of the bourgeoisie shan’t be able to afford or care to afford, as there is already plenty of fine real estate for them to watch their sport.

Pay no mind to these things, as the Honda Center will be a fine home for at least 10 years, and by then a new palace will have to be constructed.

Clayton, please see this through.  Your King demands it.  You will also be comped rooms at the Palms Resort and Casino in perpetuity if this task is completed.


King Stern

Why Your Team Won’t Win the Stanley Cup

Everyone wants to talk about the strengths of your NHL team, how they are going all the way and the Stanley Cup is coming to your city for a parade. I am here to tell you that isn’t going to happen and the reasons why.  Also, you should know that I will be 100% wrong about one of these 16 teams. For the fans of that squad, write me and rub it in my face. You deserve to do it. Read the rest of this entry »


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